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”June” by Noriko Ibaragi


Is there a beautiful village somewhere

where at the end of a day, dark foamy stout beer

resting the hoe against a wall, resting the basket

men and women raise their large jock

Is there a beautiful town somewhere

streets lined with edibile berries continue forever, smuding into a horizon of violet sunset skies

Gentle sounds of crowds of young people milling around, foam up the air to its very brim

Is there beautiful people and people power somewhere

Power of connection and delight in together living this now, this present moment, this same generation

sharing our rage that sharpen into furious power

Noriko Ibaragi

translated by K. Tsuyama, June 2024 in California:)

This poem by Noriko Ibaragi was first published June 21, 1956 on Asahi newspaper in Japan. She had just turned 30 that same month. I can sense her longings even though its generations ago in distant land and divergent culture … it’s a timeless. It’s timeless, that longing where we want to make a difference – we want to rebel – to be the changemaker for a better world while engulfed in anger. Rather than in gratitude for those who struggled to lead a path before us, we were furious. We were enraged. The poet was young. We were all young dreamers, whether drunk or sober.

That same longing is timeless.

And now I long to be back in that time…of earnest longings

to feel the strength of togetherness

when we felt that we had the power for a change.

Beautiful Places

The Neighborhood

Tsukiji Honganji Temple lights up !

I am going back to this space soon … Grateful for the freedom and for the understanding family who sees the value in taking care of another more vulnerable. One must advocate for the vulnerable, and be their voice if they are feeling powerless and lonely.

It is not called a sacrifice if one does not resent that effort. What kind of a mother for example regrets being there for her child. The care you give them today will return in multi-folds and besides, itsn’t it about giving or devoting your energies without expecting a return.

So it is the same with role reversals. Only this time there is no return other than that conscience wanting nothing more than life of no regrets.

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Birthday in Tokyo

TREATS! Celebrating duel March birthdays – Chirashi sushi so beautiful – Wajima laquer bowl so beautiful …Friendship so appreciated – Gochisousama:)

Signs of being very stressed – tightened jaws, stiff shoulders, tight hips, shallow breathing, insomnia, odd pain at lower back … waking up in the morning already tired… still … employing all my knowledge from yoga therapeutics towards self-care to put on a happy face. To carry on.

With intentions to make my mother’s sunset time of life, hopefully a better one has given me a renewed sense of purpose. And at all times, what’s most effective in combatting this overwhelming energy drain for a reboot is through … Gratitude … Challenging times made a bit less painful, thanks to family and friends – forever grateful. Glad to be able to reciprocate those I owe so much gratitude to, one at a time, sharing. I would not have made it without going insane or seriously sick without your support. Arigato!!