That’s my knee her paw rests with those imploring stare !

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Transformation takes place through Good Vibes:)

The significance of Nieman Marcus bag is not lost on me.

First week of May, NM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy – which is not an end to this luxury brand (where I never shop at anyway, lol) but a restructuring as they plan to re-open when “safe” to do so.

A package of renewal to sustain us got delivered yesterday … a beautifully salvaged top… A top I could not part with but could not wear due to some stains (right – all that dipping of foods into sauces), this talented young designer have given it NEW LIFE. Those days of merely tossing stained or distressed clothes are over – Why trash and dump our earth even more than we have to? Give it a new look, new splash of colors – give it new LIFE !

Can’t wait to wear it at my next virtual yoga class!!

Thank you C !

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