Tsukiji, Tokyo

Anthony Bourdain would approve – Vegetarian ? no.  Pescatarian ? Yes. Vegan? No, sorry – I love sushi too much – I now never eat them in the US – it’s just not good unless it’s prohibitively expensive so I pass  – sorry, but here – OMG, it’s excellent & reasonable – after all, it’s our soul food.  Yet, I do vegan cleansing on seasonal basis – at transition from one season to next, I will go on 10- 30 days (have gone one full year once and that did not work well for me), completely vegetarian – then vegan (progression) diet – then progressively return to primarily Pescatarian diet.  Change of seasons is an important tuneup time for our system.

Actually above sampler from Haneda Airport – but ingredients from Tsukiji. Not bad. 3 out of 5 stars?

Here’s Tsukiji market alley … a wider alley than some even narrower:) Stalls mostly for tourists as professional chefs are all done; auctions take place 3am or earlier.

Special Medicinal Herb soba noodles – hand made during this “Yomogi” herb season only. Another Japanese soul food to be sure – soba. This is 5 out of 5 – al dente perfection –  love.

Dessert of Matcha ice cream, roll cake and fruits from Sakura, International House, Tokyo. Every plate was a piece of art work. 

Thought about Anthony B. at a bookstore stall in Tsukiji known for all Foods, Restaurants & Cooking related books.  Chef’s paradise to be sure. A lot of tourists milling about in this world famous fish market. Maybe 11am-ish and that’s after-hours here when peak business takes place 3 am.

Jewish Deli

Used to have a “starving artist” of a friend trying to make it in this big city living in East Village area so I sort of know East Village area having stayed there (bless her soul) but …staying in Upper West side is first time for me … Opened in 1908, apparently this place is an institution…  Seinfeld has been spotted and maybe that explains, wow, so expensive – $17 for just a sandwich?  as I in shock pull out a 20 over a chaotic counter where the cash register sits with mess of checks covering the surface in disarray.  It’s charming …how the waiter yells with that New York accent for a change to a guy who sits at the cash register … In some ways, this scene (without the yelling) reminded me of a Soba shop in Tokyo where an old lady, the 4-5th generation owner’s mom basically is entrusted with handling of money – sits there like a fixture.  Rumor has it that she’s in her 90’s but quite spry and full of vitality:)

This place is packed – it’s Sunday morning …

I realized I was doing this wrong as I saw the dishes on the patrons’ tables – best to order several deli items a la carte and have toasted bagels to spread them on – share with a friend or two for best assortment while you save some money …

As always, sharing is the best way to go …