Got my fortune 🔮 at a Shinto shrine ⛩ in Tsukiji after a sushi lunch at a secret sushi counter where the owner forbids any photo taking – he says he does not want his regular clients to be inconvenienced by becoming too popular which he will surely become if anyone posted his offerings – I felt like crying with gratitude for the delicacy of freshest seafood he highlights for the “Omakasa” means “leave it up to the chef” – it’s SO fresh, so clean, so delicious – I was savoring each bite, thanking the divine for the delicate morsels he places on the bamboo leaf/plate. Yesterday, paid respect to a golden Buddha at a Buddhist temple at the foot of Tokyo Tower. It’s not that I went looking for temples and deities – small shrines and temples are all over even in Tokyo. With an offering you can get a little amulet or a fortune. My fortune’s key word was “growth “, while my travel companion’s was …

Eyes popped out with this price tag of a beanie shiva inu. Small is not only beautiful in Japan, it’s quite …expensive!

Going home to my Shiva in California soon:) There’s Shiva inu rescue and all kinds of dog rescue groups – while there’s no judgement as this beanie shiva with a price tag of $5000 is precious so are lives of all those dogs waiting to be rescued and … adopted into a new loving home. It’s act of kindness how rescue dogs end up rescuing humans in need of unconditional love – who rescued who ? It’s priceless.

Dispelling Blue Toxic Monday

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

– Fred Rogers

Look for the First Responders;
Those people donating blood;
sending flowers;
donating their energy, time and money;
Small kind deeds;
Helpers …

What’s Real

Straight from IAYT site, sharing that I am not just doing some la-la-hippie stuff (disclaimer – while nothing wrong with “hippie” stuff – Beatles fit the descriptive and so would Steven Jobs – as long as you are engaged in mind-body-spirit conscious living:). Answering the question I got the other day, “What’s yoga therapy training?”. There are a lot of “therapy” certifications out there but … what is “yoga” therapy? In this day and age, there are mail-order certification for everything – even for something that’s about direct touch/experience and transmission like aromatherapy and even, healing touch aka Reiki !!? all online – how is that supposed to be “real”? There’s all this talk of real vs. fake news, I see some of that in the training world too. But really? Isn’t that like getting some degree online from a For-Profit so called fly-by-night “schools” – is the program with integrity, authenticity and “real”? Is it reputable? Niroga is a NON-PROFIT with a sincere and noble mission statement (to give everyone access to yoga benefits) and thus, profit is not what motivates this organization … which is a relief these days when we are constantly put to test defending our value system.

There’s nothing that surpasses real and direct, in person transmission of teachings of yoga. The kind where you have to “show up” to. The kind that you have to put yourself out there for. As far as Yoga for therapeutic intentions, here are the “real” programs as far as “Accredited” Yoga Therapy Training Programs are concerned. Yes, I did my due-diligence as with any investment of education and/or training with significant monetary and labor output we need to expend:) Most precious of our limited resource, that of, “time” – so expended.

Listed below are the accredited yoga therapy training programs at IAYT Member Schools.These programs have been awarded accreditation for a three-year period.


Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Programs

Member School: Ajna Yoga Centre (CAN)
Program: Ajna Yoga Therapy (Accredited 6/18/14)

Member School: American Viniyoga Institute (USA)
Program: Viniyoga Therapist Training Program (Accredited 6/25/2014)

Member School: Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation (USA)
Program: Ananda YogaTM Therapy Program (Accredited 6/20/2014)

Member School:AUM hOMe Shala (USA)
Program:Clinical Yoga Therapy (Accredited 9/25/14)

Member School: Essential Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program:Essential Yoga Therapy’s Therapist Training Program (Accredited 7/1/14)

Member School: Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy (CAN)
Program:Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy (Accredited 3/20/15)

Member School: Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology (USA)
Program:International Kundalini Yoga Therapeutic Practitioner Training (Accredited 7/9/15)

Member School: Hot Yoga Wellness/Yoga Qigong Academy (CAN)
Program:Yoga Therapist Training Program (Accredited 6/23/14)

Member School: Inner Peace Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program:Inner Peace Yoga Therapy Certification Program (Accredited 6/17/14)

Member School: Integrative Yoga Therapy (BRA and USA)
Program: Integrative Yoga Therapy (Accredited 11/23/14)

Member School: Kula Kamala Foundation
Program: Kula Kamala Yoga Professional Yoga Therapist Certification Program (Accredited 4/14/15)

Member School: Maryland University of Integrative Health (USA)
Program: Master of Science in Yoga Therapy (Accredited 11/19/14)

Member School: Niroga Institute (USA)
Program: Niroga Institute Yoga Therapy Training Program (Accredited 5/21/15)

Member School: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (USA)
Program:Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Program (Accredited 10/1/14)

Member School: PranaYoga School of Yoga and Holistic Health (USA)
Program:Sattva Therapy® Yoga Therapy Diploma Program (Accredited 10/30/15)

Member School: Soul of Yoga Institute (USA)
Program:Soul of Yoga Institute Yoga Therapy Program (Accredited 10/1/15)

Member School: Spanda Yoga Movement Therapy (USA)
Program:Spanda Yoga Movement Therapy Professional Yoga Therapist Training (Accredited 6/25/15)

Member School: Stress Management Center Of Marin (USA)
Program:Stress Management Center Yoga Therapy Program (Accredited 4/14/15)

Member School: Wellpark College of Natural Therapies (NZL)
Program: Diploma of Yoga Therapy (Accredited 6/18/14)

Member School: Yoga & Polarity Center (USA)
Program: Long Island Institute for Yoga Therapy’s Yoga Therapy Training Program (Accredited 5/15/16)

Member School: YATNA (Yoga as Therapy North America) (USA)
Program: YATNA (Yoga as Therapy North America) (Accredited 7/1/14)

Member School: YogaLife Institute (USA)
Program: Comprehensive Yoga Therapy at YogaLife Institute (Accredited 7/1/14)

Member School: Yoga North International Soma Yoga Institute (USA)
Program: Yoga North Yoga Therapy Certification Program (Accredited 6/17/14)

Member School: Yoga Therapy International (CAN)
Program: Certified Yoga Therapist 1000 Hour Diploma Program (Accredited 6/19/14)

Member School: Yoga Therapy RX LMU (USA)
Program: Yoga Therapy RX Levels I, II, III, IV, Intro to Ayurveda, Yoga, & Social Ecology (Accredited 6/30/14)

Member School: Yoga Vahini (IND)
Program: Yoga Vaidya Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (Accredited 1/29/16)

Member School: Yoga Yoga (USA)
Program: Yoga Yoga’s Yoga Therapy Training Program (Accredited 11/16/16)

*****************************************(from IAYT Accredited Schools List as of 8/2017 – verify with updates)

I feel very fortunate to learn from a steller group of teachers, led by BK Bose, PhD who has taught, served and led for decades. I did not even know that he had served on the Board of IAYT so modest his demeanor. (Also Baxter Bell, MD, one of frequent guest faculty member:) Here’s one of his publications that got me thinking how grateful I feel that someone like him is tirelessly working towards betterment of people’s lives, especially that of those most vulnerable and at risk but full of boundless potential – our hope, our future lies with all students in all schools.

His latest book would be great in the classrooms as many teachers would find yoga as an invaluable tool in helping the students gain life skills of resilience by fostering self-love and self-regulation and mastery. A great book for any school to have in their classrooms:) When the energy and enthusiasm for learning gets a bit stifled – try Dynamic Mindfulness practice outlined by BK Bose, our karma yogi in action. If you know of any classroom teachers in your life, please consider recommending this book:)