Beautiful People

Love Koharu Sugawara

Energy !

Isn’t she amazing? So crisp ! sharp ! bursting, vibrant, explosive and whimsical – And wouldnt’ it be so great if we can go back to sharing space, energy and the heat again? We get energized by others’ energy – we afterall are tribal creatures and we feed off each others’ vibes … Covid has taken away so much of that – the privilege and fun to share the vibe … to see the expressive artists on stage and in person … BUT those days will return again. There’s nothing, and I mean, nothing better than direct in person contact and “LIVE” ! indulgences – it’s REAL – but for today, I will do anything to get back to what we used to take for granted. The Real-ness. We can do this. It’s the sacrifices we make today, that’s going to bring back this kind of vibe again – sooner.

*Also look up “chain of 8 Dancers creation during corona times in Japan” on utube – if you love dance … of any genre.

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Inu haha Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!!

Thanks to a considerate friend I was reminded of the traditional ritual – Purification of our home took place with : Fuku wa uchi Oni was soto !

Roasted the beans and threw them out with bad fortunes and invited in the good health and fortunes with the coming of spring.

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Flowers Thriving ! Humans Not?

Just last week, rain rain rain so dreary and blue, any setbacks and sad news got my chest heavy and all chokey and had to come up with some diddy to cheer up the dark clouds that hang over our hearts and minds …

But with change of seasons comes different set of challenges and … HOPE… Yesterday was rain and black clouds – today, azure blue skies … Rain or shine … there are ups and downs… let’s ride through this challenging times so we may look back a year from now with renewed senese of pride and relief for having lived through the struggles. May we have that resilience to endure and again see those we so love to see without hesitation.

What are we grateful for today?