Re-started teaching online & it’s a humbling experience !

But really believe that I can serve in some miniscule way – to prove that Yoga IS Youthfulness. Yoga is all that it’s cracked up to be.

And SO what is Youthfulness? What does that mean, to be young? Is it a number? Is it an attitude? Is it beauty? Is it health? Is it unbroken? And what about something that’s old? Is it about wear and tear? What is old? Is it wisdom? Is it the Knowing?

Reminded of a tradition of a bride wearing “something oldsomething new, something borrowed, something blue”.

an Old Englsih rhyme…

It’s all good.

Healthy Food

Miki’s Baking Lesson

Filling of curry for savory OR sweet red bean paste …

Practice and All is Coming

-K. Pattabhi Jois

Anything Cute Beautiful Rituals Healthy Food

Quote of the Day

“The lion is most handsome when looking for food.”


Food in real and in a figurative sense … for those who yearn from hunger …