Yoga citta vritta nirodha

It’s good to invest in yourself.  It’s not about consumerism and materialism but … it’s about how much you value your health.  When you have the mat, props and whatever investments into the practice, it’s harder to walk away.  We are basically frugal beings and not wasteful.  So to avoid being wasteful, once we invest in the basics of good quality mat (equivalent to quality shoes for runners) and your comfortable yoga wear, we are more committed.  More committed, more invested we are in … ourselves.  So for that reason, I wish I had a yoga wall installed by Jason Cull in our home !  But next best thing might be that we can just run over to the local yoga studio with friendly staff and teachers who warmly welcomes you.

The Great Wall at Yoga Health Center – just hanging out !

Great Wall is Great for our Backs (& mind:)

Did you know the heart health – (gentle) yoga link?  Here are some articles by reputable Universities:

John Hopkins Medical – Click Here;

Harvard Medical School – Click Here;

Niroga Institute – an article co-written by Kaiser researcher MD Ai Kubo who is also a well known yoga teacher in East Bay – Click Here:)

There are counter-indications with some yoga poses and also some styles of yoga are not suitable for those living with a heart disease as the yoga referred to here are more gentle in nature.  Again, yoga is NOT a cure of course but the practice is beneficial in that it awakens and boosts the healing powers that resides within each of us.  At least, that’s my belief from witnessing the befores and afters.

Taught 3 classes yesterday – First class, mostly vinyasa; second, a Yoga Wall class where I served as a sub for a Iyengar style teacher I highly respect. ; then third class, a gentle combo yin class.  Seemed like an ideal day where different styles of yoga addressed what needed attention in each.   I especially appreciated a student in the vinyasa class who shared with me how much she missed her yoga teacher of 10 years who moved to Hawaii and how excellent this teacher was.  She raved about this teacher from her past – and while probably no-one likes to be compared as that pokes at our insecurities, I actually felt happy that she shared her thoughts.  All I had was gratitude for her past teacher I don’t even know who no longer teaches locally … as this student’s first yoga teacher, this teacher implanted this student’s seeds – this love for this practice.  How cool is that !??? I felt this responsibility to not let this student down.  Still, I cannot teach what I don’t practice so … back to the mat.  Maybe one of the teachings should be that of “impertinence” and acceptance of stages in one’s timeline and how to best adapt, learn and grow.

Trying to get away from saying such ??? things as …

I used to be able to do this or that (insert – yoga pose).

I often hear that from students but I myself caught myself saying the above – such a losing statement.  So you used to be able to bring your toes behind your head and bind this and that.  That’s nice.  How good was that really for your body? And mind?  Did it lead to quieting the chatters in your mind or did it lead to elevating your ego? (or to a massage table and a doctor’s office?)  It’s one thing to challenge ourselves and feel joy in achieving our goals … it feels great to witness our own transformations.  So we set those intentions and vow our affirmations to lead us to our higher self … but it’s another to lament the lost or past glories or be stuck and attached to past laurels.  What’s past is past; what’s lost is lost … or is it?  Today is a new day.

So today, it’s about today.  It’s about now.


Pop Spirituality I love

Maybe few weeks ago, I received a feed from Deepak Chopra that really resonated with me. He’s been introduced by Oprah enough and with all those best seller self-help books – which I have not read any of.  But I love this – loosely quoting him:

If you want to experience peak state,  transcendence, that “flow”, the lightness of being, there are 3 steps:


  1. Start by NOT identifying with your personal history;

  2. Eliminate the need for approval and self-importance;

  3. Be aware in the present moment

To not dwell on the past and not letting the past determine who you are today is the first step – to let go of the past, the “sanskaras” – the groove and patterns and habits that imprints but does not serve you today; Then to be more grounded and centered in self-acceptance and love that you no longer seek outside validation.  To no longer be insecure and weak; and then finally, to be fully engaged and conscious in the here and now.

Actually he summarized the main tenet of yogic philosophy very simply – a bit more is missing but for now, give this a try.  It sounds easy and yet so hard to do … but whenever I do, I am able to slip into that state of yoga, that ultimate effortless being who is free and … light.

Hoping to create that safe space and hold that space so we can all regain that lightness and ease of being.


De-cluttering Spring Cleaning not exactly KonMari style

To find few certificates still in envelopes mixed up with study materials and binders and folders …it’s only been half a year so the paper still smells fresh but no doubt about to collect dust and forgotten unless if … I do something with it.

So shouldn’t I do something with this?  I don’t mean to frame it – shouldn’t I do something with this designation to be of more help – to share this great practice ?

Feeling like I am going to “lose it” if I don’t use it as this lays to waste as just a piece of paper if I don’t incorporate all the learning into the day-to-day.

Taking the time to set an intention for this day … to be more purposeful, mindful and joyful:)

Have you too had the feeling that you have all the skills and talents but somehow you are not revealing them or keeping them to yourself and not sharing?  And do you wonder why?  Is it lack of opportunities to match the skill-set to the right outlet? Is it because you are insecure to channel the energy to the right direction with clear intentions?  Do you feel sometimes that your essence, your truth that could actually help someone, is only that – an intention but not directed to an actual action due to a mis-match of your intention with what you are actually doing (or not doing)?  We all wrestle with emotions of vulnerability that we are quick to guard and protect.

What if … rather than being on guard, we …are just okay with being vulnerable … that’s not weakness… but true strength I think.  We may layer upon layer grow thick skin but … they still needs to be porous … as we invite our centering “porous” breath of Oneness:)