Chalks Post-its all over town – cries for Justice with non-violence … let me count the ways.

“It’s the BEST time to be alive!”

– Stephen Curry

Quoting what was said by Curry during a fascinating talk at Silk Speaker Series hosted by USF Institute for Nonviolence & Social Justice. At the talk with Dr. Clarence B. Jones (former MLK’s lawyer and speachwriter – think he said 80 years young?), Curry gave us a whole another perspective during this CoVid time. For most of us, this time has been about fear and anxieties but does it have to be? We talk about silver linings but beyond the cliches, what’s going on? It’s a time of tremendous suffering for many but why then … is it the best time to be alive? I have been thinking about this and will share my thoughts on this after a deep deep cleaning of not just the surfaces but insides of my mind.

Not just for me, I think there’s a great SHIFT taking place for all of us.