Kundalini Yoga & music in SF

What can be healthier ? Breaking into Laughter in a big crowd – looking like a goddess, we were surprised – she has sense of humor !  Not pretending to be some sacred spiritual being … just a normal regular mom, artist, partner, daughter, sister, Being of Light. Goddesses have sense of humor for sure:) The are not bent out of shape but bent 360 degrees flexible, passionate and … powerful !  She’s not the soft white marshmallow angel but a powerful woman with a gift and a purpose.

Laughter, chanting, love, love, love and connection as I held the hand of absolute stranger on my right belting out LOVE, lol:)  We were all vulnerable and that was okay – held hands, swayed, chanted the seed mantras and basked in the vibrations of life.

Life throws you many curve balls but … it’s times like these, it’s good to be alive and well.  Gratitude for the sounds, the vibes … the beauty that resonates.

* Really surprised as she got up and started sounding like a jazz singer … we should not stereotype people is one of my many lessons gleaned from the rich evening.

Busy? A Remedy for the Busy Mind easily Overwhelmed

Taught a vinyasa flow class during lunch and a yin yoga class tonight.  Finally feeling like myself where I no longer had the dizzy spells and vertigo.  I am clearly over my jet lag which apparently had affected my ears in such a way to cause that sense of imbalance – no fun feeling like you can pass out anytime.  One of the ways I recovered was through yoga – Raja or Kriya Yoga came to help me recover.  So great to feel like my normal self again ..

***                                   ***                                     **

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.

– Old Zen saying …


But also attributed to Mahatma Ghandhi who is said to have said to his staff something like:

Today is especially a demanding day with very little time to spare so … I will meditate for two hours rather than my usual one hour.


So today is late Mahatma Ghandhi’s birthday.  A great hero who taught us about political action through non-violence.  I always think of MC Yogi’s song when I think of MG.  MC Yogi – thank you for this:


It’s circle time

Lessons Let’s break it down … steps first then … add the arms and then… make circles arms held or pinkie fingers hooked – interesting.

Sitting out during complicated steps with arm movements that are off rhythm. Yes I feel dizzy from sleep deprivation meeting deadlines yet no excuses- No doubt this is so good for our brain when left and right moves unexpectedly. These ladies claim to be newbies but … really?

Fast learners here in Berkeley hills Britany folk music dance class – first ever and a great turnout co-organized by a friend who loves their language and culture. She insisted I come … so here I feel the good vibe sweet energy in circle with girls and gents. Then the dancers find those yummy French crepes during breaks:)

If you can yoga of course you can dance. Let’s get back in the circle and connect with others. Reconnect with your inner child and move to the music of this … blaring music (ear plugs provided – thank you).