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Life made better

Hearing about protests in Washington DC …

Worried about the direction of this country … food for thought…

Self-care needed to sustain yourselves, okay?


Veggies from CSA box is always so fun … you never know what you will get! Yes, that’s a cat under potato hash; spinich/mushroom deep dish pizza with … italian parsley; now sprouting also in a mason jar … from mung beans:) Pescatarian life with salmon bowl with home grown sprouts …

A fitness instructor once said, I am not interested in food. I really don’t care too much about cooking – I can just live on apples.

WHAAAAT? To stay fit, from Aryuvedic terms and in any terms, food is essential! Food sustains us- food FUELS our body but serves to protect us from viruses, bacteria and toxins by boosting our immunity system. So for ENERGY, IMMUNITY & JOY, and keeping unwanted diseases at bay, putting in mindfulness in what we put in our mouth as much as how we move our body, can really help us think clearly. There’s a slogan in Japanese, warriors must eat before the battle … and daily life can be a battlefield; it can be a struggle … SO we’ve got to nourish and strengthen ourselves:) This warrior is learning and growing.

Healthy Food Healthy Living

Green Life

Growing sprouts; pesto of cilantro; pesto of basil rich with walnuts and pecans… sometimes cashews – need not be pine nuts, it’s all good … Why spend ours at a stove – let’s exercise – avocado toast with some lime juice on Dave’s bread … add the chipotle kick if you’d like or a spread of that pesto … so easy … Go Green:)