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Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

– John Muir


As I was asked by few about  “Get-Aways” … I list some I have come across. These are not quite “ashrams” but more approachable.

Many of us may not be able to afford the time or the cost or have too many job/family responsibilities – but sometimes, dreaming about it can make us more purposeful? Sometime seeking refuge, going alone may be the way to give yourself time to really “reflect” and regenerate – OR –  it may be nice to go with a “group” as long as it’s the “right” fit for you.

Many offered by yoga instructors, leading a yoga-themed retreats. I can recommend a couple.

Showing a bit of that Pitta nature by making a list … to develop and share.  Many on my own bucket list; some already a rewarding pilgrimage, many still a dream for later years if it’s meant to be – not quite that To-Do-List but here’s the list:


Eslan, Big Sur

There are some yoga retreats there highly recommended coming up:)

Lake Tahoe – Wanderlust Festival – volunteered here 3 years in a row and wrote about it so …know the venue well.

Sierraville Hot Springs, Sierra footlands

Mt. Shasta & Stewart Mineral Hot Spring :  Sweat Lodge – not quite Japanese onsen but good water.
* There’s a great retreat but on by excellent ParaYoga teachers – SriYoga Retreats: )

Osmosis Sanctuary

Land of the Medicine Buddha – Santa Cruz

1440 Multiversity  * new in Santa Cruz

Kripalu Center

Mt. Madonna

Omega Institute

The Chopra Center

Kushi Institute – Sadly closed after it’s first founding in 1978 by late Michio Kushi’s passing in 2014. Macrobiotic cooking and it’s philosophy lives on and still taught by his students.

Meditation centers? Retreats? Most of the above &

Green Gulch

San Francisco Zen Center

Spirit Rock

Out of the Country …

Many retreats led by yoga teachers if yoga theme appeals to you – can refer some.

Eastern Medicine:

Ayurveda Treatments
Healthy Cooking: Auyrvedic – Art of Wholesome Cooking by Jyoti Jain

Japanese & Macrobiotic & No-salt detox:
Wanowa by Shinobeau McConney

Macrobiotic, Vegetarian & Vegan:  Translation work by this humble blogger – so happy to be of service for Ryoya Takashima, such a talented artisan: Peaceful Cuisine  Amazing food stylist, chef and artist (photography & videos)

Acupuncture & Okyu – TBA
Know of few others to refer out:) All wonderful.

Chinese Herbs:TBA

Herbs & Aromatherapy:


Massage/Healing Touch/Reiki

Sachiko at Lafeel Healing for Reiki treatment. Western near-equivalent would be the “healing touch”:)

Special Needs: I can refer many great PTs – physical therapists if needed.

Tianna Merioge-Reiter, DPT, C-IAYT, WHC

Yoga of Recovery by Durga Leea: 12-Steps not working – then, here you go…

Stay-cation?  A refuge? What about a place for regular practice ?
Your Local Yoga Studios, of course.  Googling to find “the right fit ” in the styles of yoga they offer … and let that studio be your get-away place of regeneration.

BUT have a couple I would recommend if it’s an area I am familiar with.

So many offerings.  Dedicated, committed, skillful teachers – How lucky we are.


The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

-Joseph Campbell

“Oneness”  we are all inter-connected … at the cellular level … there’s a vast universe to which we all belong. Let’s get along, breathe together and reconnect within where there’s always harmony and peace waiting for your return home.



In the market for yoga mats?  Okay, okay, I know we can just Prime-member Amazon it BUT wouldn’t it be better to support your local small businesses by buying direct from your local yoga studio?  It’s your community we support each time we spend money(transfer of “energy”) close-by.

Helpful Article for Wise Shopping:  HERE:)

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