Your Vitals are Vital

In 2014 weight @ 134lb; 10 months later August of 2015 @ 115lb !

With little effort, 19 pounds weight loss recorded 3 years ago. And today weight yo-yo back up 129lb telling a story when one hunkers down to study (yoga therapy training and work-related) we have additional work, sitting and thereby more stressed with little time to exercise. Then how did I lose 19lbs 3 years ago? Was it the simple formula of eat less and exercise more?  That’s probably not the case with most of us – we are more complicated.  At the time I was able to practice a lot of yoga, exercise, then really caring for myself with lots of TLC of a Restorative yoga sessions. That’s right – it was not power yoga that helped shed pounds but rather Restorative Yin and meditation showing how stress plays a big role in weight management.

Now that I’m done with my studies do I expect that 19lbs weight drop?

Have faith that this body will come to some kind of homeostasis now that I believe and trust my body wisdom. It will take care of itself. Provided I go back to my former yoga practice loaded with self care 💜 won’t you join me?

Namaste 🙂

Completed !

Niroga Yoga Therapist training encompassed 2 years and was comprised as follows.  I share what the …. I was doing the last 2 years to earn my 800 hrs. Yoga Therapist certification – what a journey !  While the faculty and their teachings were absolutely brilliant, I have to say, I also learned so much from the cohort – other yoga teachers I had the honor to learn with and from.  Here’s the calendar, an excerpt from the Niroga’s archive. :


Year 1 Curriculum (2016)

According to the World Health Organization, “Chronic diseases cause increasing numbers of deaths worldwide.” Diabetes, heart disease, and strokes are among the top 10 causes of death. Yoga therapy can have a significant impact on these lifestyle related chronic conditions. During Year 1, students focus on the connections between physical systems, stress, trauma and chronic conditions.

Yoga History and Philosophy
with B.K. Bose, PhD, RYT-500 and Saraswathi Devi
Skeletal System
with Tianna Meriage-Reiter DPT, PT, PYT
Ayurveda and Yoga
with Durga Leela RYT-500
Muscular System
with Baxter Bell MD, RYT-500
Cardiovascular System
with Miriam Shipp MD, MPH, CYT and Kate Bisharat MD
Respiratory System
with Saraswathi Devi
Endocrine System
with Baxter Bell MD, RYT-500
Nervous System
with Mitch Hall PhD, RYT-500
Immune System
with Mitch Hall PhD, RYT-500
Digestive System
with Baxter Bell MD, RYT-500
Mid-Terms with Lifestyle / Ethics / Business of Yoga
with B.K. Bose, PhD, RYT-500

Year 2 Curriculum (2017)

In Year 2, students shift their focus and learn through the lens of special populations.  Unique characteristics associated with these groups are explored incorporating physical, mental and emotional states. Niroga offers programs and classes in the community for many of these special populations. Research results from these programs are here along with other important studies and papers related to yoga and health.

Aging Gracefully
with B.K. Bose, PhD, RYT-500
Trauma Informed Yoga
with Antonia Fokken LMFT, E-RYT 500
Prenatal and Pregnancy
with Saraswathi Devi
Cancer and Yoga
with Cheryl Fenner-Brown PYT, RYT 500
Youth and Education
with Danielle Ancin RYT-500, Annika Hanson CYT, and Jonathan Relucio, RYT
Addiction and Recovery
with Durga Leela RYT-500
Adaptive Yoga
with Saraswathi Devi
Reproductive Health
with Miriam Shipp MD, MPH, CYT and Baxter Bell MD RYT-500
Sports / Occupational Health
with Baxter Bell MD, RYT-500
Chronic Pain
with Neil Pearson MSc, BScPT, BA-BPHE, CYT, RYT 500
Final Presentations and Graduation
with B.K. Bose, PhD, RYT-500

Thank you Niroga and 2017/2018 graduates for the transformative experience.  Very grateful to have had this journey and to witness so much goodness in people’s hearts – there are a lot of negativity these days but when you witness those with the following intention, we can’t help but to feel their light brighten our horizons and warm our hearts.  That’s the real strength, strength of our will, our resilience – it’s not just about flexing our muscles physically:

SEVA – Seva is a Sansrit word, translates to “selfless service”.  It can also be referred to as Karma Yoga.  A person who engages in Seva, a random act of kindness, is a Karma Yogi.  It is work performed without expectation, recognition, or repayment.

