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Past New Year Osechi

We did not feel up to celebrating with “Osechi” New Years feast, which is the traditional Japanese auspicious foods served on the first day of New Year. Felt out of respect for our lonely mother spending the day without any family, we will just have a “nice” dinner and departed from the tradition of the past. Just letting go the idea of what something should look like – just letting go the fixed ideas, flushing that out to bring in the new.

Still …

Reminiscing the good old days with deep longing – and that good old days, we all know, was not that long ago… We are praying for a reenactment- a gathering to remember- we all have that story to share. We all have that longing.

May 2021 be a brighter year filled with light and clarity where goodness and justice prevails and our health and intelligence is restored.