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It’s an old video … from 2016. But a little fitting today while the story is far fetched Sci-Fi. Talk about isolation to the max … the story line is heartbreaking Japanese anime or be it real today. Self-quarantine? Shelter at HOME – yeah, HOME! How lucky we are. We are not at war-zone; we are not shipped out of space; our earth is still intact and beautiful. We are still fortunate. We can connect with others; we are not alone. We are still all on this planet. Together.


You asked what’s on my Covid-19playlist. This is one of 20 so far.

If you are lucky enough to get to … stay home,

Stay home; save lives.


Focaccia Saturday

Tomorrow – Sunday is traditionally a day of worship … time to reflect and pray in the morning – then exercise and gather … evening wind down.

Sakura blooms delicate blush pink

Crystal translucent drips of April shower

Season of Fleeting Beauty

We are upon a season of fleeting beauty.  Supposedly we live in a the richest, most powerful superpower in the world and yet, we are brought to our heels.  Heard the cost of maybe 1-3 fighter jets used in national security arsenal, we could easily have enough to give all health care workers the protective gears they need and all sufferers ventilators they need … and a well functioning healthcare system.  Priorities, priorities… We have all the sophisticated weapons and highest offensive/defensive capabilities and technology … but … This.  Our “enemy”, just like the hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, the radioactive dusts, and ever mutating virus …is … invisible.  And it’s not each other – it’s not country against another because all countries are inhabited by … brothers and sisters, us humans.  All on the same boat.  So humbled.

Rainy afternoon … a family member is stress baking …

25,000 already signed up in first day after announcement – Amazing !!! So inspiring:)

California Health Corps information traveled fast as 25,000 already signed up within a day … wow !!! So proud of Californians.

“Governor Newsom launched the California Health Corps – calling on health care professionals to help us meet the moment. Those with an active license, public health professionals, medical retirees, or members of medical disaster response teams in California are all encouraged to join. California Needs You. Go to healthcorps.ca.gov for more information and to register. For more information on the state’s response to COVID-19, please visit covid19.ca.gov. #COVID19 is inspiring a new level of service across California. Share your story, email us at info@cv.ca.gov. “

Wouldn’t Yoga Therapists certified by IAYT be of use in the recovery phase?