Rainbow & Spices

Yes, you’ve got to what you got to do – let’s not live in denial or politicize a public health/medical issue – and while we protect our personal liberty, those around you have the same rights to life free of virus and disease as much as you do – So yes, I put on my mask and for me, something new and extra – a face shield ! feels like some hero cartoon character – and went to see my doctor. I love the nurse there – & I love my doctor ! She seemd relieved to see me all in my vigilent armor 🙂 Sheer respect I hold for these medical providers working day to day hard to keep us healthy and safe.

This attitude of – I already know this stuff – does not serve – it’s always nice to be reminded and inspired by the What is the Rainbow flyer on their bulletin board. Flu shot? Done! As the doctor say, you are “training” your immune system and our immune system definitely has to be FIT going into THIS winter. Be prepared everyone.