Numbers … Data … Truth




Numbers do tell a story …

Per 100,000 … 522

Per 100,000 … just … 14

What are the above numbers?

874 deaths from Covid-19 in Japan

100,426 deaths from Covid-19 in USA

There’s a difference of 99,552 LIVES.

Let that sink in.

The numbers were a handful, countable with just one hand only 3 months ago. We said it’s kinda like the seasonal flu (btw, believe that killed about 30,000 in USA last year – not 100,000 over 3-months period) Yes, there’s population difference so let’s account for that to show per 100,000 – it’s a huge difference as US posts staggering number to be world’s “leading” country in death tolls and this… is also sobering when you know that Japan has way higher age over 65 population than USA.

Why this huge difference?

While I am not a scientist, Having gone between these two countries, I think I know why.

Numbers tell a story … and I lived the two stories.

Self-care is not just a work-out; we are not all about muscles; we are …

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Credit: Numbers excerpt from New York Times Corona-virus Map- Tracking site.

Beautiful Deeds

Haruki Murakami’s Stay Home Playlist

 “Look for the Silver Lining” by the Modern Folk Quartet,

followed by 18 other songs:

“Waiting on a Sunny Day” by Bruce Springsteen;

“Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” by Isley Meets Bacharach;

“Here Comes the Sun” by Nina Simone;

“You’ve Got A Friend” by Carole King;

“Over the Rainbow” by Ella Fitzgerald;

“Sun Is Shining” by Bob Marley & The Wailers:

“What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong;

“Happy Birthday Sweet Darling” by Kate Taylor;

“Smile” by Eric Clapton;

“My Favorite Things Featuring Kathleen Battle” by Al Jarreau;

“She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” by Lisa Ono;

“Happy Talk” by Nancy Wilson;

“They Can’t Take That Away from Me” by Brian Wilson;

“Put on a Happy Face” by Tony Bennett;

“Over the Rainbow” by Fred Lowery;

“We’ll Meet Again” by Peggy Lee with Benny Goodman;

“Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix” by Sigrid Onégin;

“What the World Needs Now Is Love” by Wei Wei Wuu.


Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing, and right-doing, there is a field.

I will meet you there.
— Rumi