“I can’t breathe”

& we are not talking about Covid patients in ICU but out on the streets, people of color have to fear for their lives everyday. These are the words spoken by a helpless man who only committed a petty crime and had his skin color been lighter, he would have sustained a minor citation or fines or few hours in public work – at most.

Did we go back 30, 40, 50 years in time ? It’s year 2020. We had 8 years of Barack Obama … we thought we made strides, such strides, such progress – and we thought racism was finally behind us … eradicated. Yet now. This.

What happened to all the civil rights progress we supposedly made ? It’s truly a revelation … at a time when we are to social distance and remain home, there are protesters and crowd of people and … the police … and now, even the military … on our own people who are peacefully protesting injustice.

This is what happens when we stop seeing ourselves in others. Violence should not erupt when there’s peace abiding citizens exercising their democratic rights to protest peacefully. What is going on? I fully support and cheer on these law abiding citizens demonstrating peacefully and excising our democratic right to demonstrate and protest injustice and violence. To bring to forefront the societal ills so we make reforms and changes where everyone feels protected and safe. I am repulsed that these pure passion and care to uphold justice is hijacked by other extreme elements from outside the well meaning peaceful groups who stand for justice, unity, harmony and anti-racism. Basically, those with other agenda to discredit the protesters with their violence has brought about the current curfew and negative media coverage and confusion over the just protest. It’s scary and sad that we have a leader who promotes racism and violence and uses law and order to fuel the fire, divide and enrage people and push the dangerous anti-democratic agenda that further divides and separates American people … It’s been a very sad week.