Leaving room for the … Unexpected … Teaching The Day After

Which was only possible because we were not hosting this lovely Thanksgiving gathering.  Thus, GRATITUDE to a special generous friend, she’s a bright Light – a chef-extraordinaire and her family – without which I would not have been able to serve in my other ways.  Teaching 2 classes back to back was … FUN !  I love being of service and wish these could have been a benefit for the recent fire victims.

Gratitude for family, friendship so that I can be more caring, more giving to share the practice.  Gratitude for the abundance, love, and … this Rain, this cleansed fresh Air … we are extremely lucky to have shelter and this food …

Leaving room for the desserts:)

The torch ! Last touch to home made Creme Brulees – Thank you M & N:)

Enough carbs? Mashed potatoes, golden rice, stuffing, breads of various kinds …tough time to stay on Keto …

Nice touch – vegetarian stew:)  Delightful. Discovering rich flavoring is possible 100% plant based.

Oh, ohhh, Mojitos?  no, no, Moscow Mule ! Did not have any but love to shake that cocktail shaker for fun.

It must have been meant to be that I was teaching the day after to help out a yogi – something told me abstain and so I did not have a hang over !!! Then, it will truly be a Black (ed out) Friday …splattered on a yoga mat – did not happen !  Thankful.

Thank you for all the blessings … Namaste:)

* Get well soon C !  Holiday season is actually one of the most stressful time of the year.  Sure, it’s joyous but for some, if you make it into a production rather than what it’s really meant to be, then … there’s high pressure to meet that deadline, the same deadline everyone has, that intense pressure to please all, to have that perfect Norman Rockwell holiday season and so … step back, take a deep breath and prioritize.

Okay, okay, Cyber Monday coming up …

Vegan Pies & tarts made by Miki :)

For Vegan Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Celebration !

Did you know that Vegan population is slowly growing, today, comprises 6% of Americans whereas only 1% in the 80’s.  So it’s not odd that we have some Vegans in the family.  One thing I do like about vegan diet is that it makes one really think about how to create nutritious suppers without reliance on animal products.  It makes us look into researching for recipes and get creative.  Desserts are probably the easiest as it’s a matter of finding substitutes for butter and eggs … two main ingredients in most baking. Sugar is sugar … while we can make healthy substitution with agave, maple syrup, dates, dried fruits, apple sauce … to sweeten. Ah, my favorite would be AMAZAKE – Japanese fermented sweet drink – super yummy:)  Making them at home is easy.

I did not know that juice of garbanzo beans can be whipped into this white cloudy foam just like egg whites !!!?  Everything about these desserts are 100% plant based & it’s simply … Delicious !  It is said that there’re no replacements for butter but … I beg to differ – Have you tried Miyoko’s “butter” and “cream cheese” spreads?  In some ways better than butter while I have nothing against butter – just against a rigid and inflexible mindsets and stiff bodies and thinking that does not allow for thinking outside of the box and be open to alternatives and differences … receptivity and openness.

Who would have thought Garbanzo Beans juice to make this egg white substitute so well … white, foamy and silky … amazing.

Fold in the white fluff into pumpkin puree and maple syrup …and spices.

Into a pie shell made with ground pecans, almond and coconut oil:)

Devoured right away – missed the photo opportunity of a whole pie … served with Coconut whipped cream and/or Cashew Vanilla yogurt … super creamy:)

Vegan chocolate tart – super creamy and luscious with cacao and cocoa (what’s the diff?)  Again, devoured by the crowd … 

Grateful for the talented baker churning out these delightful sweets  🙂 Night before Thanksgiving, sharing Vegan style.  Thank you for the abundance; thank you for the kind nourishment for our body and soul.


  • note:  I am not Vegan but enjoy mini-fasting and detox with vegan diet on seasonable basis for cleanse.


plural noun: adaptogens
(in herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. A well-known example is ginseng.
While for me, Yoga is the most medicinal when practiced with full knowledge of how each pose, each technique provides health benefits, I am interested in all natural alternative medicines that gives us natural energy, stress management and nourishment.
So I will be studying some of the adaptogens that are available to most of us readily … and some exotic ones probably not known too well here but a common household herb in Japanese medicine cabinet.  It’s fascinating how each culture, each region of the world have their own plant medicine to optimize our well-being.  Coupled with regular yoga practice, we may all benefit from these natural herbs … which also enhances the depth of flavors in our cooking.  It’s so good.