“Strengthen & Lengthen” @ YHC

So what comes after all that Yin & Restorative self-care?  Recharged and rebooted, “Strengthen & Lengthen” workshop, yanging with Jason Cull at Yoga Health Center !

Hearing that Jason is a fellow yoga therapist specializing in back care using “Yoga Wall”, super thrilled to be part of the YHC super-charged energy of learning – learning  the “ropes” (aka Straps) that I have encountered at Iyengar studios but never in a local studio – I had used the ropes to a limited degree at a Iyengar studio that I visit infrequently (a bit far) and had always wanted to experience how a use of this ultimate “prop” can provide the traction needed and defy gravity in yoga poses.  Pic to follow – but honoring privacy so … 

It’s joy to find freedom in our body and energy in the community vibe !

Your Vitals are Vital

In 2014 weight @ 134lb; 10 months later August of 2015 @ 115lb !

With little effort, 19 pounds weight loss recorded 3 years ago. And today weight yo-yo back up 129lb telling a story when one hunkers down to study (yoga therapy training and work-related) we have additional work, sitting and thereby more stressed with little time to exercise. Then how did I lose 19lbs 3 years ago? Was it the simple formula of eat less and exercise more?  That’s probably not the case with most of us – we are more complicated.  At the time I was able to practice a lot of yoga, exercise, then really caring for myself with lots of TLC of a Restorative yoga sessions. That’s right – it was not power yoga that helped shed pounds but rather Restorative Yin and meditation showing how stress plays a big role in weight management.

Now that I’m done with my studies do I expect that 19lbs weight drop?

Have faith that this body will come to some kind of homeostasis now that I believe and trust my body wisdom. It will take care of itself. Provided I go back to my former yoga practice loaded with self care 💜 won’t you join me?

Namaste 🙂

Did you know Rivers Cuomo, lead vocal of Weezer was raised on Yogaville, an ashram ran by a master yogi and regularly practices Vipassana meditation? That he once auditioned for the Harvard chorus but was turned down, dropped out of Harvard but then graduates Phi Beta Kappa eventually ?  Very often not being selected is a good thing – a game changer for the better. Others known to practice yoga regularly are … Alanis Morisette; Trevor Hall; Adam Levine … it’s no wonder … they need to stay centered, creative; find peace amidst all the sounds, the noise … so much distractions all around us particularly when so much is hurled at the stage, the vibe is intense. We need our focus while relaxed to do our work, to even play. To manifest our light that lies within us.