On the path

It’s fun to pay attention to all the sight sounds and smell … there are so many tiny wild flowers I did not know the names of … usually unnoticed when jogging or yogaing. Kind of like texting while driving I’m resisting at all costs – no longer multitasking- it’s one singular activity at a time – after the hike I will probably pop into a yoga studio or a hot Japanese bath or … both. Nothing like yoga and hot water bathing after “forest bathing”:)

Then reminiscing of tea cakes this teacher had served with green tea on Friday … just what I need to reboot after a hike like this.

Matcha & Tea Cakes with auspicious red and white sweet bean paste fillings.

M-san is a Tea Master with a flair for making delicate cakes …

Shin Rin Ryoku

A creek with lovely water sounds … and a tree stump making a perfect meditation location.  The air is fresh; sounds soothing; colors are vibrant yet relaxing.

My late father would have enjoyed the sounds of water flowing down this creek by the path nicely shaded by groves of 1000 years old redwoods.

Happy Fathers Day !

To the Beach

Did you see this article called  “Spending 2 hours a week in Nature Promotes Health & Well-Being”? 

Been doing Doga out in nature for quite a while  … as our puppy had taught us that very finding before it was official scientific study.  Whether to the Beach or to the Forest, we find this time in nature to be so precious.

So where to this summer – to the Ocean?  or to the Mountains?  To the Forest? & when unable to get to those places physically, transport yourself in mind and spirit guided by your local lovely yoga teachers.  Namaste:)

Find more sand dollars to deposit into your spiritual bank through the practice.  When we do, we are truly rich … so richly blessed.

Down-&-Upward facing dog poses are hard to capture …

up & down I go …

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana

So fun chasing after this Shiva …



Sending you all love from magical Northern California:)