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In Training with Mask On

So that I can withstand brutal travels … and overcome fear. In training … Going uphill with a mask on is quite a respiratory strain and … yes, we are pumping it !

How safe is it to travel during the holiday season during a … Pandemic? How do you assess the risks ? By getting a flu shot, we are training our immune system for the flu virus … how do we train to boost our immune system for other kind of viruses though? It’s not the buffed and muscle bound, glowing with health golden people that withstands what’s out there today. It’s the wise who studies science and remains well informed. Then, maybe, maybe, risks may be plenty mitigated during our travels.

Be safe out there ! If you must travel, know that getting the Covid Negative test is not enough. If you can, stay home.

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Iron Lion

I think I have every piece of music Bob Marley ever made.

Kamala Harris
This was created by French artists Octave Marsal and Theo De Gueltzl to commemerate the 40th anniversay of this song & tribute towards the 75th Birthday celebration of life of Bob Marley who died age 36 of cancer back in 1981. It was a short life but … messages left behind so powerful.

As far as YOGA, I would be happy to go over Lion’s Pose & Lion’s Breath. Roaring softens the facial muscles, unravel tight knots – Roaring is not only fun but eases muscle tensions, relieves headaches and … brings about fresh clarity. It’s a King of a breath and pose.

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Getting through Day 146

A little early but a tribute and remembrance of my late father who passed on in month of August.

He loved good marmalade spread on buttered Japanese bread toasted golden. It’s odd for a Japanese man of that era to like marmalade on toast. Apparently it was influenced by his English teacher, late Mr Ford, an English gentleman professor at Keio University. Hard to believe but apparently my father was a very good student of English and even starred in some acting roles on stage for the English plays they put on. Supposedly he was offered a job from BBC but turned it down in favor of … When I found old black and white photos of him at Keio when he was still 20-ish, had to feel my heart flutter… I only remembered him as a stocky middle aged and greying older man so it’s so cool to see the young and dashingly handsome??? man with shining bright eyes who later became my father.

We sampled 3 varieties of Marmalade of which 2 were given to us by a lovely friend. These are all Italian… next time we will taste and compare English and Californian marmalade. If my father were alive he’d ask for another cup of earl grey milk tea.

Maybe during this time, it’s time of reflection, gratitude in spite of it all – all the mindfulness practices to not only survive but thrive … living yoga on and off the mat.