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Full Moon

It’s that time of the evening where the full moon hangs low over the horizon … where are you all as we gaze up at the moon and what are your thoughts this evening?

Chanting and Moving slowly with mindful reminders with sharpened concentration … the vibe is coming back – what lay dormant over this winter, weighed down by fears and anxiety that could not be quelled with simple reasons alone. We are all on the same boat; we are all on this mother Earth …

Full moon is a time we replenish and fill up with wonder … marveling that in spite of so many losses and tragedies and grief, we still have the capacity to round out the jagged edges and bring to full circle all that wonder into fulfillment of our dreams and hopes. Maybe not this cycle and maybe many moons from now but … I feel in the air, in the sky, in the moon above that … this challenging time is clearly brougt about to help us in the long run. Like this full moon light, many things hidden in the dark shadows are … revealed. Now, what do we do with all that’s been revealed – surely they are not all pretty sights – there’s the good, the bad and the ugly – fully revealed whether you like it or not. Now that much in the hidden corners in the dark shadows are LIT and so much revealed about the world, about US, what are we to do? Go back to our old ways when this is over? Do we go right back to our old ways of seeing and doing and … hiding or do we live that AUTHENTIC truth in alignment to our higher Self. I wonder.

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Spring, Super yummy purple yam cheesecake cookie roses and …

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Carrot Ginger Soup, Corn bread, chocolates and wine … a treat for Valentines Day !

Have we been setting “low bar” these days, just to survive?