@ San Francisco to hear a talk … @ “Galvanize” by Google, a meeting space nearby where bright minds incubate ideas for expression … co-share workplace, and a learning community, has an exciting vibe me thinks as we walk from the dim alley onto streets lit with holiday lights …

Gorgeous Christmas trees and some over the top illuminations are all over the city but  

Can’t wait to get out of the City to be honest

to return to this fox’s homey little tree … feeling the relief

away from the hustle and the bustle of agitated people hurrying home.

(* perhaps a stop over at a local yoga studio will do some good ya’all – the roads are so congested anyway, might as well sit out and get on the mat:)

All I ever wanted to do was make people laugh – I know that sounds corny, the motivator to me is that I just really do love to get in front of people and making them happy …

-Conan O’ Brien from Interview with Terry Gross