Someone’s baking !

Curry-Pan is very popular in Japan … In fact, Indian Food is super good in Tokyo … I still remember some of the best Indian food I ever had there. Anyway, as far as Curry-Pan goes, it’s a national pastry over there just as Curry Rice is a national dish maybe more so than Sushi. Yes, it’s true.

So it’s the Covid-era mentality at work: If you can’t go there, transport yourself in your cuisine and imagination. If you can’t get it, make it … that’s the mindset these days. Everything is DIY:) Made CURRY filling with meat and without meat option, the vegetarian versions; perhaps we will experiment with gluten free versions next time. ( What’s that you ask? Tea? It’s a near empty dimple glass beer mug … after all beer is … Vegan, hahaha:)


Most homes here have the Black Lives Matter signs … And, I want to say that while many get angry over rather insensitive people retorting back – All Lives Matter – a bit of education is needed to oversome the divisions. Maybe they are not only insensitive but they just DON’T GET IT because so untouched, so entitled and priviledged, they never experienced it .. racism… lucky for them, they never experienced being treated “less than” or humuliated due soley to the color of their skin.

For those, who require more education, I would have a sign that says Black Lives Matter BECAUSE All Lives Matter. Get it? All Lives are indeed supposed to matter BUT in reality and even today, that’s not shown to be the case, SOOOO that’s why the sign says Black Lives Matter. It’s not a statement that black lives matter MORE or less. It’s not about that. It is all about All lives matter. The question is, IF ALL lives matter, THEN, oh, then, how come not blacks’? How come there’s insidious rascism that does not value ALL lives, black, brown, yellow, red, I don’t know is there green?, white – all LIVES whatever the color should matter. And yet, that’s not the case – why?THAT’S the question. That’s the meaning of the sign. Black Lives matter BECAUSE all lives mattter. Even an unschooled child knows this, not the enablers, not some greedy power-fixated solely profit driven adults, but a child … wide-eyed, uncorrupted, beautiful pure consciousness.

So PLEASE do not rebut All Lives Matter – we know that – All Lives indeed matter, Yeaah, All lives should matter. Yes, on that, we are in agreement. It’s a given and it’s obvious. SO that’s why the sign, that’s the injustice. That’s why there is anger and rage and I am glad people on the side of fairness and decency is on the side of humanity.