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“Umami” Sourced

A special touch to receive a hand-written note of thank you from the company owner for just buying something online:) In this day and age of everything online, we appreciate the warmth of hand written letters more and more. What’s more valued is something that shows that someone took the effort and time to customize something … what a contrast to Amazon shopping. Convenience is there but so is that special touch … the Japanese Kokoro – 心 – it’s heart and mind and spirit … all into one expressed in a simple gesture.

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Inu haha Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!!

Thanks to a considerate friend I was reminded of the traditional ritual – Purification of our home took place with : Fuku wa uchi Oni was soto !

Roasted the beans and threw them out with bad fortunes and invited in the good health and fortunes with the coming of spring.

Beautiful Deeds Beautiful People Healthy Food

Word Spreads About Good Cooking

The movements of our hands help build the unseen.

We add to the universe by our efforts.

Whatever we do, we should never think it is irrelevant:

whatever we do, we should not conclude it is so important either.

Between those two poles find your balance; between those two regions your talents will bloom.

Word spreads about good cooking. Become that, an exquisite meal for us.

The alchemy stone is waiting to retire and confess… something in us is its power.


And you know who you are … those with blooming talents offering “an exquisite meal for us.” Gratitude. Gochisousama!