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Masks on Mug Hanger

So coffee and tea mugs went into the cupboard and … masks, not mugs now hanging on the book shelf mount right by the entry for easy access. Mix and Match fashion not just in vogue but it’s a necessity to pretect Self and Others. Thank you for wearing them to show you care about the community as a whole. Yeah, sure, you jog, you yoga, you meditate, you eat right, you are radiant and glowing with health -great – but many of us are not as invincible and the vius does not care – even if you feel great, you can still be a carrier and a spreader and shedding away for others to catch what could potentially kill the more vulnerable.

So, it’s not about how beautiful and healhty you look and feel; it’s about the entire interconnected community we live in. It’s about how each one of us have an impact on the welfare of all – it’s about keeping everyone else from ticking up the numbers in ICU so when your nephew or sister or yes, young person is in an accident; or if your mom or dad has a heart attack (from all this chronic stress and heart breaks from not seeing you) or your grandma has a stroke(from lack of activities), there are doctors and nurses who are not exhausted and depleted at that ICU bed – which may or may not be available. It depends on your action.

Not trying to lecture or preach- just seeking understanding. Until ICU capaciy is min. 15%, we could find many creative alternative ways to keep fit and sane. Bedroom and outdoor yoga, Tai-chi, Pilates … walking in nature … finding ways to stop the spread now that there’s this new strain of the virus that is reported to spread 50-70% more efficiently. Great. Just great – just what we needed on top of all the struggles and suffering – right? So staying defensive is a good idea. Do No Harm.

Anything Cute

My cozy corner

Kendama play, lots of blankets and beach towels and … me retiring at the cozy corner. Tomorrow is yet another day.

Healthy Food

Eating In

A friend gave us brussel sprouts still on the stem – so fun:) It’s not bitter at all when so fresh. It’s been so long since I’ve eaten at a restaurant … but honestly … while I do want the restaurants to survive this and all the small businesses to survive this period, it’s a good time to keep busy by paying more attention to how we nourish ourselves. It’s a very wierd time where there’s so much abundance back to back with so much scarcity … There’s scarcity in our energy level and delights as worries and fear weigh us down – Just eating simple and cutting down on energy sucking foods and thoughts. All we can do is to be as well prepared as we can be; and dream and plan for that day when we leave the four walls and step outside fully liberated from this time of ultra vigilence from threats we cannot see. I cannot wait for that day of liberation.