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Full Moon Weekend

Zoom fatigued with migraine headache or not, who would pass this up?

Making Gnocchi from scratch ! Invited to a Fundraising event for “Fund Her” (Please learn about them:)
As recommended, pairing with light Merlot (actually most dry whites match quite nicely and if red, Syrah was also recommended) – first time ever learning and making Gnocchi from scratch – Tat-taaaa a “Lemon Ricotta Gnocchi with Truffle & Brown Butter Sage Sauce” – proceeds from the fundraiser goes to FundHer, a political action commmittee which supports progressive woman running as political candidates – a cause that resonates with me/us; and part of the proceeds goes to give a meal to an essential healthcare worker as well ! What a creative group of women in our community – Thank you A:) When there’s so many depressing news; there’s even a sense of feeling of guilt in doing something fun – where there is so much suffering in this world. Yet, I think it’s best to keep up our heart OPEN with joyful event like this so that you yourself is not depleted and darkened like soot, burned out. Spark of joy needed for strength and resiliancy.
A Kind and generous hearted friend brought all these veggies over – including the green/golden hybrid squash, so unique, harvested from her garden. Just astounded with the rainbow of colors, her warm heart just as bright, and … thankful to the farmworkers bringing these to us in spite of the smoke and Covid.

Wondering what I can do to show my gratitude in return…


Detox with Home Practice

Zoom fatigue? Corona fatigue? Having had a lovely Indian lady exclaim ” I found my Kondo Mari” (hardly – I can be quite untidy) once after a class, I have come to realize the practice room needs an overhaul – declutter, purify and above-all – CHANGE the energy; the flow. But HOW?

This is the BEFORE image … Making Space … Clearing

What is the glaring eye-sore? Yes, the wires, wires, wires, cables like snakes are all over, snarled, coiled, and knotted … so on the grid … Clearing “space”.

Eventually … we want to go back to the community of shared space. We crave the in-person non-virtual place of togetherness. Until then, clearing the stagnant air, undo the tangled connections, cleaning out the dark corners, combing out the cobwebs, dusting off, making space for a better practice of conscious, fully-lit life. This is – the “Before” – image.

Let me show you the way.

Healthy Living

Cooling Clearing Practice Needed

Yoga? At a time like this? You might feel – but all the more, it’s time like this, nudge in a practice even for 15 mintues a day; you will see the difference. You will boost your immunity and reduce your anxieties.

If you can fit 30 minutes to one hour a day, you will feel SO MUCH BETTER. Listen to your body – your body craves release from tension; Listen to your mind – your mind relishes a relief from constant thoughts productive and unproductive; it fills up with goodness once decluttered – Let’s KonMari our mind – Listen to your spirit – it wishes to be light and free …

Practice to breathe better – Practice to cool down the heat – Practice to extinguish the inflammations – Practice to smooth rejuvinating salve on the burns. Heal the disease of the body and mind – give them vitality and LIFE!

Please stay safe!!

The photos from the hike from June last year … Lush & Green…

White Cooling MIST so surreal as you breathe in refreshing herb-scented OXYGEN ! not CO2 smoke …

May we return to that place where we again live in unison and synchronicity with NATURE … Healing Prayers to California and this Earth… May we rise like the phoenix from the ashes!

No Words …

But action … available for free yoga therapy for anyone affected. And this month any proceeds related to yoga teaching will be donated to fire victims relief fund.