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Holiday Season filled with Gratitude

Attending friend’s husband’s Kanreki party made me realize the age old wonder about life, aging, food as not only sustenance but a source of joy. There’s no guilt or shame- eat drink dance be Merry ! Kanpai! Cheers !

Beautiful People Healthy Activities Healthy Living Yoga

Honoring the Teacher …It’s been too long

Need to get back To our practice

From Darkness To the Light

To our teachers

To our families

To our motherland


To our mothers

In reverence to those who continue to inspire enlighten and … serve whether in person or from afar. We are thinking about you always.


Beautiful Places Healthy Activities Healthy Living

Chai High

Honey drenched honeycomb like pastry and eye shaped savory cheese tart were recommended. Honey comb bread reminded me of Iranian flat breads I recall from few years spent in Teheran from my childhood. Fresh out of the oven, they were Warm and crusty on the outside soft and chewy on the inside. Just like these! It’s heavenly.


Where am I?

Delah Cafe – California’s if not American’s first Yemeni Cafe … traveling through the world through immigrant offerings in this melting pot of a country called US of A.