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Chai making kinda marmalade orangey day

Weekly chai making brings JOY:) Even the morning eggs are popping with colors … then, there’s that marmalade spread … it’s going to be a good week as I choose to make it so.

It’s called a “conscious” and “intentional” living to not waste a day in our limited lifetime on this earth.

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A birthday cake ! Yum!!

Celebrating birthdays ! Second one during this worldwide pandemic is a celebration indeed. But more … it’s about gratitude for all the essential supporters of this human tribe that made this day a possibility – it’s a milestone. (Thank you for baking this cake from scratch dear M: You are as sweet as this cake – not too sweet – Japanese recipe but with sophisticated mocha with ganache filling and topping – Mmmnnn, Yum:)

Praying for goodness and safety of all – may we all be lucky enough to celebrate another year around the sun with loved ones. Namaste.

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“Best Day Ever” Nostalgia of Wanderlust Squaw Valley

This is the PRE-PANDEMIC YOGA FESTIVAL … where yogis could just gather and practice together and learn and … enjoy the vibe. It is unthinkable now and I so feel sorry for having to “miss out” on that special ENERGY only possible when people gather IN-PERSON in a shared space. Yes, remote learning is wonderful that you can be anywhere and still attend a class, lectures, workshops, etc. what have you – BUT still, the energy when people come together like this is … very special.

I pray for that day when once again, we can come together like this, with JOY rather than fear.