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Amist the Onslaught of Bad News – We need to:

Wage Peace

Wage peace with your breath

Breathe in firemen and rubble, breathe out whole buildings and locks of red wing blackbirds

Breathe in terrorists and breathe out sleeping children and freshly mown fields

Breathe in confusion and breathe out maple trees

Breathe in the fallen and breathe out lifelong friendships intact

Wage peace with your listening:

hearing sirens, pray loud

Remember your tools: flower seeds, clothes pins, clean rivers

Make soup

Play music; memorize the words for thank you in three languages

Learn to knit, and make a hat

Think of chaos as dancing rasperries, imagine grief as the out breath of beauty or the gesture of fish

Swim for the other side

Wage peace.

Never has the world seemed so fresh and precious:

Have a cup of tea and rejoince

Act as if armistice has already arrived.

Celebrate Today.

– Judyth Hill

Found the above gem of a poem, so beautiful from this site… Such serendipity at times of ashes, soot and greys. So many beautiful people holding light, to support and save each other, especially at times like this. Did not know of this poet, Judyth Hill, but now she’s got a fan in me. I love crafters of magical words that resonates … In spite of all the bad news, the haters, the narcissists, the diseased – we are going to get through this as works like this give me hope.

There are so many good people with humanity doing so much good work – they just don’t go around shouting and bragging, those humble people doing the work unrecognized or not – as recognition and credit taking, power trip, is not what they are after.


Having a family member who excelled in DEBATE SOCIETY competing at debate tournaments, it was such a joke last might. It’s not a civilized debate when the debaters do not answer questions but rather, lodge personal attacks … To debate is to argue on a subject/question posed, the opposing views are not what I have a problem with. It’s the lack of directness and integrity. Debating is not about arguing for the argument’s sake but to shed reason and truth from different perspectives. To educate the other side about new ways of looking at things; to pursuade and convince through arguments based on facts not fiction – which if unintended, fake; intended, then lies of malicious nature. Debate is not about falsifying facts and turning and deflecting the question to unrelated subjects in order to further create confusion and chaos.

Debating is not about interruptin and cutting off so that the other side cannot speak – you are supposed to LISTEN; and then, formulate your counter-point. Not talk over, not cut off, NOT CHEAT.

Let’s ask ourselves, was the Corona virus outbreak handled well? When it could have been nipped at the bud at the very beginning, were Americans given the truth and instrucitons on hows and ways to best protect themselves? How was it handled? Some countries in the world, poorer and physically much closer to the original hot spots, handled it fast and furious, so today, they enjoy safer public health, and fewer collateral damage – and ECONOMY that opens and operates. Because sacrifices were made and pain shared by ALL. Whereas, here, was it taken up seriously so people could protect themselves, their healthcare facilities and have faith in the government? Or did we lose faith and were we troubled by exchange of finger pointing and incessent blame blame blame- others kind of mindset more prevelant? So – bottom line – are our lives today better than 4 years ago? A leader’s duty is to take responsibility for those he/she leads … what does that look like? Blaming others or causing confusion and keeping citizens ignorant, is not taking responsiblity – Taking responsibility … it takes someone mature, full grown and wise.