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Birthday in Tokyo

TREATS! Celebrating duel March birthdays – Chirashi sushi so beautiful – Wajima laquer bowl so beautiful …Friendship so appreciated – Gochisousama:)

Signs of being very stressed – tightened jaws, stiff shoulders, tight hips, shallow breathing, insomnia, odd pain at lower back … waking up in the morning already tired… still … employing all my knowledge from yoga therapeutics towards self-care to put on a happy face. To carry on.

With intentions to make my mother’s sunset time of life, hopefully a better one has given me a renewed sense of purpose. And at all times, what’s most effective in combatting this overwhelming energy drain for a reboot is through … Gratitude … Challenging times made a bit less painful, thanks to family and friends – forever grateful. Glad to be able to reciprocate those I owe so much gratitude to, one at a time, sharing. I would not have made it without going insane or seriously sick without your support. Arigato!!

Beautiful Deeds Beautiful People Beautiful Places Healthy Food

Gratitude in Roppongi

What you need are friends to celebrate with  Arigato!

Anything Cute Beautiful Deeds Beautiful People Beautiful Rituals Healthy Food

Thank you M-san

Keeps the evil out goodness in. I believe it.

Thanks to this Garlic & Herbs braid, we get to keep our blood flowing circulating to nourish trillion + cells in our body …

I believe in the power of