This year’s Autum Equinox falls on 22 September at 14:30 BST.

The equinox is when the centre of the Sun crosses the Earth’s equator. The length of that day for most places is slightly longer than 12 hours, length of night slightly shorter than 12 hours, but overall, it’s that time of balance of daytime to nighttime. Telegraph explains the science well.

In start of celebration of the Autumn equinox, we had meat-free day and a simple vegetarian dinner consisting of:

Tofu/2 ways (age-dashi & Atsu-Age with green onions and red peppers)

Grilled cauliflower in olive oil with lemon zest/infused garlic

Buckwheat noodles made from Burdock roots (soba noodles with detoxifying root veggie:) dipped in light dashi broth with Nori, sea veggie:)

& we are stuffed and still feeling light – stuffed & light, how is that possible, right? !

This week we did not get the veggie box but our thoughts are with those farm workers who actually harvest those veggies to bring to our table – smoke or not. Here’s a way to help the United Farm Workers in California: Here’s the link

If you are essential workers or anyone adversely affected by the recent wildfires, I would be honored to serve via mindful flowy yoga that relieves you of your worries and stress even just for that 15, 30, 60 minutes on or off the mat. Donation basis or dedicate the practice to someone …


“Notorious RBG” nooooooo

A HUGE loss …of an extraordinary human being. I read that according to Jewish wisdom, the most righteous, superhuman dies on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. So she did and she is that – She was a righteous warrior and our lives were made better by her waging the battles on our behalf. Thank you RBG !

I highly recommend everyone see the Documentary, Notorous RBG. I saw it on my transpacfic flight and renewed my respect for her.

SOOOOO 20 pushups ladies – the ones protecting your wrists, so rather than Plank, Dolphins are fine too 🙂 Warm-up, stretch, modify if needed and strengthen, weight bearing yoga is so good … and … keep it up on regular basis.

Just sheer RESPECT !

Beautiful People Healthy Living Yoga

“Resilience & Health for the Autumn Season”

Really looking forward to re-learning to use my brain and refresh my mind to flush out the stangnancy from this immobilized summer. Like everyone else, so many plans of meetupas and meetings cancelled but just glad to be here breathing and connecting in new ways.

I am surrounded by man and women young and old with various discomforts, some, in pain. There’s a young man in his twenties complaining of unexplained wrist and ankle pains; remoto worker with stiff neck, shoulders and migraine; a teenager with eye fatigue and he too, a headache at the end of a long day, a young lady complaining of sudden weight gain; a woman suffering from insomnia … then shooting pain down lower back and hips… never experienced. It seems like sheltering at home has brought on different set of health issues. Not acute enough to run into the hospital (which many avoids), but discomforts persists and compromises their energy and quality of life.

This is the time when old ways of work-out and diet is no longer helpful but perhaps maybe even harmful. It’s time for self-reflection through mindfulness practices and taking stock of all the turmoil around us and …within us … then, making a change. Mindfulness followed by Action.

I was indirectly introduced to Arurvedic teaching during my 200 hrs. TT 10 years ago and always wanted to take a course but this particular teacher’s classes were so FAR & EARLY on weekdays, I just could not drive for miles to get there BUT wow … irony during challenging times … while we are sick and tired of zoom (sorry – nothing beats in-person in same space learning), it’s also a life-saver and a tool for new connections and learning.

Now, finally able to take his class both yoga and aryuveda course. It’s tough crazy times but it’s also time for new learning and growing. Not fall into the trap of stagnancy and regression.

My intention for this Fall: Let us welcome the Harvest season by re-setting our intention to Never stop learning and growing:)

It’s the only way to stay sane during these unpredictable times where we are constantly tested in various anxiety range of fright, flight, freeze. Sometimes our health takes the back-seat but no longer.

Hunker down, anchor while remaining flexible to meet the needs of given moment.