Thank you Berry much!

For the berries and kiwi fruit tart birthday cake, my favorite, lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Ragazzi’s Gloria concert 🎵 in California’s oldest mission in Santa Clara.  Beautiful voices …still resonating in my head, creating this vibe …my favorite part of listening to choral music.

Sunday morning hoping to attend one of my favorite yoga teachers class in … Berkeley or was it Oakland … bright and early for Sunday mornings at 8am so trying to get enough sleep … thank you for another year on this earth🌷Namaste🙏

Spring is ON 🌸

Rain or shine, celebrating the miracles taking place all around us.

Spring Equinox & Naw Ruz Blessing

According to my beautiful Persian friend, Naw Ruz means New Day as tomorrow is the first day of spring after today, Spring Equinox.  I was anointed with drops of dewy rose water, had morsels of delicate cookies and sips of wine accompanied by delicious green herb rice and green quiche/frittata called Kuku? Some cute name this dish has and so scrumptious ! Special symbolic foods are served as a tradition to celebrate Persian New Year!  

Golden calligraphy of Hafiz poetry graced this shrine thoughtfully decorated with symbolic New Year’s auspicious eggs (origin of Easter eggs?), bulb flowers of tulips and hyacinth, iris, violets and orchid blossoms still blooming from the winter season, welcoming spring with refreshed smile – school of goldfish swimming in water, pot of green grass, herbs, coins, strands of beads and a rock and ashes and … beautifully lit candles on marble. The symbolism of each carefully selected item curated… but first, to begin with the ritual of looking into the central mirror to set New Years resolution … an affirmation …got me to really appreciate not only this New Day but our friendship. (there were even “Meoto” rice bowls of cherry blossoms from Japan:) So honored to learn about this celebration that dates back centuries, steeped in long Persian history – Persian civilization dates back so far as one the oldest on earth so particularly fascinated to learn the symbolic meanings to all that graced before my eyes. Thank you for sharing your light, dear Friend:)

Variety of fresh spring herbs are folded into this green rice and frittata – Tastes like Spring !
Here’s a poem by Hafiz I found that made me think of my peace loving or just plain, loving and elegant Persian friend:

Is not easy
To stop thinking ill
Of others.
Usually one must enter into a friendship
With a person
Who has accomplished that great feat himself
Might start to rub off on you
Of that

Laughter comes easy when you are breathing that air of “true elegance” …it’s rubbing off, as I set my Affirmation for this New Day.

Sky report is cloudy with some rain but undeterred, cherry blossoms are slowly starting to blossom. Undeniably …

SPRING had arrived. 

Happy New Year!!!

Thank you to student

Ah … for me?
I am lucky to be blessed with students I have much to learn from in terms of kindness and generosity. The lovely Ms. M always knits these yoga socks I can’t live without these chilly mornings (lets the toes and heels be free- kind) and then …  Here’s another example.   (Once upon a time:) After one yoga class, a lovely (cute) lady comes up and says “I have something I want to give you.”

Then gives me this cute little button of a flower … ? What is it?

Pomogranate or Beets juice? What!!!?? A handmade lipgloss made from only natural ingredients, colors from plant juice – nothing artificial.  She tells me she makes all the soaps, lotions etc for the family and does not buy any cosmetics because she makes them. What !???  I am so impressed.   Here’s to true ageless nature girl:)

Spring is in the air – cannot wait to try this sweet scented color from such a sweet being.  Namaste.  oxox