For those who wondered upon

seeing these food posts – Yes, I did YOGA everyday.

The practice is everything.

Oh, & eating lots of carbs, I actually lost weight a little  – an unintended consequence of eating lots but driving none – living a life of no automobile, no driving for few weeks but being out all day everyday – the urban life, that’s Tokyo.

Tsukiji, Tokyo

Anthony Bourdain would approve – Vegetarian ? no.  Pescatarian ? Yes. Vegan? No, sorry – I love sushi too much – I now never eat them in the US – it’s just not good unless it’s prohibitively expensive so I pass  – sorry, but here – OMG, it’s excellent & reasonable – after all, it’s our soul food.  Yet, I do vegan cleansing on seasonal basis – at transition from one season to next, I will go on 10- 30 days (have gone one full year once and that did not work well for me), completely vegetarian – then vegan (progression) diet – then progressively return to primarily Pescatarian diet.  Change of seasons is an important tuneup time for our system.

Actually above sampler from Haneda Airport – but ingredients from Tsukiji. Not bad. 3 out of 5 stars?

Here’s Tsukiji market alley … a wider alley than some even narrower:) Stalls mostly for tourists as professional chefs are all done; auctions take place 3am or earlier.

Special Medicinal Herb soba noodles – hand made during this “Yomogi” herb season only. Another Japanese soul food to be sure – soba. This is 5 out of 5 – al dente perfection –  love.

Dessert of Matcha ice cream, roll cake and fruits from Sakura, International House, Tokyo. Every plate was a piece of art work. 

Thought about Anthony B. at a bookstore stall in Tsukiji known for all Foods, Restaurants & Cooking related books.  Chef’s paradise to be sure. A lot of tourists milling about in this world famous fish market. Maybe 11am-ish and that’s after-hours here when peak business takes place 3 am.

Anthony Bourdain – RIP

Just read this:

Chef Anthony Bourdain favorite destination is Japan. He has toured 80 countries over the course of 15 years, delving into their histories and eating as much of their food as possible.

“Japan is endlessly, endlessly interesting to me,” Anthony Bourdain said. And even after going on nine filming trips there, “I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface and I don’t think I ever will.” He’s especially in love with Tokyo and the Sushi culture.

“If I had to eat only in one city for the rest of my life, Tokyo would be it,” Anthony Bourdain wrote for CNN in 2013 on his Parts Unknown blog. “Most chefs I know would agree with me. For those with restless, curious minds, fascinated by layer upon layer of things, flavors, tastes and customs which we will never fully be able to understand, Tokyo is deliciously unknowable.”

“It’s that densely packed, impenetrable layer cake of the strange, wonderful and awful that thrills,” he added. “It’s mesmerizing. Intimidating. Disorienting. Upsetting. Poignant. And yes, beautiful.”

*** I was in Tsukiji a lot last 2 weeks and I would have to agree.  There’s so much joy to all things food related there not in a glutenous way as you see very few overweight people – Thank you – Arigato – Anthony Bourdain. You are so missed !