Cozy Sunday Late Afternoon

Fortune cookies are so fun:) Honestly, I give the cookie part away but reading the fortunes out loud with everyone at the round table … that’s the fun part


In an age of speed, I began to think, nothing could be more invigorating than going slow.

In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention.

And in an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still.

You can go on vacation to Paris or Hawaii or New Orleans three months from now, and you’ll have a tremendous time, I’m sure. But if you want to come back feeling new- alive and full of fresh hope and in love with the world – I think the place to visit may be Nowhere.

-Pico Iyer

Nowhere as in being truly HOME, HERE & NOW, embodying this body; being at ease in our skin, inviting the millions of pores on our skin to breathe in harmony with the flow and ebb of the Universal light of waves. Energy ripples when you stay still awhile and tune in.

I realize the irony of posting this when I am about to leave on a jet plane to go away from home … but to another home – my motherland.


Wanderlust from few years ago I missed this year but … same Child’s pose Sunday teaching … The sequence starts with Balasana … ends with Savasana – Child to The Reincarnate-to-Be … the renewal is eternal … what a trip. This life.

Nowhere land is an anywhere land – it’s nowhere and everywhere – it’s Omnipotent, this practice of being radically present.

Yet Another Sign Popped Up in the ‘hood

* Ahimsa*

Encouraging signs are everywhere – America, it’s a beautiful land with beautiful people with virtuous and noble values.



(*all lives matter)



Women’s Rights Are Human Rights



Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

& saw another one that said,



It’s Yoga – It’s Ahimsa right before our eyes. (* is my insert – Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, White – Purple? Green, lol – all colors – all lives matter – all lives are precious)

I pray that from these words, actual action will take place. If words have power, then, there’s hope.




Purification Ritual – Going to Japan soon:)

To reacclimate myself to that incredibly uncomfortable summer heat and humidity, I have been in training ! Doing lots of hard yang yoga (for a wholesome balance, Yang-anything are always offset with Yin Yoga of course), then locating sauna, steam rooms, hot Japanese style bath … to get my sweat glands back in order.  When my energy level peters out – restorative yoga to the rescue – yes, even lying on slabs of special hot stones infused with negative ions – to sweat sweat sweat … Native Indians used sweat lodge for health and … for a spiritual quest. Not so often – that we drain too much of good juice (minerals, electrolytes) but sometimes – depending on a person, bi-weekly or monthly for cleansing and purifying … letting our pores open and cleanse so that our breathing becomes porous. We can then breathe not just with our nose, mouth but also with our all five million or so pores on our skin … to truly embody and be in our skin !  Reminded always my SRI yoga teacher talk about yoga among being many things, for her, is the ultimate energy management protocol.  After all, it’s all about the energy – PRANA – CHI – KI:)

We all have our irrigation systems so that our energy flows unimpeded; that Yogic breathing methods (oxygen pumped arteries and brain cells) ; and the digestive system to nourish and eliminate (fiber and clean); then there are the sweat glands (stimulated by exercise and heat) & the lymphatic system (stimulated by stretchy bendy yoga for one:).  Living in this lovely comfortable not too hot; not too cold climate, this perfect Californian climate, our body gets spoiled.  That is, our sweat glands can get a bit under-worked and in dysfunction mode when all the sudden asked to go in high-gear in Japanese summer heat.  Then comes the heat strokes.  SO … it’s all about preparations; conditioning; and … training.

Clearing and cleansing the irrigation system to maximize the “Flow” while Tending to our Inner Sun – Namaste:)

Did you know?  Indian food in Japan is the best … photos from Indian restaurant in Tokyo … a full meal; chai and dessert:)

Sushi?  That goes without saying:)