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Needles in certain accupressure points improves the flow of Chi as does certain asanas in our yoga practice … No pain Much to gain.

Ironic to popular beliefs, NEEDLES are not painful. Rather these diposable and sanitary needles are used for pain managment. Living free of pain can vastly improve one’s outlook on life.

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Wearing N95 at a hospital

Feeling sad for a senior with no escort in a long line … thinking about my frail mom and my heart aches. I am not alone.

Who needs Laughter Yoga just about now? Beautiful practice I can either refer to those in the field or comically work with you – just msg for your therapy today:)

Yoga is not about stretching in prezel poses – yes, it’s about stretching to make space where cramped but more than anything, it’s a beautiful practice to find JOY and reconnect with the inherent light we all have within.

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Kimchi Workshop by Rumi

Yes, remotely but successfully due largely in part by Rumi sharing her expert know-how when it comes to the best tasting (in my humble opinion) kimchi ever ! It’s not too sour nor hot – but just the right complex hotness that’s not overpowering so we can actually taste the goodness of all the labor-intensive amounts of cabbage and radish that’s in there. AND this red chilli pepper, she supplied!! OMG.

Rumi has an michievious infectious laughs and … it’s best to keep your composure – be warned – you do not, and I repeat, do NOT burst out laughing when pouring this red powder substance into the bowl of nappa cabbage, daikon, leeks, green onions, secret other goodies and essence – be warned !

Thank you Rumi-sensei for the instructions and sharing all that knowledge and this … PEPPER !