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Getting over The Fear

As I reread this shared by so many these days as the travel bug returns… Friends have gone off to see the beauties of the Autumn foliage – this is a vast country… while Far East remains … far; Still the Universe awaits daring your guts and courage… or foolishness as we dream of planning all the possibilities to hug those endearing ones you miss. Hope is not lost on us humans – we will resume our travels. In time to see our loved ones; in hopes that they will still recognize and know who we are … that we exisit in them and they are in us… and that is, eternal:

Try to travel,

otherwise you may become racist, and you may end up believing that your skin is the only one to be right, that your language is the most romantic and that you were the first to be the first.

Travel, because if you don’t travel then your thoughts won’t be strengthened, won’t get filled with ideas. Your dreams will be born with fragile legs and then you end up believing in tv-shows, and in those who invent enemies that fit perfectly with your nightmares to make you live in terror.

Travel, because travel teaches to say good morning to everyone regardless of which sun we come from.

Travel, because travel teaches to say goodnight to everyone regardless of the darkness that we carry inside

Travel, because traveling teaches to resist, not to depend, to accept others, not just for who they are but also for what they can never be. To know what we are capable of, to feel part of a family beyond borders, beyond traditions and culture. Traveling teaches us to be beyond.

Travel, otherwise you end up believing that you are made only for a panorama and instead inside you there are wonderful landscapes still to visit.

– Gio Evan, poet and songwriter. (translated from Italian)

Gio Evan, Poet & Songwriter (translated from Italian)

Still … traveling into the deeper layers of your own inner landscape is not all bad; provided we take the time to check in with others who provide the safety net we all need especially in this time of turmoil.

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Does onion rings count for non traditional moon viewing treat? Ummmm it’s round like the full moon 🌕 ? Pathetic?

Very relieved that SFO is one of the first US airports mandating all airport employees be vaccinated. Long lines and the crowds are … back.

While I meant to make the Otsukimi Dango – the traditional moon viewing sweets – instead made what was requested for the farewell for the one embarking on this journey. Saying Sayonara is never easy. But especially more so when level of anxiety runs high among the travelers.

After this stressful excursion, we will need the serene respite sipping tea and biting into chewy sweet dango cakes.


Beautiful People Beautiful Places

The Neighborhood sighting

There is no utopia on this earth and this neighborhood has its own share of issues. Yes as in the old western, there’s the good, the bad and the … ugly. While we want to turn our eyes away from the bad and the ugly, we also want to recognize, it is a place filled with good people with good intentions to shun hypocracy, armchair critics and naysayers … good people who value justice and democracy because they … care. It’s a community filled people who … care. And sometimes, that’s enough to allow for many of us

Feeling safe … which is huge this day and age. May we all feel that sense of security, at all times guided by Grace, feeling the Love in our hearts, the Divine in our souls.

Life is too short to waste on shame and hate. Life is too precious to short circuit with negativity and anxiety. Life is too beautiful to spend too sad angry or regretful.

For a start, have the courage to ask forgiveness for the transgressions and passive aggressive, well veiled but nevertheless, aggression you displayed to others. It’s a path toward your own freedom- To apologize and thank that true friend for the willingness to speak the truth. Yes, truth hurts but that brutal honesty will spur your growth and transformation to a lighter happier being who is sooooo lit. So …alive. With clear conscience and super charged awareness, we can live life full of unbridled joy and wonder.

I wish that for you ❤️Namaste 