Beautiful Deeds Beautiful People

Well Said by local kids …

“Silence is Violence” “We can rise above Hate” “we can do better”… messages of … hope

I was surprised and thrilled to see these post-it messages pasted on a telephone pole … in a very white neighborhood. On the street there was a BIG chalk writing that said “WE CAN BE BETTER”. This is a neighborhood where even Asians were prohibited from living couple of decades ago and I rarely shades of browns and blacks … I suspect adults have thoughts of factors that lowers the property values shading their thoughts of righteousness … it’s ingrained; it’s systematic … SHAME Shame shame

Still it’s amazing that it’s out in the open and in thoughts of all rather than sweeping things under the rug and pretending all is well. Because. It’s not.

There’s hope.

These post-its carry that … hope.