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Light in Dark Times

Please Support Tadataka Unno, a jazz pianist in NYC who was badly beaten by group of thugs … and lost his ability to play the piano, his main means of livelihood and his only reason to be in New York – to pursue his lifelong dream to play jazz at the epicenter of musical performances. He is a father of a newborn baby and makes a living by playing jazz piano but now with severe injuries to his shoulder and arm, he is unable. The situation is exacerbated by the already struggling music scene for performing artists due to the Pandemic.

I was so moved by his story (just look him up and the story is heartbreaking), I made a modest contribution.

We love music and during dark times as now, we have all found music to give us solace, inspirations, joy. Violence shown in this hate crime is crushing to one’s spirit BUT we hope humanity and kindness prevails over hate and violence – that there’s light and love in spite of the current leadership that promotes and endorses hate and divisiveness by placing blame on the weak and different to justify hate and violence; pursue short sighted economic gains; and promotes chaos and instability among the have-nots while insulating the top 2% at the expense of essential workers who are the true heros fighting everyday to keep everyone fed, medically cared for and somehow operating.

Really hope each American acts to be an agent of change, to be a catlysit for transformation from confusion and darkness to clarify and light, for the better version of soulful and kind America, where people respects differences and celebrates each person’s pursuit of their passion to better themselves and others they touch through their work, their art, their life’s calling.

Please send support, even $5 or 10 just to say you care and stand against bullying and cruel ignorance:

& just a reminder – Have you voted yet? The mindset of change – starts with a small action of each – why throw away our rights and priviledge to vote – to show up – should we passively just take it? Or should we at least make our voices be heard? It’s not okay to be okay and be complicit to words that condone or … even worse, provoke and incite violence … violence is NEVER okay. Can we be on the side of love, decency, kindness and justice ? The light in place of dark dispair. We have that power – please exercise it.

& when that LIGHT prevails over the evil, the darkness; my dream is for us all to attend this artist’s concert. Healing prayers for the likes of him, anyone suffering and struggling and for America, the whole country as a whole … to reunite, reconstruct and renew … to rise from the ashes of hurt, losses, indignity and deprssion of the psyche and moral.

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Happy for Comfort Foods & Neighbors who do not politicize public health wisdom … Gratitude