Rituals & Meditation

Rites of passage takes place in many forms. Here is a safe container each accepted and supported. This spring time on one’s lifeline for self study and exploration to find one’s purpose.  

Questioning what’s life about? Why am I here? What’s the meaning of life? Why suffer? How do I find happiness? What does it mean to be successful ? How do I define success ?  

Who am I ?

Each young adult explored what brings them joy and what is that gift he’d like to share with others. With the rest of the world …With the possibilities of gifts still undiscovered, untapped and unknown to them … there are seeds to be planted when there’s readiness of this fertile mind and body 

Witnessed by Buddha who sees the light in each and all and …judges none.

It’s a beautiful day when one cultivates acceptance and gratitude to see the beauty in the ordinary, infused with … loving intentions.