Chopping Garlic +Ginger +slicing Onions = bloody cut finger

A boo-boo while cutting potatoes …because trying to cut out the black spots with sashimi knife – how silly of me. What was I thinking?

chopped carrots, potatoes, LOTS of yellow onions

& LOTS of chopped red onions… Red onions mix in Tumeric, Cayenne,  Garam Masala seasoning – not Indian Curry – this is Japanese curry, a takeoff from Indian curry that’s more like stew with milder spices.  You can add on more spices like Indian black pepper to give more of the authentic Indian flavor.

Blend into the yellow onions base curry the red onions, either as crunchy garnish topping OR folded in.  I had not been using much garlic in our cooking, considering the in-person people contact I used to care about, but now, using literally TONS of garlic and ginger to revamp our immune system.  Serve over a heap of cauliflower rice.  Fast & Easy … MMMMMnnnnn Yum!

Note:  BTW, it’s been reported that one of the first signs, even if you are otherwise a-symptomatic,  you might be a carrier of Covid-19 is loss of smell and taste.  So especially happy to really smell the lush scents of spices and … yes, garlic and … yes, ginger.  Passed the in-home test when there’s no testing still not available to most. Crazy how unprepared and vulnerable we are – Healthcare System of this country is definitely NOT first world level.  

All Plant Based Lunch Reminiscing Tao

Lucky to have a friend who is certified in Japanese culinary training plus high level of French cooking skills! So delicious and nutritious with greens, root veggies, plant based proteins, and berries … Satisfying but light. Nothing fancy everyday monk-ish foods – Love the Hijiki-Rice with carrots, lotus roots, eggplants with Koji miso, greens with radish …

Flavorful … and so nourishing:)Gratitude to  the talented chef !

Seeing this on, a site that I check into sometimes to motivate myself to be a better teacher.  Tao Porchon-Lynch was the world’s oldest yoga teacher at age 101.  So amazing that she kept at it for all these years inspiring so many.  Here’s a life fully lived that I aspire to. Let’s dance our way the ups and downs to find our own unique flow.

Ringing in the New Year with Tradition & Fusion

Last yoga class this year was the unexpected Vinyasa/Hatha Flow subbing at a local club.  Glad to be of service to close the year; now onto the tasks of service for the family and friends – it’s New Year’s Eve tradition fusing the old with the new.

Toshikoshi Soba (Ringing in the New Year Buckwheat noodles) was pre-ordered as they are limited hand-crafted by a local chef. Tempura is homemade, an assortment made to Vegetarian and Pescatarian tastes … It’s a tradition to eat the soba at midnight at the dawn of New Year …Eating of Soba at start of the year is supposed to bring about prosperity and longevity while letting go the past year’s regrets, so we all eagerly dipped and slurped in this perfectly al-dente noodles.

Preparations – Soaked Red Azuki Beans overnight … To simmer the soaked red beans with yes, you see the orange peel and lotus seeds … to make Oshiruko or sweet red bean soup for the auspicious occasion. Forgoing processed sugar in sweetening the soup by using stewed dates …

Meanwhile the American sect of the family baked POPOVERS !

While Daikon radishes for savory Oden is prepared in Umami rich broth:)

Last 2-3 years, realizing that I had been in Japan for New Year’s but this year, here in California, did not prepare or purchase Osechi (elaborate traditional Japanese New Year feast that came about so that the women of the household can be relieved from having to cook for 3 days so that they can start out the new year, well rested !) My grandmother used to make each dish, probably spending 3-5 full days working up to New Year’s Day.  Sorry, this is modern American Japanese-ish New Year celebration. Thank you for the Sweetened Black Beans – “Kuromame” made by a dear friend who makes a whole pot and shares to spread the good luck around.  Black beans is said to bring you health and vitality so that you can work for success.  Thank you K:)

Happy New Year !