Your Vitals are Vital

In 2014 weight @ 134lb; 10 months later August of 2015 @ 115lb !

With little effort, 19 pounds weight loss recorded 3 years ago. And today weight yo-yo back up 129lb telling a story when one hunkers down to study (yoga therapy training and work-related) we have additional work, sitting and thereby more stressed with little time to exercise. Then how did I lose 19lbs 3 years ago? Was it the simple formula of eat less and exercise more?  That’s probably not the case with most of us – we are more complicated.  At the time I was able to practice a lot of yoga, exercise, then really caring for myself with lots of TLC of a Restorative yoga sessions. That’s right – it was not power yoga that helped shed pounds but rather Restorative Yin and meditation showing how stress plays a big role in weight management.

Now that I’m done with my studies do I expect that 19lbs weight drop?

Have faith that this body will come to some kind of homeostasis now that I believe and trust my body wisdom. It will take care of itself. Provided I go back to my former yoga practice loaded with self care 💜 won’t you join me?

Namaste 🙂


It’s like being in a spaceship here … workspace is so open, expansive and light but there are also some cozy nooks and crannies for … “deep learning”.

Well …. so … where’s the fitness center?  So impressed with the dining area which takes into consideration all kinds of diet under the sun from omnivores to vegetarian and vegan then nationally from sushi to tacos  – okay – then – SO, where’s the fitness center or at the very least, that zen room the yoga room? Isn’t the practice of mindfulness one of the best practices for the high level tech workers to ease tension while relieving stress by way of strategic connective tissues stretching and muscles and joints strengthening?  All this, while clearing the mind for better focus and deeper thinking so needed throughout the day.

I am I am I am …???  Adjusting the vision from sunny outside to be inside this architectural marvel of a structure …

Entrance into an open space

with public art, encapsulating the company vision

Churros on woodsy plate … logs of churros with lots of cinnamon !

Pyramid staircase – up up to the light filled airy space

Konbucha on tap !

His & Hers “I am AI” – I love this Silicon Valley company !

AI = Artificial Intelligence


AI = Authentic Intelligence

or by intent or by accident, no pun intended? But AI is ai

AI = 愛 = あい = LOVE


Really questioning who are you:?

You are Love.

Then questioning –

Who or what Am I ?

I am Love.

I am AI …

Love it !  The message is clear.

“AI is a healer, AI is a protector, AI is a guardian, AI is a Visionary ”

inspired to be

in this breathtakingly beautiful space … it’s Silicon Valley here.


Food blog or Yoga blog?

Late in the day in Hiroo … above Meiji-ya:) Morning time rush is over and so are some of the pastries sold out but the mainstay are still abundant.

Is this a food blog or a yoga blog?  How about whatever gives you joy or a practice that gives you greater capacity to feel gratitude. Silly, but I am almost in tears whenever I feel joy and let me tell you, good bakeries and cafes bring me to tear up, hahaha. Like, I am soooo lucky to be here to experience this most delicious delectable paradise on earth …

I heard a TV segment talking about the rice consumption over the years have been eroding in Japan.  Apparently, in the most recent year,  rice consumption have been surpassed by bread consumption (don’t know how you measure that … oranges vs apples, are they not?) much to the alarm of rice farmers’ association (and the program went on to talk about strategies they are adopting to counter this trend) … it’s no wonder… bakeries here are top notch.  What makes Japan and their food scene so special really is their people who really take it upon themselves and work at their craft making whatever it is that they decided to devote their entire lives to.  When it comes to cooking and baking, they really take it to diligent study and mastery while staying creative to deal with the constant competition in this big city full of bakeries.  Just look up bakeries in Tokyo – you will find a recommendation or two…