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Full Moon Past

& Present …

Some EGG-LESS but “sunny” MOON tarts with Chinese tea to reset at Autumn equinox.

Beginning the Autumn season practice:

  1. Pranayama
  2. Fall into shape Yoga Asanas
  3. Meditatation focusing on the Autumn harvest whether abundant or modest and all within the range. Practice of Acceptance of harvest at any amount. Gratitude for what is enough.
  4. Rest rest rest to replenish from the summer burnout.
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“Best Day Ever” Nostalgia of Wanderlust Squaw Valley

This is the PRE-PANDEMIC YOGA FESTIVAL … where yogis could just gather and practice together and learn and … enjoy the vibe. It is unthinkable now and I so feel sorry for having to “miss out” on that special ENERGY only possible when people gather IN-PERSON in a shared space. Yes, remote learning is wonderful that you can be anywhere and still attend a class, lectures, workshops, etc. what have you – BUT still, the energy when people come together like this is … very special.

I pray for that day when once again, we can come together like this, with JOY rather than fear.