New Moon & New Lesson

We are in the New Moon phase of this March Madness month …Golden Moon Gallery reopens March 21st. It’s one of my favorite places to visit, thanks to their beautiful style and eclectic offering  …it’s a “Warm Hug” of a place as I hope to make my own yoga class … The owners there are welcoming and … warm with lovely taste and style they share with ease and generous hearts.  The stencil moon phase at their entry way is a work of a local (East Bay) artist and, to me, a power spot:) As an artist, himself, he and his wife showcases local artists’ work.  It’s a lovely gallery.

No, it’s not a yoga lesson but a dance session taught by talented Shereen Malani. It’s not yoga but that’s just the point. Yoga helps us live a more uplifted fluid life “in the groove”, OFF the mat as well as On the mat.  Thanks to yoga practice, off the mat, I felt more ease flowing through the new unusual steps. More grounded with better balance and,,, lots of squatting and getting down to the floor .. yes, really gett’n DOWN in squats (called “malasana” pose on the mat:). Regular and repeated practice of yoga gives you the bounce in the steps and steadiness, muscle strength, and flexibility in the loosened and juiced joints to keep up with this super spirited and talented dancer. The beat of the live drums made us unstoppable? Amazing syncopation !

The best birthday present is a gift of new beautiful experience- and this gift of precious soulful friendship – thank you to my lovely goddess BFF named Bright Radiant One. She is that.

Key Take-Away from Shereen Malani’s dance class – this dance is not about PERFORMANCE, rather it’s about YOU connecting with those you are dancing WITH. It’s communal and tribal.  Each piece tells a story and the dancers are moving more in awareness of those they dance with, rather than about performing for an “audience”  – so in that sense, there’s a common thread with yoga – it’s all weaved into this ocean of vibrations and deep flow .  About harnessing the power and energies within with techniques to source them, mine them… so there’s an outpouring when there’s a need for self-expression and channeling and … connecting with fellow dancers.  Yoga would be such a rehabilitative and therapeutic practice for all dancers as I stayed on to eavesdrop about joint pains and pinched nerves and how they are dealing with chronic pain … with Epsom salt baths, acupuncture, herbs, and massages … add on to that list – therapeutic yoga – for the ultimate self-care to find more bounce and fresh vibrancy in our steps:)

Let’s dance through the flow and ebbs of life with more vibrancy, more buoyancy … Namaste:)

Packed Class Tonight … YHC

Is it the full noon?  No, actually, it’s the NEW MOON darkness.  So nice to have couples in attendance … Been asked about Fertility Yoga offering so maybe this read is helpful.  Click Here.

And I am thinking “fertility” not only in terms of birthing a human flesh and blood baby but also about conceiving and birthing of bright apple cheeked sparkles of creativity:  those illuminating intuitions,  thoughts, ideas, new paths … even new perspectives … it’s all a “baby” to us.  And those new babies only manifests into real life creations, only when we nourish it and care for it … in our body – mind temple.Then the baby will grow and grow to the fullest of her potentials to reach the higher Self within … To manifest the ultimate source, the truth, the light from within to all kindred spirits around us.

So happy and honored Y-san graced tonight’s yoga class with her presence as she moves between her journey from Japan to head out to Mt. Shasta tomorrow … shared her special hand-crafted aroma spray which garnered a comment from a student with a beautiful name, Vidhya … a goddess of Knowledge or Clarity:).  She said this:  “this scent smells like a scent when you walk into a TEMPLE”.  Exactly.  It’s not chemical, it’s not artificial, nor commercial.  It’s not strong – it’s soft and subtle … It’s divine.  Coming from the lips of Vidhya …what a gift – thank you Shatica for this blessed divine scent that takes into our body-“temple”.

Vidhya is also a name given to goddess Sarasvati who is known to have spiritually a shimmering feminine, maternal energy—the Prakriti.  This maternal energy purifies, empowers, and uplifts the hearts and souls of the weary. And that, that was my intention.

I am so … wow … it was like the moon, sun and stars with this earth really came into alignment tonight.  As a student said, the practice was … “perfect”.  Thank you for the vibration we all brought into the space which filled up with beautiful of auras emitted by these lovely souls.