Breathe Out Breath In

Let your breath be cleansing in this world filled with Rajas. No I don’t mean that Rajas:) Roasted poblano chile strips would definitely be Rajastic but … sometimes you need what you need to get out of the slump/Tamas. Energize with each breath you take. Feel the ocean breeze on your skin. Let your pores sing the music of the waves. Go inward; Tune in:) Slow down; pause and refresh.

Whale of a time:)

Having a whale🐳🐳🐳of a time spotting a whale far out on the horizon at dusk   So in awe, forgot to take the photo of a little shower sprout out in the far yonder in distance. We are living in this present moment, relishing the moment to moment feeling of …timelessness.

Gratitude for this majestic sight, where all five senses are fully engaged in delight. 

If you believe as did Native American’s in what spirit each animal embody, this might be a fun site to find out your spirit animal:)

Then do some whale pose? YES! After a Seal Pose, give it a try:)

Spouting Whale Pose? Let me show you:)

Better than AC

 Goosebumps anyone?Not for the faint of heart – watching a thrill seeker gracefully take off. 

Noticing the cell phone postures …contrasted  with a flying man in cobra pose throughout the flight. Standing at the edge of a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean – Imagining I too smoothly gliding through the winds like a bird.  Exhilarating!Earthing ❤️ Sunday for this earthling. 

60 degrees at the surf; 100+ inland. Migrating to that zone of comfort and ease playing in the waves. 

Happy hot Labor Day weekend perfect for watermelon 🍉 splurge.