The last mask pic is a set of two masks packaged with a little public health message – a package was sent to each household in Japan from the Prime Minister. It is a study of contrast – okay, sure a check for $1200 is very very nice that was a Congressional initiated and approved emergency aid. It’s not about setting an example for all citizens – it’s a relief check for certain income group. A package of masks for the household from the Prime Minster is supposed to convey a message of care or concern and … an urging that we all need to do our part to stop the spread of the virus when there is no vaccination or any medical fixes – other than social distancing, hand washing and … yes, the mask to cut down the emission into the air your possible infected but shows no symptoms kind of virus in airborne particles. Instead of message for togetherness and a little personal sacrifices, a certain “leader” is setting an example of privilege, exemptions for the rich and powerful in the name of freedom (at the expense of the vulnerable and “essential” workers – who are to him, dispensable – that’s the message he sends out). Emphasizing again that the privileged need not adhere to the rules and the unprivileged is irreplaceable and displace able. He is exhibiting behaviors of those who feel entitled and it’s birthright to exercise supremacy and unchecked power- to be above the law. Is that right? It that justice? Is that democratic?

Yoga Mat for Self Care during these turbulent times. To be able to focus; to be grounded and calm so we can do our “work”. Self-care is more essential than ever so we can be effective in our fight to better lift and care others.


No more

“I can’t Breathe”

and this is not uttered at ICU by Covid patients …

It’s when a knee is pressed into your neck for nearly 10 minutes and you are already handcuffed. And there are enablers just standing there or even assisting already a beaten handcuffed man.


It’s not White against Black

It’s not White against Black, Brown & Yellow

But it’s White AND Black against racism

White, Black, Brown, Yellow all colors, it’s all people against racism and injustice

So I respect those with integrity and I know while many don’t protest on the streets; they support ultimately support humanity, compassion and justice.

We can’t just be sitting around meditating and finding our inner calm – sometimes for all people to get to do such inner work, taking action is the Karma Yogi … taking action; having an integrity; to fight … to lift fellow human beings.

and when I say fight, I don’t mean in a physical way but “fight” racism and injustice through where we put our money; our words, and our associations. Fight as in fight the enablers and those who don’t see the risks and dark future if we don’t fight ignorance, racism and undemocratic power/money controls. Fighting the temptation to just “feel better” by exercising and yoga-ing. Exercise and Yoga so that when you are off the mat, you can fight without burning out or getting sick. It’s about the energy to do what we need or want to do.

And not by preaching but by learning as much and amplifying THE GOOD, the sane, the intelligence, really all around us.