Anything Cute

Just what the doctor ordered?

These do not look like bland foods, do they?

All in moderation and spreading the Donut joy to the neighbors so we may all walk or yoga off these …

Carbs carbs carbs!!!

Sometimes healthy foods is occasional discretionary indulgence … it’s been over a year since I had a warm crossed buns and maybe over a couple of years since I had my last donut ! What joy !!

Anything Cute Beautiful Deeds Beautiful People Beautiful Places

Gratitude for this Whimsical ‘Hood

It’s all about the people who made this place their home – this neighborhood is filled with those who want to make our community a better place with a fun touch here and there …I must say we have some loving sweet people living in this part of town… to which I am so thankful for. I marvel at the little things I now actually see and stop and appreciate.

Beautiful Things

Full of Hope

March marked the one year anniversay since CDC mandated shelter-in-place and ristrictions based on various color coded degrees of risk assessments. And, we are fatigued.

But as much as we are tired of this virus, the virus does not seem too tired of us, introducing new variants and mutants, much to our dismay and consternation…When will this end? This life of constant vigilence … this fear. It will END, when we are one step ahead of the infection rates – when we are careful and do what’s still necessary to do. As tired as we are so done with this, there’s still appears to be long road ahead – just that we see a glimmer of hope. Finally- at last!

Wouldn’t it be so exhilirating to just dump the mask and hug all those around you and party!? … according to the health experts, NOT.


While progress is being made with more and more people getting vaccinated in California, until the rest of the country and the world gets to some level of saturation, the goal of herd immunity will not kick-in. We are far from that goal. Reaching that goal is still elusive while people are letting down their guards.

While we can never be at 0% risks, those who survive tend not leave everything to chance and luck. We should still continue our best practices to keep not just yourself but others safe. Protecting yourself is, really, the same as protecting others as we, this human tribe is interconnected whether we like it or not.

Look at the numbers, science do not lie and misinform. We are not out of the woods yet BUT yes, indeed, there’s a glimmer of hope. I for one, am so impressed with the brains of the world to come up with these vaccines in record time. It’s the brains – the PhDs and MDs – the problem-solvers … the essential workers – the braves, allowing us to maintain a measure of normalcy in the middle of a worldwide Pandemic. Gratitude for the brilliantly smart and brave people, working together to save our human tribe.