Yoga = The Enabler :) Autumn … time to reflect deeply

My original yoga training for certification was in Vinyasa Flow as that was (still is in the mornings) my own practice.  That style of yoga answered the needs I had at that stage in my life which might have been about pure fitness – to be trim and slim, eliminate any back pains, be happier (endorphins:), strong – not knowing the deeper and greater power of yoga then. That time, the yoga practice was about me me me and then, more about … me – how to feel better, how to look better – nothing wrong with that – it’s self-care, right? but how about … How to LIVE better  … The me-me-me world changed slowly more about how to make others feel better  … it became more about observations and attention to others – to serve … it is about service. It was not an overnight transformation but seeing and feeling those who suffer and myself suffer to be open to being vulnerable and wounded and that felt … good … so good to be reminded that it is absolutely so okay : It’s okay not to be okay sometimes. Because everyone has the same struggles.  There’s empathy and … celebration of others when we see we are not that different from each other …

Tat Tvam Asi

Then deep dive into Yoga Therapy because I wanted to be more helpful and be of better service .  Yes, that’s called the “intention”.  Whenever there’s something that we do, there’s a purpose or an intention.

My Final Research paper presentation for the Yoga Therapy Teacher Training was on Women’s Health, particularly on Pre-Menopause (starting earlier and earlier these days for women as early as late 20’s and 30’s quite rare but apparently – and most normally in their 40’s and then comes the big chapter – & Menopause – usually age 55-ish but again many exceptions and variations)  I feel like I looked at that subject from all angels – even trained further with Breast Cancer Yoga workshops and assisted some of such classes, looked at diets, cultural, societal, not a medical expert but as an informed intelligent consumer of all that’s out there – in terms of what’s available from Western medicine perspective; Eastern medicine perspective; respective studies, and feel like I have enough material to practically write a book on the subject.  So am I doing anything to bring all the research studies to help others? To share?

My mid-term paper was on Multiple Scoliosis inspired by one of the students I had the honor of having at the time.  I studies a lot on the subject and presented to the co-horts, teachers for my project – basically, yes, the truth is that the student was my teacher if a teacher’s job is to “awaken”.  It was a flip to learn about someone else’s struggles and challenges and see how she found yoga to be so healing … it was a healing practice for her that helped her so much. So am I putting any of that to use? To help those who suffer ? Or those who are caring for them with their level of acute fear and stress?

Suffering is not an unique and individual isolated event  – none of us are protected from what offers us all these experiences in various shades, shapes and forms. For example, let’s take grief. If you have done some living for awhile, we all experience it.  Maybe this month, it’s my turn to grieve; but then, next month, perhaps it’s your turn.  If we are human, we live in the flow of impermanence so we learn to flow with what is natural.. And throughout all those events, there’s still – sparks of delight  – speckles of laughter – tears of joy and yes, grief over some loss, maybe some anger, maybe fear  –  we just don’t get to keep all constant and same, holding on because then, we will have no space for the new and the unexpected  – and it’s really like all the emojis – there’s sadness, there’s all the other emotions and that’s so human – when we avoid and suppress anything that’s deemed unpleasant, your body and psyche will still not forget …it’s dormant and waiting ways to manifest.  Rather, face on – and there’s are couple of techniques that helps that we are … capable of practicing.  Yoga enables all the possibilities so we can take up the hard work without so much fear but with acceptance that we all experience these feelings and that’s why life itself is our guru teachings us to experience a full range of what makes us human not an AI robot.

There is an amazing school in Japan that I recently visited and their mission statement and vision made me really re-evaluate me wasting all those materials, knowledge and wisdom gained – just studies and theories are really of no use unless we put them to use.  I get that.

This incredible school often use the words “INTENTION” & “DELIBERATE” in their mission to advance the students but not only to advance themselves but to consider making  this whole world, our home, a better place – more safe, more sustainable, more peaceful, more connected and more equitable, more hopeful.  In other words, they are learning that the action one takes, what one does … are those actions in alignment with one’s  “intention” and so, one’s thoughts, words, and actions are … “DELIBERATE”.    Thoughts?

Deliberate & Intentional

Quite deliberately “funny” – no lack of sense of humor around here !

They are Californian to be sure:)

So cute – with ghosts and spiders webs hanging all over their tree:)

It’s that time of October … Trick or Treat ?!




Kundalini Yoga & music in SF

What can be healthier ? Breaking into Laughter in a big crowd – looking like a goddess, we were surprised – she has sense of humor !  Not pretending to be some sacred spiritual being … just a normal regular mom, artist, partner, daughter, sister, Being of Light. Goddesses have sense of humor for sure:) The are not bent out of shape but bent 360 degrees flexible, passionate and … powerful !  She’s not the soft white marshmallow angel but a powerful woman with a gift and a purpose.

Laughter, chanting, love, love, love and connection as I held the hand of absolute stranger on my right belting out LOVE, lol:)  We were all vulnerable and that was okay – held hands, swayed, chanted the seed mantras and basked in the vibrations of life.

Life throws you many curve balls but … it’s times like these, it’s good to be alive and well.  Gratitude for the sounds, the vibes … the beauty that resonates.

* Really surprised as she got up and started sounding like a jazz singer … we should not stereotype people is one of my many lessons gleaned from the rich evening.