Ayurvedic Cooking Class

As we head into Autumn, the harvest season, this kind of cooking may allow a shift in our consciousness. It’s not about counting calories and the typical fat vs non-fat teachings. It’s about science of …living. Jyoti Jain is a knowledgeable teacher … and nice sampling of foods – Besides being energizing, it’s so yummy:) For heart health, emotional health and wholesome wellness, explore Ayurvedic (along with Japanese & Mediterranean) cooking to go hand in hand with your yoga practice. You will look and feel the difference.

Gratitude to Persian Hospitality 

Persian hospitality is generous. They have an appreciation for aromatic flavors such as saffron and fresh herbs like mints … then dreamy scents of rose water and orange blossoms:) while fresh fruits are plentiful and rainbow of fresh vegetables are abundant.  My friend works away in the background making sure all her guests are at home and well fed – but after she makes sure that all her guests are well taken cared of, she would kick up her heels and dance with a wine glass in one hand! Where’s the music ? She calls out to her handsome son who then becomes a DJ, lol, while her partner busily fills the guests’ glasses.

She’s delightful!! Like her name that means “bright” or “light”, from the land of Hafiz and Rumi, she knows Joy – Yes, she knows how to give a party!  A joyful caregiver she is, there are “survivors” amongst us because of her. I admire how she brings life and joy to her family and friends. 

All gratitude:)

Summer Sweets

If you are asked about summer sweets, in the US, it’s ice cream, sherbet and icee shaved ice …popsicles comes to mind. But in Japan? What about in Japan? All the above and the traditional sweets that are low in calories and high in refined flavors and cool textures (chewy, slippery, icy, juicy …refreshing!)

When super hot and humid, what do the Japanese in me crave?sweets

Or on the top of the list would be this !


The top is “Kuzukiri”, a cool refreshing dessert made of kuzu-jello cut into pasta-like stips floating on ice, you dip into brown sugar syrup. Slurp the icy cold jello pasta … cooling the entire over-heated system. Perfect when hot and muggy …I have not had this for years but dream of it whenever hot.

The second is “Kakigouri”, a shaved ice mountain with green tea/matcha syrup. Granished with Shiratama-a mini mochi-like balls and inside is a red-bean paste filling. Ahhhh, to die for …The shaved ice is fluffy and soft like first fresh coat of snow of the ski season … yes, still soft like spring gardening soil, not hardened by an icey surface.

Having said all this – did I actually have them in Japan ?
No, I missed out. Too busy caring for other’s welfare. It’s okay. There’s another time as …
I will be back. I will be back hopefully for a good reason – like to celebrate the restored health of a loved one.

Isn’t this pretty?


Healing thoughts going to those weakened by heat and humidity.
Self-care can come in a form of low calorie cooling sweet treats that give you a little energy boost.
When feeling a bit wilted and beaten, it’s these small delights that can turn around a bad day into a day filled with gratitude. You’ve got to treat yourself.


Just Iced Tea? It’s all good. We all need a little lift.
Recharged – ready to tackle the day!