Did you notice that fortunes in fortune cookies have those numbers? Whatever for? Told it’s lucky numbers for your lottery which is something I’ve never done. Apparently, those are the lucky numbers in case you wanted to play … and if you believe in the mathematics of probability of you winning the lottery – yes, it’s quite minuscule – which reminded me of this.
The bottom’s mine and the top my friend gave me as a gift to share. 🎵  Gratitude:) Wishing the top fortune for all people, friends and … even foe.

Ayurvedic Cooking Class

As we head into Autumn, the harvest season, this kind of cooking may allow a shift in our consciousness. It’s not about counting calories and the typical fat vs non-fat teachings. It’s about science of …living. Jyoti Jain is a knowledgeable teacher … and nice sampling of foods – Besides being energizing, it’s so yummy:) For heart health, emotional health and wholesome wellness, explore Ayurvedic (along with Japanese & Mediterranean) cooking to go hand in hand with your yoga practice. You will look and feel the difference.