“May the sun bring you new energy by day,
may the moon softly restore you by night,
may the rain wash away your worries,
may the breeze blow new strength into your being,
may you walk gently through the world
and know it’s beauty all the days of your life.”

― Apache Blessing

Full moon tonight you all – hear any howling out there?

Feel the OMMMMMM within when you find your pack, your tribe:)
Shake out the old; breath out the toxic negativity; fill up with the new with each breath you take.
Notice the abundance all around you and … within.

A Friend to thank!

We gazed directly at the sun and did not get blinded because of these glasses she let me borrow (& for keeps:) so that we may see the crescent overlap where we felt the sun and the moon in alignment. This universe is vast and we forget that sometimes with all the little things we worry about. In the scheme of things – all is fleeting and all will work out. Was able to see the partial eclipse thanks to this rental from a lovely friend. In gratitude for small gestures of generosity all around us.


Equipped with so much wisdom and knowledge ! That’s how I would describe Saraswathi Devi, who has been inspiring and teaching yoga for over 40 years. She is known in Berkeley as founder and lead instructor of CalStar Yoga program on UC Berkeley campus. 

Such a treat to learn from her this weekend at Niroga Institute with other Karma Yogis!  

One of the cohorts, always profound Ms. J, expressed our sentiment so well when she said

“Thank you for doing what you do.”

When we see a yogi in service, it’s instantly recognizable – that feeling of reverence we have when we are in presence before one who serves with love, compassion and equanimity even when faced with adversity. I can only hope to cultivate that kind of generosity in my service to others… besides, I appreciate the humor she shares with “unbridled joy”. (her words – ah… her voice has the deepest rich vibrations she could have been an opera singer; her flowing language so poetic, her humor so dead-on.)

Thank you for the training Niroga; thank you for the teachings Saraswathi Devi.
& Thank you for her students who came and shared their stories with us so that we know to recognize their whole being, their humanity – they are no different than us, just more brave, more patient, more …amazing!