Coded & Zoned

Why are everything color coded these days? A box of chocolates, and AQ … Went from PURPLE danger zone of VERY UNHEALTHY to RED zone of simply just unhealthy air quality. What an improvement !? Red & Purple – both are still unhealthy… Today did get a whole lot better when a box of chocolates were shared – Raw, Single Origin ethically traded Chocolate a day IS a treat at dark times like this but … still, a daily doze of delicious fresh air is what we crave the most! That – what we took for granted as birthright before is not so easily available anymore as California heads into fire-season …

As our lunar calendar heads into New Moon … Would New Moon provide some relief? Some cool down? Is this the time Native American wisdom teaches us a thing about communal intention setting; a rain dance of sorts with movements to honor the natural designs and workings of the unknown?

(Yogis practice ancient wisdom of Pranayama to shift the mood of despair to that of hope… thank goodness:)

Aryuvedic-ish tip: do moisten the innner nose with a Q-tip dabbed in menthal oil, rose oill or just plain coconut oil. Rinse out the nostral area with a NetiPot and gurgle our throats if there’s an irritation.

Our fears and our prejudices

Our Ideals and our loves – revealing what we care about the most;

Question arises – what matters the most to us?

Life, Property, Money & Things?

What’s revealed ? The Good, the Bad, the Ugly?

Who matters to us;

How and where do we want to spend the rest of our lives with who and



Okay, let’s lighten up – what’s your favorite color?


What’s your favorite tree? your favorite flower? Why?

What do you want to study? Why?