Yoga from Tokyo – It’s borderless!

Very helpful ofcourse to know the time difference. This is

very helpful so you don’t miss the workshop.

Looking forward to Akira Watamoto’s Live with Pranada – this event would have been impossible for me to have attended even if I were in Japan due to the schedule dedicated to serving my family SO … very excited that finally I get to visit his “studio” – a virtual one at that:)

Yogi Akira Watamoto, I once had the honor of translating his interview from Japanese to English, right after the 3/11 disaster. He’s been teaching for over 20 years in Tokyo and is known to have brought the concept of “Power Yoga” to Japan to restore the tarnished image of yoga back in the day.

If there is any kind of silver lining to the current distressful state of affairs, could it be that we are willing to explore new ways to reach and teach? Still a total newbie to this virtual world … I am blindly exploring.