• E-RYT 200 hrs. Certification Yoga Alliance
  • RYT-500 hrs. Certification in Therapeutically Informed Niroga Advance Study;
  • 500 hrs. Yoga Alliance Registry
  • 800 hrs. Graduate of Yoga Therapist Teacher Training, Niroga Institute
  • Certification from IAYT International Association of Yoga Therapists

Assisted Yoga for Cancer Surviors and Patients, Stanford Health;

Yoga for MS; Yoga for Mid-Life Transitions; Yoga for Back Health among areas of focus in Yoga Therapeutics.

  • Relax & Renew Advance Trainer – certified by Judith H. Lasater, PhD, PT, YT
  • Mindfulness Trainer Certification – Mindful Schools, CA
  • More listed on “CLASSES” tab:)

Kay T. Ananda:

Been doing yoga off and on since Cal Berkeley days – my first official “class” must have been the generic Hatha Yoga class at the YMCA off University Avenue. For the last 20+ years, been rather hooked on yoga and have tried all kinds of classes and styles and instructors in order to distill the essense of a personalized yoga practice. There are many superb teachers along this path and whenever I teach, all those teachers I had the honor to learn from have influenced and shaped the way I approach this work. Throughout the journey of trying out different styles and “brands” of yoga, ultimately the epiphany …  it’s ALL GOOD.

It’s all about different yoga for different people at different life stages and conditions, beyond the brand names.  There’s no one size fits all.  You grow and develop your own practice that meets the challenges of that very day. No hang ups and self-beating and judgement over what your body temple cannot do, no comparisons  – Just do, Just be.  Learn your own anatomy and kineseology – deveop your proprioception to that place of freedom – calibrate ease and strength.  Range of Motion? Your body is sending you a message – take it at your own pace, ROM will improve.  Do what’s better for your heart and soul.  There’s no improvement and progress unless there’s acceptance and humility.

While I engage in Vinyasa flow dance-like style yoga for fitness in the mornings reflective of Vinyasa Krama (“intelligent sequencing” in vinyasa flow)from my initial 200 hrs. Yoga Alliance certification – with Sri (in Sanskrit “Sri has a core meaning of resplendence  … “grace, splendour, beauty” – wikipedia) ; since then, my practice has shifted and evolved. Love the sweaty fitness aspects (Yang/solar style), the HEAT that upps the happiness quotient releasing endorphin – like all great exercise program, AND the meditative juicy stretchy Hahhhh- pleasure in releasing tension kind of CHILL practice (Yin/lunar style) BOTH. In the seeming dichotomy, there’s that wholeness … oneness when you embrace both and all. We learn to calibrate the effort/challenge with ease – a Balanced yoga practice brings about alertness…AND You are clear-headed while relaxed. To not be agitated or anxious in any way and feeling the power and confidence within to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Today, with yoga philosophy as a guide, we can find the beautiful path, smelling the roses along the way. That’s the yoga that I live.


Just …” working-in”, ever more inward, easing into homeostatic state of being. Finding the child-like … joy …of having no purpose or agenda but living that moment. Blissful. Ahhhh… Nanda Ananda to all…
IMG_9896_small Summer 2015 at UBC Botanical Garden in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada