Where is the Karma Yogi?

So if masks can be polilticized, so can yoga, right?

If a president is not impeached and removed from office for seeking to overthrow the government of the United States in order to remain in power, I don’t know what the Framers of the Constitution meant by impeachment.

-Robert Reich

I recall when I was a young student, I would just roll my eyes when I heard news of some foreign country, often a third world, where there would be some civil unrest, even a coup d’état and feel sorry for those unfortunate souls with unstable shakey government, definately not a democracy, I shook my head in sympathy. Then I would thank how fortunate we are to live in the world’s greatest Democratic county, and a sense of pride would cascade over me. Then this sense of security and relief … that this country was above all that lowly power struggles between despots and oppostion parties. Yes, I would hear news of some Third World county where despots and dictators, trying to hold onto power by force, or using whatever dirty means to banish oppositions with the “abuse of power”. Naively I thought we are above it all and such an attemp would be unthinkable in the confines of our Democratic ways of life. I mean, after all, we have the Constitution ! Don’t be rediculous … an overthrow of the opposition just because you want to hold onto power you lost in an election? Not here ! Right?

In a democratic system, that would mean overthrow or disregard for ‘election’ and one man = one vote rule … & THAT seemed like something a socialist or fascist country with tyranical dictator would mastermind but never this country, America, the Beautiful. So … now I am shocked, sick and angry … and ashamed of what we saw take place in Washington DC few days ago.

With the Pandemic and enough things to worry about, maybe some are not even paying attention to the news but… let me tell you, it was a sad day when the executive branch of this government came so low, reduced to some thirld world level mafia boss, with no law and order, no … laws and constitution to protect us (i.e., our representitives), and oddly that some peace officers were seemingly compromised. How can those who terrorized the legistatures with no respect be just given a nod and let go by the authorities there to keep our representitives secure – was anyone arrested for breaking the law? Like … was anyone arrested for engaging in acts of terroristm? They terrorized and by force, stopped the representitives from doing the job in accordance to our Consitution, that was to certify the electoral votes. Peaceful protests and marches are one thing – yeah, it’s a free expression of differing views and opinions but … violence? That is so low. And how is that condoned? Is it alright for this to happen each time, one faction disagrees with the other faction – should they just resort to violence ? Is that okay with you all?

Wonder if once again, those who are supposed to “represent” us is going to “look” but look the other way… to condone and appease is just as bad as enabling. If one can be fed up enough to quit and just resign … why couldn’t these appointees have stood up for justice long before instead of enabling for the sake of … what? Why could they not have called out the faulshood, that the King has on no clothes (or moral fabric) – even a child could see the pretense, bigotry, racism … political posturing and just plain … evil. Is it not evil to take advantage of the disgruntled, desperate, the uninformed, the misinformed … for your personal gain and ego? Is it not evil to fuel hatred, plant mistrust and manipulate the powerless or the ambitious?

Apparently Corona Depression is common – such sadness is not because of THAT virus; it’s because of the virus of distrust and hatred that this leadership breeds, some of us feel so much dispair. Read the unbiased news, read history, listen to the folks who care about our country and the world, heed the experts who has spent a lifetime studying health, medicine and … history, political science, laws and government as to HOW TO WAGE PEACE and increase security and cooperation so that we can all ALL win and thrive in a just society. It’s not through violence, chaos, hate AND disregard for the laws that’s intended to protect us, especially that of our elected leaders who represent us. Power is not to be used for self-gain; Power belongs to all of us to build a better world.


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