The Silicon Valley trend: The natural C-curve neck morphing into Straight neck

& so what’s wrong with that?

Unfortunately, plenty …

Straight neck means that the cervical spine has lost the natural swan like graceful supple C-shaped curve that better supported and balanced the weight of our head (10 lbs and up) and that reduced flexibility leads to:

– always a compensation takes place from one part of the body to another – burdened shoulders suffering tension, tightness, stiffness, straight in the case of cervical spine means … stiffness!

– caving in and forward affect of slumping posture

– sagging affect in the front of the neck

– creating more deep lines and fine wrinkles on throat area and over time … let the drum roll …

– droopy or even onset of premature double chin especially vulnerable after a common weight gain which happens for most of us after the holiday season !

Yes … it’s scary lol

Incorporating in the practice some techniques from ~ of course,  Yoga !

Take a Before photo … and let’s compare with an After photo after a month … then 2 months … I am confident that if you follow my instructions, a transformation, however subtle will take place. Most true transformation is not an instant miracle but gradual and subtle … over time.

Normal C-Curve 

Straight Neck aka Tech Neck

Here’s an actual x-ray photo of a techie


Amit Ray quote for the week

“Yoga talks about cat-pose, dog-pose, camel-pose, monkey-pose, bird-pose etc. Why there are so many animal poses?


Animals release their emotions and tensions by movements based on their body sensations. But our amygdala in the brain is carrying the “fight or flight response”; it has forgotten the art of releasing the tensions.


As human beings, when we are aware about the sensations, we can release that by aware, slow movements. If you do not give movements to the body parts, energy will be stuck and blood circulation will be disturbed. Gradually, that creates chronic physical and mental health problems.”


― Amit Ray, from Yoga & Vipassana,

An Integrated Life Style

  • BTW, in addition to “fight or flight response”, there’s a response called “freeze”. In each case, the protocol is a little varied and different.

Just dangling for fun:) Fun subbing for Maria – when a student overcame her fear to let go, so gratifying.