I am still not there but … it’s a long journey that takes a lifetime and then some – it’s said that life is short but eternity … is not.


Harnessing Energy

Not just any energy but a positive energy like a PAWSITIVE energy with a little help from a furry friend! (Spotted a car generated by a new kind of energy at a parking lot.) 

Whenever you feel depleted:

1. Get in touch with nature and get out of your house, office … get out of your head.  Need not be out in the wilderness camping on a mountain top (though that would be nice!).  If you can’t get to a beach, forest, that mountain top, try walking barefoot maybe just back yard lawns, parks … find a sanctuary of a garden –  if that’s all we can get to – that will do to soak up the sun, the fresh breeze, the rustles of the leaves in trees, smell the fresh air and take in the sweetness of flowers blooming …  real or imagined.

2. Exercise – swim, jog, run, walk – skip – on the beach counts !

3. Okay – to be realistic – not all of us can get to the oceans and mountains on regular basis – find a closest yoga studio and try a class that appeals to you.  Try a power class – Try regenerative therapeutic yoga. Customize. Gentle yoga not a push yourself self flagellating workout kind of yoga where you get agitated over a pose you can’t seem to nail – the class you select can be based on your TYPE (Ayurvedic “DOSHA” type) or the condition and mood of the day.  Many “offset” the heated practice with a cooling practice to calibrate a balance.

4. Note:  gentle does not equal easy but still all levels and challenging  – it means gentle enough to not cause injuries to one’s body; not punishing but Nourishing Regenerative kind of practice. What does that look like -if that means sweaty hot super intense workout that allows you to relax by passing out – then –  that works for you.  Just be open to all possibilities and know there are many paths to get there.  You just haven’t tried them. See about blending different practices for a “program” you can stick to. It’s about regular practice not just for instant short term endorphin release but sometimes could do harm in the long run. Finding what’s LASTING … sustainable. Addictive in a good way:)

4. Meditation to be included in #3 & #4 above. In fact, Yoga, meant to be “forceful” union of mind and body was devised/designed to curb and down-regulate the hyperactivity (or slothness, lol) of young men, so that they can move mindfully, then, settle down to meditate for spiritual enlightenment … and for practical day to day – to keep their body fit, mind clear and focused and spirits UP. If you are interested in Origins or History of yoga, check out Richard Rosen and Mark Singleton.  Fascinating reads.  For more a daily or approachable reads, if you are a woman, those juggling several roles, highly recommend “Living Your Yoga” by Judith H. Lasater:) More scholarly reads –  by  Georg Feuerstein … readable like Srivatsa Ramaswami … Basically what’s applicable TODAY to optimize our health today… Gary Kraftsow’s books on therapeutics and  … there’s so much.

5. Make the time for above which magically creates more time you thought you didn’t have. Really.  Time expands when you rest and relax more because … you are less tired, and therefore have MORE ENERGY; more focus and so things get done more efficiently. Less wasted energy; more abundance.

6.  Challenge yourself to do or learn something new and stimulating.

7.  If there is that “time” – volunteer to help someone, some group, some organization to make a little, at a micro-minuscule-tiny level a difference.  That can start from those closest to you – a family member and then … beyond. Do a nice deed for another human being without seeking any recognition or return.  How does that feel to have no agenda – to be just kind – how does that feel? You are not trying to get something out of another, you are not networking, marketing, trying to impress, trying to gain an advantage … What would that look like?  What if you just wanted to make another person feel better?

Seems easy but sometimes not – it’s not the I am better than you attitude as honestly that’s so easy to detect.  It’s hard to serve with humility.  I volunteered the other day and I said after the experience – I can never be Mother Teresa – yep, that’s why there’s only one Mother Teresa – but we can do just a tiny little bit, just one-trillionth – and that’s still more than nothing – right?

8.  Lastly and so obvious, almost forgot to mention … BREATHE.

This might of interest Click Here for Yale’s most popular class.  Being happy … joyous creates the ultimate ENERGY & VITALITY:)  Our furry friends do this so well:)