Purposeful Self-Care

Persimmon Cake Loaves with Pecans; Natto for those of you who don’t know what it is as it came up – more later – it’s fermented soy beans; Rainbow home fries breakfast; spices powder for curry; arurgula salad with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, cauliflowers, grilled garbanzo beans … served with Bastami Rice, yogurt/cucumbers, topped with pumpkin seeds; parfait? of plain greek yogurt with berries, topped with Apricot Jam, almonds and pumpkin seeds … and Blackberry:)

Purposeful in that … we all need to be strong, resiliant, and healthy in order to take care of those who need assistance; who can use a little care … KINDNESS; that may be your family; friends… neighbors … to bring about relief and peace… reminded during this particulary tough year 2020, we are separate but interconnected. Protect what matters.