Numbers … Data … Truth




Per 100,000 522

Per 100,000 14

What does the above numbers mean?

874 deaths from Covid-19 in Japan

100,426 deaths from Covid-19 in USA

The’s a difference of 99,552 LIVES.

The numbers were a handful, countable with just one hand only 3 months ago. We said it’s kinda like the seasonal flu (btw, believe that killed about 30,000 in USA last year – not 100,000 over 3-months period) Yes, there’s population difference so let’s account for that to show per 100,000 – it’s a huge difference as US posts staggering number to be world’s “leading” country in death tolls and this… is also sobering when you know that Japan has way higher age over 65 population than USA.

Why this huge difference?

Having gone between these two countries, I think I know why.

Numbers tell a story … and I lived the two stories.

Credit: Numbers excerpt from New York Times Corona-virus Map- Tracking site.

DIY Yuzu Tonic & Marmalade

Need to boost our immune system as we wilt in this record Memorial Day heatwave. No we don’t have to wilt – no we don’t have to succumb to “this” – no we will not succumb to anything – we can beat any threat when we take better care of ourselves by eating right in the right mindset – we are what we eat – so eating foods sparkling with energy, brimming with energy packed nutrients – why not eat vitamin rich foods and engage in self and others care more effectively. Ideas of self-care brings me to again reiterate wearing a face mask is not scary – it’s not bad – it’s good as it’s a sign – it’s a sign that a stranger cares about you and your family.

In case you did not know, Yusu is a lemon like circus fruit originally from Japan, known for its enticing fresh aroma. High in Vitamin C and lovely lubricant for that sore dry throat irritations – from allergies- but all of us will wonder – what if it’s that virus ? Right?

So wearing a mask prevents us from that sense of dis-ease; that anxieties over the unknowns AND also prevents dust and pollens from messing up our sinuses. Mine is sooooo cute and also works to improve my lung capacity. Kind of a muscle trainer for my diaphragm- that breathing muscle – when you work it and train it you can better manage your moods – yes – and an underlying principle of yoga is the breath work – pranayama.

Btw -Check out Tokyo mayor Ms Koike’s face masks – they are so pretty- ❣️what’s all the fuss here?

Lastly but not in the least, Thank you C-san for sharing these nice big Yuzu fruits!