Because it’s ALL LEVELS class, you have to manage various … expectations and desires.

So I decided on this approach … well aware that I cannot please everyone all the time and … I have to retain my integrity to not just give in. I am sorry. Sometimes what you want, may not be good for you actually.  Seen plenty of such examples.


Me “Anyone relatively new to this class or yoga, can you come see me before class?”

Then an athletic looking trim student comes up to see me as I set up …

Student “I was at your last class so actually not new –  I am back for my second time”

Me “Okay, welcome – any questions or concerns?”

Student “No, not really.”

Me “If you ever do, don’t hesitate to ask, okay? And how did you feel with your last class; how do you feel?”

Student “Well, I am back, aren’t I?”

We both laughed.  It’s a good start. It’s enough.

I will flip on the tree trunk for that:) My heart is more open – in gratitude.

*Contra-Indications for a bow pose would be (1) back injury; (2)Carpel tunnel syndrome; (3) blood pressure issues – high or low; (4) headaches – so

Modify Upward Bow aka Urdhva Dhanurasana with bolsters OR modify to Bridge pose.

Personally I love bridge pose as it serves as a “bridge” to connect and uplift the heart towards the sky while sacroiliac joint is stabilized with the well grounded feet and stimulation of the thyroid gland taking place.



Rose Quartz represents “Universal Hug”! My Amulet

I’m sold then:) Here at Blue Door Beads !  I love Piedmont Avenue … used to come for a yoga class but surprised that yoga studio is … gone?  This is what happens when you are away for a little … still this street is filled with unique stores of beautiful vibes.

Intending to make my own mala beads to better focus my meditation practice to welcome the Autumn Equinox, an auspicious day to be sure.

While I am saddened that one of my favorite yoga studios in the Bay Area is … gone … instead of mourning, I will choose to find a gem of OMAMORI – and create.

There will be a class to make your own at Blue Door Beads:)

Aura readings !


Breathing freedom as I prepare for special Equinox class Sunday night – then subbing Monday night … Really must not teach nights when there are early mornings as after all, my mornings seems to start 5am.  Really need to re-adjust and better nourish the Pineal Gland so my day/night is readjusted to this California time zone.