Last Night of Xmas Lights

Tomorrow Christmas tree will be retired … so enjoying the last night with these lights … so many memories of the holiday season held in my heart. Loved this Star Topper that projected these moving lights onto the ceiling which was so mesmerizing.  Yes, we “survived” the holiday season and now onto Year 2020 !

Love this Blue Ganesh Xmas present… the destroyer of obstacles… for all to clear the past to invite the new year- starting fresh – to be less stuck, more free … Re-starting from the base, the foundation Root Chakra, yes.

Here’s MC Yogi’s Ganesh song … where he hip-hop sings the legendary remover of obstacles … destroyer (which has a negative connotation but … obstacles such as negative or self-defeating thoughts must be … destroyed) of what blocks our path to truth; path to our higher Self to be cleared as we set our goals and New Year’s vision.


Now that party’s over

loads of dishes… More and more empty bottles to throw outempty out into recycle bins

Linens to wash some serving plates still to wash cleaned ones to put away … now that party’s over …there’s “work” to be done to clean up and reset

A limber fox stretched like a dog then, danced in circles to finally curl up just perfectly – several spin attempts are made to fine tune and find that “just right” pose.  There’s up dog and down dog yoga poses but have you heard of a pose called “curled dog” or “nuzzle navel” dog-pose?  I have.

I’m so tired …feeling so depleted … Now that party and work is over

“Now that party’s over, I’m so tired” (an old song by Roxy Music on heavy rotation)

It’s Holiday Season … to gather and share and appreciate this season of good will. While you want the party to be “effortless” merriment but more often than not, it’s an effort; it’s work, and a lot of it,  but with help, it’s a breeze – thank you – Why do it?  It’s about gratitude – a thank you and a reciprocation; to give and to receive the “energy”, to exchange and create vibe.

Then really taking the time to rest so that we can again be the light … to glow. To put a smile on someone’s face:) For some, this time is especially hard, but to honor the memories, relish in the remembrance, and while reminiscing the past and people we miss, focusing on the notion of “loss” with a different mindset; re-framing the experiences we shared with that special person as a “gift” that lives on today, this very moment.  Always coming back by shifting our perspectives to think about the gift of this present moment, what’s now at this moment as we gather for a collective reboot.

Filled with Gratitude … and like a dog, curling up to feel the shift … the change within. Dozing off into the dream land in this very present moment, that, being the ultimate present.

Now the party’s over
I’m so tired
Then I see you coming
Out of nowhere
Much communication in a motion
Without conversation or a notion
When the samba takes you
Out of nowhere
And the background’s fading
Out of focus
Yes the picture’s changing
Every moment
And your destination
You don’t know
by Roxy Music