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Full Moon Weekend

Zoom fatigued with migraine headache or not, who would pass this up?

Making Gnocchi from scratch ! Invited to a Fundraising event for “Fund Her” (Please learn about them:)
As recommended, pairing with light Merlot (actually most dry whites match quite nicely and if red, Syrah was also recommended) – first time ever learning and making Gnocchi from scratch – Tat-taaaa a “Lemon Ricotta Gnocchi with Truffle & Brown Butter Sage Sauce” – proceeds from the fundraiser goes to FundHer, a political action commmittee which supports progressive woman running as political candidates – a cause that resonates with me/us; and part of the proceeds goes to give a meal to an essential healthcare worker as well ! What a creative group of women in our community – Thank you A:) When there’s so many depressing news; there’s even a sense of feeling of guilt in doing something fun – where there is so much suffering in this world. Yet, I think it’s best to keep up our heart OPEN with joyful event like this so that you yourself is not depleted and darkened like soot, burned out. Spark of joy needed for strength and resiliancy.
A Kind and generous hearted friend brought all these veggies over – including the green/golden hybrid squash, so unique, harvested from her garden. Just astounded with the rainbow of colors, her warm heart just as bright, and … thankful to the farmworkers bringing these to us in spite of the smoke and Covid.

Wondering what I can do to show my gratitude in return…

Beautiful Deeds

What Can We do for our Local Firefighters?

Small businesses are feeding the first responders:

Alices’s Restaurant in La Honda

World Central Kitchen in Napa

& accepting donations. If there are others, please share.

Here’s a Silicon Valley newspaper, Mercury News with information as to how we may help: Link Here.

There are over 14,000 firefighters deployed to battle the wildfires of California. What can we do to help in our small ways to show support and appreciation. To our nurses, healthcare & frontline essential workers. How can I make a difference in my small way without adding to that Covid stats.

Currentl Stats:

620 wildfires being fought

1.4 million acres to date … burned

289 lighting strikes in a week …

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San Francisco Sky Report

Made brown rice & cauliflower sushi to bring to a gathering… really had to overcome my fears to actually RSVP yes. Then began to think how to serve what the host asked me to bring “starch” COVID style. This “starch” actually ended up probably not being “starch” or “carb” as this version of sushi was 30% brown rice; 30% roasted cauliflower; & rest finally chopped veggies roasted – topped with chopped fresh herbs and parsley (could not find nori) and chopped nuts. Instead of one heap of chirashi, this time I decided serve in his/her cups – individually topped with garnish. No one needed to serve in this help-yourself style.

The host adhered to all safety precaustions:

1. Seating 6ft social distance around a big table

2. Mask worn except when eating and drinking.

3. She served every plate so there was no shared serving utensils.

4. She kept the party small – our pod of only 6 …seated around and away from the central table with feasts – low lying so we can see each other over the table.

5. And most appreciated that we were in the great outdoors !

6. Wish we each had a mat though. Another appetizer could have been a sweet yoga time … to whet our appetite while strengthening our resolve to find small joys even at times of great uncertainty.

Virus, thunder and lightening, mountain fires, hundreds of people fleeing their homes, grim economics if not for S&P but for our main streets where so many small businesses are struggling. What’s next?

Resolved that I will do my little part to bring joy to others. Like these friends who took the time to feed us and shared …a supper and stories. So tired of zooms and screens – May we return to simple pleasures of seeing in person friends and I love pot lucks. Pot lucks!!! Dreaming of pot lucks! Everyone with roof over our heads and safe in the true sense of that word. We can’t individually be safe until everyone is.

It’s back to wartime like sacrifice where we will pactice all safety precautions in a personal level, so we will overcome this period of pain to … come out on the other side of the curve – maybe by Spring 2021?

Then … we will have our potlucks and kids will be back in school. How we took things for granted. Simple pleasures of gathering, sharing … hugging and talking and laughing loudly without caring about airborne droplets.

Those days will come back. We will have that potluck.