• 200 hrs. Certification in Vinyasa (ParaYoga Rod Stryker lineage “Sri” Flow style with Jean Mezzei/Brenna Geehan 500 hrs. ERYT); ERYT Yoga Alliance Registry
  • 500 hrs. Certification in Therapeutically Informed Niroga Advance Study;
  • 500 hrs. Yoga Alliance Registry
  • 800 hrs. IAYT International Association of Yoga Therapists Certification
  • Relax & Renew Advance Trainer – certified by Judith H. Lasater, PhD, PT, YT
  • Mindfulness Trainer Certification – Mindful Schools, CA
  • More listed on “CLASSES” tab:)

Been doing yoga off and on since Cal Berkeley days – my first official “class” must have been the generic Hatha Yoga class at the YMCA off University Avenue. For the last 10+ years, been rather hooked on yoga and have tried all kinds of classes and styles and instructors … to find out more about myself. There are many superb teachers along this path and whenever I teach, all those teachers I had the honor to learn from have influenced and shaped the way I approach this work.

While I engage in Vinyasa flow dance-like style yoga for fitness in the mornings reflective of Vinyasa Krama (“intelligent sequencing” in vinyasa flow)from my initial 200 hrs. Yoga Alliance certification – with Sri (in Sanskrit “Sri has a core meaning of resplendence  … or “as a feminine abstract noun, it has received a general meaning of “grace, splendour, beauty; wealth, affluence, prosperity” – wikipedia) ; since then, my practice has shifted and evolved. Love the sweaty fitness aspects (Yang/solar style), the HEAT that upps the happiness quotient releasing endorphin – like all great exercise program, AND the meditative juicy stretchy Hahhhh- pleasure in releasing tension kind of CHILL practice (Yin/lunar style) BOTH. In the seeming dichotomy, there’s that wholeness … oneness when you embrace both and all. Balanced yoga practice brings about alertness…AND You are clear-headed while relaxed. To not be agitated or anxious in any way and feeling the power and confidence within.

Today, with yoga philosophy as a guide, we can find the beautiful path, smelling the roses along the way. That’s the yoga that I live.


Just …” working-in”, ever more inward, easing into homeostatic state of being. Finding the child-like … joy …of having no purpose or agenda but living that moment. Blissful.
IMG_9896_small Summer 2015 at UBC Botanical Garden in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada