Ayurvedic Cooking Class

As we head into Autumn, the harvest season, this kind of cooking may allow a shift in our consciousness. It’s not about counting calories and the typical fat vs non-fat teachings. It’s about science of …living. Jyoti Jain is a knowledgeable teacher … and nice sampling of foods – Besides being energizing, it’s so yummy:) For heart health, emotional health and wholesome wellness, explore Ayurvedic (along with Japanese & Mediterranean) cooking to go hand in hand with your yoga practice. You will look and feel the difference.

Better than AC

 Goosebumps anyone?Not for the faint of heart – watching a thrill seeker gracefully take off. 

Noticing the cell phone postures …contrasted  with a flying man in cobra pose throughout the flight. Standing at the edge of a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean – Imagining I too smoothly gliding through the winds like a bird.  Exhilarating!Earthing ❤️ Sunday for this earthling. 

60 degrees at the surf; 100+ inland. Migrating to that zone of comfort and ease playing in the waves. 

Happy hot Labor Day weekend perfect for watermelon 🍉 splurge.  


Ideally, muscle strengthening exercise (yang) is made optimal, heated, cooled with a complementary exercise (yin) that emphasizes juicy longer held streeetttch:)Few years old – but came across this article as I was researching for my Yoga Therapy TT report. Reminded as with all routines and rituals, repetition is the key. Besides, stretching can feel soooo good before and after interval training or just because. Ideally, sweat, drink liters of water infused with electrolytes … then get some Yin for the optimally calibrated nervous system and a well restored state of vitality. I am taking good care of myself so I can take better care of others.