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We deserve Peaceful Transition of Power

Year 2000:

George W. Bush vs. Al Gore comes to mind: 271 vs. 266 electoral votes: That’s just 5 pts. differential – mere 5! Al Gore had MORE popular votes at 48.4% to 47.9% George W. Bush. Yes, Al Gore had more popular votes than George W. Bush – SO… What is Trump complaining about again? Pleaaasse !

Year 2004:

George W. Bush vs. John Kerry: 286 vs. 251 electoral votes: only 50.7% in favor of Geoge W. Bush.

So again ??? PLEASE.

It’s about one man’s abuse of power, mental instability, emotional immaturity and unwillingness to show statesmanship and sportsmanship but instead stooping low low low and thereby questioning our Democratic system. There’s also unscrupulous profit/money making dirty motive because poor uninformed people sold on sensationalism will send in more money, which helps his after-office activities and pays those unscrupulous lawyers who profits off from those funds.

So sad. Instead of earning respect and admiration, redemption, one man can really screw up a legacy he could have built. Instead he keeps creating chaos, conflict, muddying the waters so it’s more difficult to see clearly- it’s the same tactic used by power usurpers of the past.

Healing comes where there is mutual RESPECT for the other – we may not agree but we may see and hear the other viewpoints and press on the facts and how that affects you and those you care about; Then there has to be JUSTICE. Then we can celebrate our differences rather than destroy what’s not in perfect agreement with your opinion, way of life, ideas of supremacy vs. equality and merit-based advances.

Peace, Harmony, Love awaits upon such a HEALING. Then, it REAL! Praying for that day to come !!