In Berkeley 

Yoga and Addiction is such a grim dark subject (NOT!), I had to counter it by upping my happiness quotient through good deeds – meaningful actions.  Got the above  for a teen who accompanied me to assist an Adaptive Yoga class at UC Berkeley Friday. 

So a little reward for spending 2+ hours on campus just observing yoga teachers aiding an Adaptive Yoga class.  To assist one must be min 18 years old so – unfortunately he could not help. I worked with 30-something young lady and her caretaker – This thirty-something, why don’t we call her “Anna” is normally wheelchair bound and has a conputer monitor to convey her words as Anna cannot speak. Yet she squeals  in joy when some movement or touch feels good to her – I learned a lot from Anna.Thank you Anna for allowing me to figure things out about our body and mind; what’s normal, what’s the new normal … what is it like to not have freedom and control over one’s motor functions. 

After the class – went to North Berkeley and stumbled into a French bakery. Treated this well-meaning teen to a Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cake – ahhh could not resist taking a little bite – ouuuuu – so sweet. Anyone addicted to sugar? That’s an addiction – food addiction, alcohol addiction, screen-addiction, hedonistic addictions, prescription drugs addictions … there are many kinds of addictions us weak mortals exhibit destructive behaviors with – why is that? How would a yoga practice help ? It’s an interesting module full of surprises. How does a mindfulness practice inherent in a yoga practice help heal?

*** Next months’s module is “Adaptive Yoga” and here we are, doing our homework before that actual intensive …

When Cal students come back, then these yoga students are in for a real treat as there will be such high ratio of assistants. Yeah hooray they get to get out of that wheelchair and move their limbs! You will be lifted out of immobility !!! 

Experience that freedom to feel alive ! That we all take for granted. 

Thank you for a valuable experience. 

@ Tokyo St Luke’s Hospital

People are like stained glass windows.They sparkle and shine when the sun is out but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. 

– Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

My mother is out of ICU and on the mend thanks to great doctors and nurses here in the middle of Tokyo. 

Recovered enough to visit this chapel located in the older building of this modern hospital. I’m getting a work out pushing a wheel chair – thanks mom for this learning opportunity ! Quite  nice for your biceps and triceps when there’s little time for chatarangas, yoga version of push up through the sun salutation – a daily rituals are nice to keep wherever you are. 

Rituals & Meditation

Rites of passage takes place in many forms. Here is a safe container each accepted and supported. This spring time on one’s lifeline for self study and exploration to find one’s purpose.  

Questioning what’s life about? Why am I here? What’s the meaning of life? Why suffer? How do I find happiness? What does it mean to be successful ? How do I define success ?  

Who am I ?

Each young adult explored what brings them joy and what is that gift he’d like to share with others. With the rest of the world …With the possibilities of gifts still undiscovered, untapped and unknown to them … there are seeds to be planted when there’s readiness of this fertile mind and body.  

Witnessed by the Compassionate One who sees the divine light in each and all and …judges none.

It’s a beautiful day when one cultivates acceptance and gratitude to see the beauty in the ordinary, infused with … loving intentions.