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Chai making kinda marmalade orangey day

Weekly chai making brings JOY:) Even the morning eggs are popping with colors … then, there’s that marmalade spread … it’s going to be a good week as I choose to make it so.

It’s called a “conscious” and “intentional” living to not waste a day in our limited lifetime on this earth.

Beautiful Things

Overlooked down the street

Beautiful Things

Did you know?

Agave is blooming!

Did you know once the Agave plant blooms, it’s lifecycle is over? I did not know this until my walking companion mentioned it.

As morbid as it sounds this plant blooms only once in a lifetime and that could be 10, 20, 50 … years. There’s apparently no telling.

Then after it blooms the plant will die. Fatalism in agave was not known to me until we marveled at this. Then learning that it’s over after this glorious season for this fleeting beauty.


Another fun fact – Agave, not any agave but BLUE AGAVE is what Tequila is made from 🙂 Mezcal, otherwise.