Someone’s baking !

Curry-Pan very popular in Japan … if you can’t get it, make it … that’s the mindset these days. Everything is DIY:) There’s CURRY filling with meat and without meat, the vegetarian versions; gluten free versions to be experimented with. What’s that you ask? Yes, indeed that’s a near empty dimple glass beer mug … afterall beer is … Vegan, hahaha:)

Life made better

Hearing about protests in Washington DC …

Worried about the direction of this country … food for thought…

Self-care needed to sustain yourselves, okay?

Green Life

Growing sprouts; pesto of cilantro; pesto of basil rich with walnuts and pecans… sometimes cashews – need not be pine nuts, it’s all good … Why spend ours at a stove – let’s exercise – avocado toast with some lime juice on Dave’s bread … add the chipotle kick if you’d like or a spread of that pesto … so easy … Go Green:)