Roses Apple Tarts

baked by the ever artistic Miki … impressed by the presentation and the delicate apple flavors … I on the other hand, served Miso broth full of Autumn bounty … mushrooms and greens … super savory way to start the day, ending with these lovely flowers of apples. Thank you Miki:) It’s like a bouquet of roses ending up in your stomach – satisfied !

Self-care week: Surround yourself with beauty … encourage creativity … think what’s in season? Go with the flow … cultivating strength to take all things in stride – what nourishes us? Single point focus on all things that nourishes and reboots us if you were feeling exhausted, depleted, strung-out. Mindfulness Practice … I have been practicing TRE

TRE? “Tension Release Exercises” that incorporates yoga and Tai-chi- like movements … slow, flowing, mesmoraizing, hypnotic … relaxing while strengthening at every level – mind, body, spirit ; just what the doctor ordered.

  • Reviewing Scott Blossom’s Fall Resilience Aryuveda & Yoga course I had the honor to partake in. We need to all cultivate RESILIENCE during these unique times, as we head into the winter season with fear over – not knowing what the future holds – so many uncertainties but we can be certain of one thing – our action – how we act – we can be certain in what we, us, I can do – our own action we are certain and we know it to be authentic. We can be certain that our SELF-CARE protocol has a direct health benefit.

Another impactful certain action to take in addition to or as related to “self-care” as ever, would be to:

VOTE … every vote counts … every vote makes a difference … that’s what Democracy means – we each count, if we “take action”.

Anything Cute


& cleaning out old files as this spring cleaning seemed to extend out the whole year just like this quasi-sheltering but not really state drags on. A little pat on my own shoulder and tooting my own horn … years later. Fresh out of college, one of those “first” jobs – not a career-just-a-job job, entry-level-job before going on to bigger and better things – haha – I worked at a college town’s bank branch and I found a copy of a “Commendation” letter from the management from that time – when you are young and kind of stuck at a job you don’t care for but you still do the job – here’s an excerpt:

This is to commend you for the manner in which ou conducted yourself during yesterday’s robbery. Your complete adherence to bank procedures and your maintenance of composure together helped to ensure the safety of both our staff and our customers.

Being the victim of a holdup is not a pleasant experience. By your actions you have set a marvelous example for your fellow staff members to follow.

I know that I speak for Management of the Bank in expressing our sincreerest appreciation to you. Thanks for a job well done under very difficult circumstances !”

SOOOO not quite the dog-day-afternoon but still heart stopping scary and one of those nightmares where your headspace turns white are you find yourself saying to yourself “no, this isn’t happening to me, no”. I recall FBI getting involved and I even had gone to a Police Station to identify a suspect at a lineup room – a new experience for a 22 year old – and you know – this is why I bring this up – I really could not make out who the actual suspect was even though the robber stood right in front of me and he did not wear a mask and I saw his fanatical eyes right in front of my face within a foot face to face at a gun-point. Even then, I could not really 100% be sure to point a finger among the 4-5 men on the lineup who stood in front of the one-way window.

(So that’s why, I don’t think we should be so quick to condemn and judge another human being unless we are absolutely sure beyond the shadow of doubt he/she is deserving – which I know is tough for victims rights perspective.)

What does this have ANYTHING to do with health and wellness? It’s about how many of us are placed under very stressful and traumatic experiences throughout our lives (my little brag-story I am sure pales in comparison to many heros and victims out there) BUT we always come through them and come to tell about it with some sense of pride and dignity. We all carry that within – that spark of power – strength – toughness. We might burst into tears fom fear, tense up; stress out; lose sleep but …with time as the healing balm, we forget and move on.

Today, many of us are so stressed … Mindfulness practice will further assist in :

  • unraveling those knots of tightness and tension
  • undoing those obstructions for energy to flow free, not stuck, frozen or locked up.
  • lighten those burdens to bring about that sense of lightness
  • ushering out the toxins and waste to fill up with more energy and vitality.
  • integrated & whole …integrate into a whole person that you are, body, mind and spirit …Integrated and Balanced.

I am not looking to work out to get fit – I am looking for ways to feel well by working in …and finding the essense of my FLOW – that natural state of ease and clarity. Yes, it’s work; it’s an effort. It’s a … practice

Taking things in stride … is possible in spite of all the reasons we have to feel derailed, stressed, and anxious – taking things in stride during a pandemic is possible with a solid unwavering practice.

Cutlivating the Resilience to Taking “Things” in Stride … in midst of a general feelings of frustrations, anxiety and … sadness as misery is an infectious disease as much as Covid’s.

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