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Sweet memories ❤️

Got a sweet message from a long lost friend whom I have not seen for ages – reminiscing… soooo Party? What? What’s that?

Anxieties abound – Maybe a doze of normalcy will take care of the rest – what are the kids doing this Halloween 🎃? Is it going to be 👻 ??? What are moms and kids of the world who celebrate Halloween doing this year??? Are we trick-or-treating or ?

Need some anxiety-buster ideas?

  • Trick or Treat trustworthy families you already know;
  • Small group of family and friends you know the vaccine status of.
  • Hold a play-group like Halloween party at your home and then;
  • Send them off on a T&T on a preset route with identified homes.
  • Quiet evening at home watching horror movies and having an activity such as:

-pumpkin carving contest;

-caramel apple making;

-try halloween themed pie making 🙂 great pics on the internet for ideas.

– Make/Bake sugar cookies with halloween cutouts and decorations

-pumpkin cupcakes making with plenty of frosting and sprinkles

-some board games after sharing scary spooky stories;

-build a campfire aka BBQ pit in backyard and … S’mores time.

-anyone plays a guitar? Sing a song… segway to banging punk style- just kidding;

-anyone have a flashlight? Spooky faces time.

-build a tent in the yard and … create spooky sounds …have a lantern and read some Halloween stories outloud together.

… in the wee hours, it’s likely that we will just cuddle and nuzzle and go to bed with full tummy and well brushed teeth!

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Does onion rings count for non traditional moon viewing treat? Ummmm it’s round like the full moon 🌕 ? Pathetic?

Very relieved that SFO is one of the first US airports mandating all airport employees be vaccinated. Long lines and the crowds are … back.

While I meant to make the Otsukimi Dango – the traditional moon viewing sweets – instead made what was requested for the farewell for the one embarking on this journey. Saying Sayonara is never easy. But especially more so when level of anxiety runs high among the travelers.

After this stressful excursion, we will need the serene respite sipping tea and biting into chewy sweet dango cakes.


Anything Cute Beautiful People

Who else will tell you the truth?

“Your Mother – that’s who”

Armed with “unconditional love”, she is not afraid to tell you the uncomfortable truth ! She will continue if I should wince at the brutality of that truth. Yes truth hurts at times.

Yet another of my mother’s famous quote ! And I found out what resembles mother’s words are also out there in the Disney world … Surprised to be reminded of her little wisdom in … How’s Shrek for a True Friend:)

Well it’s no wonder you don’t have any friends.

The Donkey:
Wow, only a true friend would be that truely honest.

Cute 🙂