Purification Ritual – Going to Japan soon:)

To reacclimate myself to that incredibly uncomfortable summer heat and humidity, I have been in training ! Doing lots of hard yang yoga (for a wholesome balance, Yang-anything are always offset with Yin Yoga of course), then locating sauna, steam rooms, hot Japanese style bath … to get my sweat glands back in order.  When my energy level peters out – restorative yoga to the rescue – yes, even lying on slabs of special hot stones infused with negative ions – to sweat sweat sweat … Native Indians used sweat lodge for health and … for a spiritual quest. Not so often – that we drain too much of good juice (minerals, electrolytes) but sometimes – depending on a person, bi-weekly or monthly for cleansing and purifying … letting our pores open and cleanse so that our breathing becomes porous. We can then breathe not just with our nose, mouth but also with our all five million or so pores on our skin … to truly embody and be in our skin !  Reminded always my SRI yoga teacher talk about yoga among being many things, for her, is the ultimate energy management protocol.  After all, it’s all about the energy – PRANA – CHI – KI:)

We all have our irrigation systems so that our energy flows unimpeded; that Yogic breathing methods (oxygen pumped arteries and brain cells) ; and the digestive system to nourish and eliminate (fiber and clean); then there are the sweat glands (stimulated by exercise and heat) & the lymphatic system (stimulated by stretchy bendy yoga for one:).  Living in this lovely comfortable not too hot; not too cold climate, this perfect Californian climate, our body gets spoiled.  That is, our sweat glands can get a bit under-worked and in dysfunction mode when all the sudden asked to go in high-gear in Japanese summer heat.  Then comes the heat strokes.  SO … it’s all about preparations; conditioning; and … training.

Clearing and cleansing the irrigation system to maximize the “Flow” while Tending to our Inner Sun – Namaste:)

Did you know?  Indian food in Japan is the best … photos from Indian restaurant in Tokyo … a full meal; chai and dessert:)

Sushi?  That goes without saying:)

California is … THE destination

Wish …

With all the bad news in the last week, feel like just checking out … in order to come back to feel that refueled anger again as a catalyst to make a positive change.  Love to retreat away into a Zen space to slush out and empty our minds – and refill with positive thoughts and constructive ideas – but we have to do something to change … Why so many haters?  Why so much violence? If we knew that you are I and I are you – that we are one, we cannot harm others because we see ourselves in “others” unless of course, one hates his very own being and existence.  Very sad.  Let’s hope for sanity and love to make the actual changes to protect us – to give us security – otherwise, it can be any one of us next  – it’s that random and unpredictable – fastest solution ?  it’s definitely not treating mental health – that’s the long and winding complicated method – the fastest solution?  It’s the guns.  Let’s not argue over little technicalities to muddle the water and confuse weak minds –  it’s not the gun but the person who hold it, who kill – of course we know that – BUT it is that gun used as a tool and instrument of harm and thus, logic and reason and intelligence and fine examples of success elsewhere should follow and prevail … but somehow, due to insanity, it doesn’t here.   Okay, so if there are no guns, the crazies and haters will still resort to violence – maybe swing a knife or swords or  whatever – but the damage is more contained.  It’s not the magnitude of massive and speedy harm so hard to guard against.

In a civilized world, in a civilized communities where we have peace officers and democracy, we don’t need private citizens whether sane or insane with guns.  Okay, I understand about the “rights” of responsible gun owners BUT what about the rights of innocent responsible citizens to live without fear?  Why does the rights and freedom of minority group of people to own weapons of harm has to “trump” over rights and freedom of majority of people who want to live without fear – to have THAT FREEDOM and RIGHT to be able to:

  • Have school aged children feel safe and secure at places of learning;
  • Live free of fear in going Back-to-School or any shopping at Walmart;
  • Live free of fear going to outdoor concerts;
  • Live free of fear going to bars, clubs;
  • Live free from fear supporting local street fairs & festivals such as Garlic Festival;
  • Live free of fear going … ANYWHERE in this country supposedly at peace, where terrorists are all outsiders on the outside and not within, not among us.  NOT. There has to be mutual trust and respect that unites people to live in peace and harmony.  In Japan, only ones with guns would be someone associated with organized crime or security and peace officers.  There’s no need to carry or possess weapons unless of course we live a war zone –  Or do we?  Why should we fear going to outdoor concerts or town fairs or … even to just that local Walmart.  What’s next?  The library? The hospital? I thought this country revered FREEDOM  – do we place more value of freedom to bear arms over freedom to gather and celebrate or even just shop for back to school supplies without fears – freedom to live without fears  … that’s the wish for everyone I know.  So what is happening?

It’s a beautiful place – California.  I hope all things we consider beautiful – such as LIFE – is protected as precious and justice and reason prevails.

Tat Tvam Asi

“Thou art that,” (That thou art, That art thou, You are that, or That you are, or You’re it)

And you know, it’s that yogic philosophy that can save us – to those who must possess and arm themselves … it’s just a false sense of security and strength … possessions do not give you security … just let go. LET GO.  If you are able to let go, then you are truly courageous and strong.  Burdens will lift off your shoulders and you will know how it feels to truly be … free.

“Stamatis Moraitis”

It’s magical when we see the rainbow colors of that aura … I am honored to see them in Savasana where I sense and feel the practitioners’ energy fields expand  layer by layer to what might be called  “radiance”.  With self-care, our circuitry, our aura is restored.

a page out of Niroga Yoga Therapist “Cardiovascular Health” module …


Our family went to see “The Farewell” at Kabuki in SF.  Highly recommended.

The story made us think about family, mortality, how aging is viewed in America (oftentimes dreaded as “terrifying and worse than death” ) vs in most Asian cultures (it’s a season of grace and gratitude, garnering respect and care from the young and …self-acceptance, not resignation).  The film reminds us how the aged are treated and the East-West cultural differences.  As the grandmother of the heroine Billie (played by Awkwafena from Crazy Rich Asians) is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, the above name came to mind because of an article I read about him who also was diagnosed with the same terminal cancer. Yes, that famous New York Times article titled “The Island Where People Forget to Die”.

Perhaps look up the above Greek name and read the New York Times article. If we can’t all go back to an island of PURITY & DELIGHT – then, we can still engage in DISCIPLINED BUT NATURALLY RHYTHMIC PACED lifestyle that balances HARD WORK with de-compression and relaxation, therapeutic yoga to boost the immune system and invite purification and heart health.  Breathe. Smell the roses along your path:)