Confiscated at TSA – 3.4 oz or 100 ml max please

These beautiful golden amber colored honey jars were taken out from my only luggage – the carry-on luggage as these are liquids and I learned that I needed to check-in my luggage if I were to keep these. I told the TSA agent, I will gift these to him and 2 other staff members there – they shook their heads and said that they cannot receive them per policy.  Whaaat – at that point, I realized I created food waste and that thought actually gave me physical pain.  I begged, please just take them, they are unopened sealed honey, and should not be wasted as they indicated they will be thrown out.  That breaks my heart. That these perfectly nourishing beautiful golden honey has to get … dumped.  So sad.  And here I stand for reducing food waste … but created them by not reading all the baggage rules.  I just wanted to travel light. Just 3 nights so, right?

Hoping that someone at TSA will break the rule and take these to their home or donate to any one on the other side of the security. They are pure raw unfiltered gold from flowers of Northwest hives …

This Thanksgiving week will mark one of highest air-travel period of the year. So please learn from my mistake – my 3 jars of Northwest raw and unfiltered honey were confiscated at TSA (honey jars bought as gifts) so so sad. You can only bring on board less than 3.4oz for liquids.  

Please don’t let this happen to you.

Goodbye Seattle

For the last 5 years, Saffron has been produced in Chelan Washington … instead of imported Saffron, how about trying a USDA organic saffron for the beautiful golden orange hues and aroma.

@ Cactus … Vegetarian Enchilada with squash and mole

Famous Piroshiky stand at Pike Place Market … It’s their popular poppy seed cinnamon roll … it’s very generous with the poppy seeds:)