Honoring the Lunar Cycle

Full class; full, completely filled – this hive – the vibe is that of golden shimmering ripples of energy.   Ripened moon dripping with golden nectar hangs heavy to the horizon, reminding all of us our connection to that lunar energy.  That energy is … powerful like a queen bee’s, nourishing and motherly.  Sunday being 2 nights within the full moon phase, we honored with our whole body, mind, spirit to our connection to the cosmos… Singular effort is put out to observe each body for the body language, its aura and calibrate the energy. So much is hidden; so much is stifled from full expression otherwise. I must cultivate the skill to better ZOOM in and create the zone without resorting to dumbing down the class and rather trust that each hears out the wise teacher within.

Ramblings of the evening infused in luminescent veil of … communal magic …refueling … together …

May this first full moon of the New Year that Native Americans named Wolf Moon

be that – as we gaze up to that round light of wonder this start of the year, we invite our animal spirit to lead us to start afresh


Connecting with that instinctual wolf spirit within, we are receptive to the call of the wild

Hushed  … as the night deepens and thickens

Listen to that call of our hearts desires, howling

We seek out silence, calmness, clarity where our howls echos and resonates

Finding refuge from the noise

to hear own howling echo and amplified as the vibrations

fade into the velvety night sky


Full Moon evening is that sacred time

to return home to our true nature within

The true nature within

our true spirit call it instinct intuition

We rediscover your luminous brilliance within

that may lay dormant shrouded in layers of dust, debris  … grayness, months and years of built up that clutter, we do away with, once again freed


Under the shimmering lunar magic, faint light rekindles and grows … baby flame smolders in the darkness

That light does not battle and destroy darkness but in duality of night and day

radiates energy and shines a rekindled light to flash and expose


We embrace life rooted into the great mother earth, we absorb both darkness and light to grow and glow

high into the cosmos to meetup with that source of all … and blessed to experience the Shift

to be that shooting star connecting and channeling that lunar energy … combustion and expansion


We are all stardust integral part of this boundless web of Oneness we call the Universe The Unknown

May we keep our faith

Our light will again shine however faint or powerful

as we cycle though the seasons with gentleness and grace

The Full Moon is that reminder … there’s beauty


as we salute the rekindled glow within

we affix our translucent gaze Embarking on the New Year with Intention


Credit To Pixabay for this image – thank you:)




The Silicon Valley trend: The natural C-curve neck morphing into Straight neck

& so what’s wrong with that?

Unfortunately, plenty …

Straight neck means that the cervical spine has lost the natural swan like graceful supple C-shaped curve that better supported and balanced the weight of our head (10 lbs and up) and that reduced flexibility leads to:

– always a compensation takes place from one part of the body to another – burdened shoulders suffering tension, tightness, stiffness, straight in the case of cervical spine means … stiffness!

– caving in and forward affect of slumping posture

– sagging affect in the front of the neck

– creating more deep lines and fine wrinkles on throat area and over time … let the drum roll …

– droopy or even onset of premature double chin especially vulnerable after a common weight gain which happens for most of us after the holiday season !

Yes … it’s scary lol

Incorporating in the practice some techniques from ~ of course,  Yoga !

Take a Before photo … and let’s compare with an After photo after a month … then 2 months … I am confident that if you follow my instructions, a transformation, however subtle will take place. Most true transformation is not an instant miracle but gradual and subtle … over time.

Normal C-Curve 

Straight Neck aka Tech Neck

Here’s an actual x-ray photo of a techie


Thank Goodness for Friends

Who really know how to cook and bake !

Who brought the salad – Delicious ! Thank you K !

& the desserts !  Wow, beautiful strawberry cheesecake tart & OMG my fav, Tiramisu.

Thank you, Lovely F & Chic as always M:)

Crazy actual Christmas Day dinner was yes, that Chinese as Christmas host sadly treated at ICU. Maybe not the traditional Christmas dinner initially planned … but grateful for the company … anything tastes good after waiting for hours at ICU and met with relatively good news – a relief sets off the hunger pangs. We are human.

Reasons people hit the gym in January?

Trip to Fentons as now an out-of-towner, really really craved their sandwich and milkshakes … oh, and Onion Rings. What indulgences. 

Making Chirashi sushi American style …

Bakers in the family are nice to have … convinced with this light and flakey rolls … Thank you R – you are a talented baker ! I mean, who bakes these from scratch these days?  Warm and Fresh out of the oven … they are irresistible.

Gratitude … in spite of missing some people I hold dear to my heart, we remained PRESENT and in the NOW to share and connect … ah, yes, food helps, lol:)