Beautiful People Yoga

Honoring the Teacher

A pop-up from 8 years ago to get reminded – what an honor that was to just learn and absorb – in person from a legend himself ! It’s not online – it’s not from his books alone but wow in person!? What a thrill!

It’s just not the same so … really hope students get to resume their studies in person… in whatever discipline they choose to immerse themselves. Praying for that day and praying for this humble but highly knowledgeable and skilled Master Teacher’s health and safety so he may continue his precious teachings passed down from the great Sri T.Krishnamacharya himself.

Highly recommend any opportunity to learn from the older generations who provide that light and guide the way if they are giving enough to still teach. Lit!

It takes energy love and dedication on their part – we owe it to ourselves to serve as the repository for what they are willing to pass on. There’s so much wisdom and knowledge they impart… as long as they are around, all is not lost.  Let’s stay grounded … the elders have gone through so much and so maybe they are taking things in stride… while we are feeling the ravages of this Pandemic.  Thinking, when will this end?  Like really, when?

I hear the words of wisdom – patience, perserverence, tenacity … in reverence to the master teachers who offer the knowledge in service. Gratitude 🙏

Beautiful People Yoga

My Own Awareness

As your hearts and minds wither, the fault does not lie in others

It’s you who lazily neglected to water them

As you become more stubborn, it’s not your friend’s fault

You are the one who lost the flexibility

When annoyed and irritated, let’s not fault your close kin

After all, it’s more that you did not handle everything with ease

As that Beginner’s Mind fade and disappear, do not blame the demands of daily living. Ultimately isn’t the blame on the feeble determination, weak dedication.

All problems we face, let’s not blame the world we live in today, having abandoned the glimmer of reverence for our principals

For God’s sake, Protect your own sensitivity

(You alone possess the power to refine your very own awareness)

What an idiot !

Noriko Ibaragi

Another tough poem to translate … what an idiot I am. Every translation is a subtle betrayal of the original. Knowing that and to still translate is a sign that I am a real idiot. That I admit to being.

Am an Idiot … only redeeming quality of it is that I am authentically … an idiot.

I love Noriko Ibaragi – our mother’s and grandmother’s generation, we had a woman poet like this … is something that we should all take pride in.

She is such a badda.. – oh, cannot make myself say it – such a prude and … yes, an idiot that I am.

My own poetry too embarrassed to share but perhaps someday it is to be recited during the practice. Anyway –

Gotta go water my goodies to remain flexible and aware through the daily practice. Namaste:)

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Happy Birthday!

It’s just the Cafe not THE restaurant- yes? And still ? Could not get a reservation at all – been trying since pre-reopening – Until a slot opens up unexpectedly:) Lucky!

Recalling back in the day we didn’t need a reservation and we just casually walked in – those days are over … Still the same Mesirow’s signature copper lighting enveloped us in its warm golden glow … The lighting in this special space is … magical. We felt as though we were welcomed back into an old friends hug – it’s lovely.

The place still continues to be down to earth and authentic… like the birthday guest we were celebrating. In this day and age of eliteism and egoism, fakeness, nothing is as comforting and healing to our souls as real fresh comfort foods with unpretentious sophistication.

Happy Birthday Riki !

May you be safe

May you be well

May you be at ease

May you be happy

May we be safe

May we be well

May we be at ease

May we be happy

Gratitude for this small gathering to happen at all on this special day when a special soul graced this earth to spend some time with us … each on our destined journey to that wonderous mysterious yonder.

May we all live in peace and health with joy and compassion in our hearts.