Focaccia Saturday

Tomorrow – Sunday is traditionally a day of worship … time to reflect and pray in the morning – then exercise and gather … evening wind down.

Sakura blooms delicate blush pink

Crystal translucent drips of April shower

Season of Fleeting Beauty

We are upon a season of fleeting beauty.  Supposedly we live in a the richest, most powerful superpower in the world and yet, we are brought to our heels.  Heard the cost of maybe 1-3 fighter jets used in national security arsenal, we could easily have enough to give all health care workers the protective gears they need and all sufferers ventilators they need … and a well functioning healthcare system.  Priorities, priorities… We have all the sophisticated weapons and highest offensive/defensive capabilities and technology … but … This.  Our “enemy”, just like the hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, the radioactive dusts, and ever mutating virus …is … invisible.  And it’s not each other – it’s not country against another because all countries are inhabited by … brothers and sisters, us humans.  All on the same boat.  So humbled.

Rainy afternoon … a family member is stress baking …

Teddy Bears at the Window for the neighborhood

This, yes, THIS …

Happy to help any way for the challenged … Paddington Bear, Teddy and the gingham ribbon-ed Black Bear. Arms around, these buddies are happy to look out into the streets to make sure proper Social Distancing protocols are adhered to.

Was clued in that neighborhood parents are asking that we place bears at the window facing the streets so kids can have something to do – like walk around and spot bears at the window- maybe count them, “hunt” them. We have parents who are obviously running out of things to do at home … parks are closed; school yards are closed; schools are closed … so happy to help these at-their-wits-end-challenged parents with kids having a cabin fever more than a viral fever. It’s also … spring fever time … It it were normal times, I used to say LOVE is in the air; but people are now more worried about droplets in the air … so sad. BUT let’s get through this together. Next year, we know nature has a way of cycling through and next year, yes, there will be spring fever. This year, of course as always there’s love, fortitude … gratitude that we are all committed for the common good … we are serious !

Kids & Family yoga like Tiffany Belzer used to teach can really be so helpful this time of shelter @ home with no school … Hey there Moms and/or Dads working from home, all the sudden juggling home school they never thought they’d be asked to operate – here’s a question – have you thought about how yoga and mindfulness for the kids can help them (& YOU!) feel much much better ? The practice can do wonders to keep anxieties at bay and increase the sense of balance and wholeness! It’s tough times for everyone. Please try – I can recommend some good videos and books or zoom lessons.

Here’s a little quiz – (Q) Parents! Is there a BEAR POSE in yoga? (there’s also Big, Medium and Baby bear poses !!!)

(A) Yes, there is.

We do a modified version in my class but … why not try the real one. Fun to hold. The pose – NOT – the breath. Will show you tomorrow:)

Some help for the sinking hearts …Yoga to the Rescue!

Here’s a site to help you should you feel anxious (normal), frustrated and … ____ or _____ – all those emotions are valid and many share them. Here you go Click Here:)

And also this site is helpful:

Definitely check out your regular or your local yoga studio as we want to help your local businesses first. Maybe get a gift card there or prepaid card so that your neighborhood business can remain a going-concern. Just support them the best you can and that good will in return will yield boomerang effect on your community.

Physically I am doing just fine – BUT after listening to President Trump lash out at a very fine journalist, Peter Alexander, I just felt terrible and hoped that no children or no young adults heard this bully. Instead of providing words of comfort and reassurance, he went into vicious rant. It was SOOOOO sad to hear. My heart sank to realize that – that’s the leadership we have – someone who instead of listening to experts, scientist and medical community from the onset, who intentionally (for Dow Jones numbers) downplayed it, thus squandering the one month lead time we had for containment. Peter Alexander actually gave the President opportunity to say something inspirational, epic, opportunity for powerful words that could have been remembered in history for generations to come. But he instead showed rage and attacked a very well respected competent and well meaning journalist who is of top notch caliber. I was so shocked and sick to my stomach. So friends, it’s not the virus but this leader who has these press conference just to praise himself is really … sickening.

If you don’t know what I am talking about – Just search for Peter Alexander and maybe the exchange would come up – it was reported on CNN etc. (Oh, didn’t know he’s from Oakland, CA !!! He’s Californian! )

Those press conference should not be “political” or time to be placing a blame on one country or actually, one ethnicity or be a platform to again and again congratulate self – it’s so childish. Just be a real leader – Reassure – restore faith and trust – nice to be upbeat or positive but not at the expense of public safety and putting down journalists who are doing their life work to inform us. It was pretty vicious – I had new found respect for journalists – they are so brave.

In stark contract, it could have been like this – So this is how it’s so different had he spoke this kind of words:

This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.

Which great leader said this at times of great crisis that is said to happen about once every 100 years?


We need a-political, inspiring, compassionate, and empathetic compelling words of wisdom based on solid science at this time more than ever.