Boost Prana

Salmon light tempura battered, fried in grape seed oil, then marinaded in citrus and umami-enriched broth with lots of red onions and sea veggie& lemon garnish:)Mozzarella cheese topped with sliced tomatoes and basil.  Garnish of multitude colored cherry tomatoes, dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegarWhat rare kind of camellia – so beautiful … orchids floating Brought a Japanese dish and an Italian dish to a gathering. Welcomed by beautiful flower arrangements all over this zen space of a home and dishes by even better home chefs and … prana contents. These hosts have exquisite taste displayed in subtle touches throughout.

Should we be canceling gathering with friends and sharing food and stories, too fearful of germs virus and the unknown. No. Trust Human connections and nourishment and … beauty.

Thank you M&A 🙏 Your elegance in how you surround yourselves with all things beautiful… was a prana booster in today’s world of constant fear factors, anger and separations.  A much needed boost.

Do what you love & surround yourself with what gives you JOY …

This site is also so helpful getting ready for the day ahead:)

If you hadn’t checked already, here you go:)

Here – Time measured by appreciating the transitions of flower arrangements

There’s always a card placed by the arrangement listing the names of flowers listed used in the display. That way,  we may learn the names of flowers reflecting the subtle changes in the season.  Flower arrangement is an art form and conveys an emotion to cheer up the space, setting the ambiance of the place.


You are the Only One

【作詞】槇原敬之 (Makihara Noriyuki*, lyrics & music)

sang by SMAP

NO.1にならなくてもいい  You don’t have to be Number One
もともと特別なOnly one   (because) You are already special only One

花屋の店先に並んだ  at a florist, seeing rows of
いろんな花を見ていた many variety of flowers 
ひとそれぞれ好みはあるけど  we all have our preferences
どれもみんなきれいだね but each and every flower, all are pretty
この中で誰が一番だなんて  To say which one is the best (is not possible)
争う事もしないで Flowers don’t fight to compete
バケツの中誇らしげに Each proudly in a bucket
しゃんと胸を張っている Standing straight up with open heart

それなのに僕ら人間は  But why us humans
どうしてこうも比べたがる? want to always compare each other?
一人一人違うのにその中で when each is special and different
一番になりたがる? why want to be ranked number one so much?

そうさ 僕らは  Yeah, each of us 
世界に一つだけの花 is a special unique flower, only one in the world
一人一人違う種を持つ Each carry different seeds from another
その花を咲かさせることだけに  To bloom our own flower within
一生懸命になればいい that’s what we should make efforts at 
困ったように笑いながら  Smiling, a little at loss
ずっと迷ってる人がいる Someone is unable to decide
頑張って咲いた花はどれも  Blooming flowers
きれいだから仕方ないね are all beautiful so it’s not easy to pick out
やっと店から出てきた  Finally coming out of the florist
その人が抱えていた carrying a 
色とりどりの花束と bouquet of colorful flowers
うれしそうな横顔 I see an expression of joy 

名前も知らなかったけれど  I didn’t even know her name
あの日僕に笑顔をくれた But that day, she gave me a smile
誰も気づかないような場所で Like a flower 
咲いてた花のように that bloom in places we fail to recognize

そうさ 僕らも That’s right, we are 
世界に一つだけの花 each the only one in the world
一人一人違う種を持つ each with different seeds to sow
その花を咲かせることだけに we just need to bloom our own flower
一生懸命になればいい that’s all we need to do

小さい花や大きな花  from small flowers to big flowers
一つとして同じものはないから Not one are the same
NO.1にならなくてもいい You don’t have to be the number one flower
もともと特別なOnly one  because you are already special and only one

la la la・・・

* Sadly when I was in Tokyo, the TV news was full of coverage on this musician being arrested for possession of drugs. Addiction is sad. Hope he can recover …. as he is so talented.