Thank you for subscribing. I am setting aside this whole month of January to set my intention in better alignment with my hopes and dreams for better days to come. I hope to re-start in Februaray. Renewed, Clear and Well intentioned to help and serve and share. Till then, hold onto your questions or just feel free to formulate more question(s). Upfront- I can’t answer them all but we may question together to find answers … or be authentically accepting of the fact that maybe there are no answers sometimes and that’s … okay.

Stay tuned in … ward. So we may shine outward. Namaste.

Beautiful Deeds Beautiful People Healthy Food

Word Spreads About Good Cooking

The movements of our hands help build the unseen.

We add to the universe by our efforts.

Whatever we do, we should never think it is irrelevant:

whatever we do, we should not conclude it is so important either.

Between those two poles find your balance; between those two regions your talents will bloom.

Word spreads about good cooking. Become that, an exquisite meal for us.

The alchemy stone is waiting to retire and confess… something in us is its power.


And you know who you are … those with blooming talents offering “an exquisite meal for us.” Gratitude. Gochisousama!

Beautiful Places Beautiful Things

Rain rain rain

Trees and flowers teach us

Rain or Shine or in deadly scourge

Hearts like in all bosoms’ blossoms do …bloom

Minds like in sky’s limit do…expand

out to the dusk horizons and beyond is

this Universe of wonder

Rain or shine life’s perpetual and fleeting as flowers do … wilt

until the next season

Blossoms dots the landscape where they bloom again

Rain or shine in our bosoms filled with hope

comes a days we hug our loved ones

so cry and sulk like dope

step by step in the dusk following the Polaris