Fostering Fearlessness @ Niroga

To be purposeful.  To have an intention, sometimes we have to take stock of our:

  • motivations
  • strengths
  • areas of growth (the facilitator said – this used to be called “weaknesses”)
  • fears

We went from wall-to-wall, first posting what popped up for us; then revisiting to read what others wrote.  Insightful.


There was one more – a wall of “FEARS” but the word FEARS was buried by our blue post-its so … skipped the wall of fears after facing them.  We want to be fearless after facing our fears in real life as well.

Land of Zen ?

@ Ginza District is a far cry from tranquility found at zen temples dotting this mega city … but it’s a reminder that –

Peace resides within …do not seek it without.  Apparently Buddha did not say this BUT attribute it to the wise from the ancient times.  What might be a thematic problem is how some people may just feel so … depleted and empty inside.  Or anxious and agitated –  What can be uplifting to them – not the neon lights, not another alcoholic drink, not another conquest, not another party … not another altered state of being but to find and reconnect with the Self – the authentic strong self-healing person within – it’s yoga.

If you are interested in anatomy as it relates to yoga asana/poses, then you would be excited that another workshop on the topic of the knees is coming up – THIS SATURDAY given by Baxter Bell, MD & Yoga Therapist in East Bay.

Baxter has a wonderful blog and he and his colleague recently published a book entitled YOGA FOR HEALTHY AGING – a great resource:)  Knees, Knees, Knees … we want to protect them when we practice and Baxter will show you the safe way.

I wish I could attend ! I would have if it were not for me being away …