Beautiful Rituals

Full Moon

This week – First week back to school? Traveling in fear? Nerves getting the best of us? Suffering from eyes itching and headaches from the air quality?

Let’s take a pause – I am happy to share Headache Busting techniques … so that we can get on the mat and yoga … as we look up at the nights sky. Tonight’s full moon is the last full moon of this summer. It’s a special time and we can all acknowledge that – it’s been a summer and spring like no other. We feel it in our bones, in our spirit that this year, this summer has been a unique but shared by all kind of summer. When we are put under stress, strife and strain, all that was swept under the rug, all that was hidden were no longer concealed … It has been a revealing time. In a sense, it’s a very yogic time – in that what we go through is a revealing one – where the good, the bad and the ungly like a Western frontier mindset, comes to the forefront. And now as we approach this Labor Weekend … the full moon if we even bother to gaze up to look at the night sky.

Full moons happen when the sun, Earth and moon form a line, allowing the side of the moon facing Earth to be fully illuminated by the sun

It’s time of illumination at this time of very revealing alignment in the Universe. It’s time to think about how you have taken care of yourself this summmer … or did we? As we head into Autumn, really, really, thinking about SELF-CARE during this time when we really need to manage our ENERGY. Managing our energy, boosting our immune system … SURVIVE with grace this time of inordinate stress where crisis mode we thought was just temporary it rather a lengthly temporary – yet, more so, the need for this practice. Yoga works.