Bored? What? Is that alternate reality ?

If you are able to say you are bored, awww, so sorry (hint of sarcasm?) you must be very lucky !

You are not running a restaurant that pivoted all the sudden to take-outs.

You are not health care workers who need to show up to work.

You are not bagging or shelving grocery store shelves.

You are not delivering all those goods from warehouse to your front porch.

You are not caring for children and all the sudden running a home school and… oh, there’s that conference all and there are still … deadlines.

You are not caring for students as teachers with learning curve to go online and “figuring it out”.

You are not caring for the elderly

You are not a small business owner trying to figure out a new method to reinvent the business.

You are not filing for unemployment or keeping well informed to figure out that government handouts eligibility.

*********** Please I cannot stand to hear someone complaining about being bored. If you are bored, you are very fortunate. Just stay home and improve yourself or do all the things you never had any time to. It really is that time to go INWARD. You don’t have to go out in order to find things to do. There’s plenty. If you are the kind who cannot sit with your thoughts because that makes you anxious, let’s think of what you can do.

Cannot understand how anyone could be bored – there so much to do – so busy in a completely different way, sheltering – if one is really so bored, why not volunteer to bring food for the elderly or the vulnerable; be creative; you will spend 30 minutes plus in line – feeling like you are risking your life, just to go grocery shopping. As I waited in line 6 feet apart front and back, in the cold outside of a super market … the experience was unreal. This is the greatest world power in the world? Surreal to see that same look of – is this real? is this really happening expressions on people’s faces – it’s real.


When you feel things are so out of balance; the norm turned upside down in upheaval … Feeling so fortunate to have a varied blend of yoga practice that I’ve relied on for over the years. If you can use guidance and good vibe, please support your local studio or gym’s teachers who are diving into teaching livestream:

I can recommend if in search – it will all probably come down to time/schedule and the kind of teaching you can gain from now, now this particular time of uncertainty.

Personally, during this time, I prefer something a little challenging, solid but therapeutic at the same time. Yoga teachers are not allowed to call their classes “therapeutic” under Yoga Alliance’s decree but if one is a yoga therapist, as I am, that would be the ultimate intention… we still need that element of challenge to break a sweat – a great daytime practice. I personally prefer something very concrete and based on medical and scientific knowledge on anatomy, physiology and kinesiology for my mind to focus better. I need that narrative more than ever. How about you?


I love my special GetThruCovid-19 playlist:)

Back on the mat and feeling grounded, strong and … happy:)

We can get through this; There are some amazingly intelligent brilliant brave people in this world (to offset the other end of the spectrum, hahaha), so be inspired, hopeful. Each of us; We all have a role to play. Namaste:)