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Thank you M-san

Keeps the evil out goodness in. I believe it.

Thanks to this Garlic & Herbs braid, we get to keep our blood flowing circulating to nourish trillion + cells in our body …

I believe in the power of


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Feasting my Eyes

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Rumi’s seeds – Gratitude

All from our gardens – we must sow our seeds on this shared earth. Rumi is a master at sowing the seeds … where flowers will bloom if one is willing to toil the soil to make it fertile … It’s work. It’s good. Namaste.

August 15th is actually my late father’s 命日”Meinichi” or a anniversary date of his passing. It’s also a day marking the End of War (our last “world war” – not the latest regional wars)

A side note: Super interesting site directed to Japanese Middle Schoolers but anyone can benefit is THIS:), where there is an article that it’s only in Japan August 15th is officially recognized as end of WWII and start of peacetime whereas rest of the world celebrates a slightly different date.