On the path

It’s fun to pay attention to all the sight sounds and smell … there are so many tiny wild flowers I did not know the names of … usually unnoticed when jogging or yogaing. Kind of like texting while driving I’m resisting at all costs – no longer multitasking- it’s one singular activity at a time – after the hike I will probably pop into a yoga studio or a hot Japanese bath or … both. Nothing like yoga and hot water bathing after “forest bathing”:)

Then reminiscing of tea cakes this teacher had served with green tea on Friday … just what I need to reboot after a hike like this.

Matcha & Tea Cakes with auspicious red and white sweet bean paste fillings.

M-san is a Tea Master with a flair for making delicate cakes …

@ National Gallery

A docent mentioned – you may be in a madness of a crowd at the “Mona Lisa”; but this is a masterpiece we do not have to fight the crowd to see and thoroughly marvel at.

I beg your pardon: I am a mountain tiger.

– Ginevra de’Benci

Ginevra de’Benci, a beautiful 17 year old is portrayed by Leordardo Da Vince.  This Muse was Leonardo’s first portrait.

Visitor from Mt Shasta

I teach – for the most part – maybe eclectic when I weave in some yoga therapeutics –  a gentle flow spiced with yin style and sweetened with restorative style of yoga Sunday nights … what a surprise to have this beautiful herbalist show up from Mt. Shasta to attend the class – also – bearing all these hand-made lotions and potions.  She uses the water from the Mt.Shasta creek in hand-crafting these lotions and aroma spritz.  Thank you Y-san for sharing your creations – I feel and appreciate the care you put into these magical jars and bottles.

These green comfrey creme does wonders for any rash, inflammations … and insect bites, bruises what have you …  

As she makes them herself in small batches, it’s probably best to pre-order so she can custom make them – and best to keep them refrigerated as did you know?  Lotions and potions do have expiration dates just like foods we place in our mouths; these are fed to our skin and absorbed through our pores …so shelf like cannot be beyond 3 months. If they are kept chilled, it feels even better for the hot spots.

* The flowers came from a local senior center as a thank you to the volunteers at their annual Volunteer Appreciation dinner … after the event during cleanup, we were asked to take any of the flower arrangements as a thank you so …  picked this smallest arrangement – Sitting next to the Volunteer Coordinator/Director, I was astounded to learn from her, there are some 700 volunteers throughout the year. There are so many giving, kind humans here.  Is it from some ancient texts that said something to the affect that  – those cultures that takes good care of their aged, sick and the little ones, are the most cultured and civilized.  Thank goodness.  Here, there’s no rhetoric of hate or exclusions.