Boost Immunity 2

“unhurried postures unstained by striving”.

-Norman Blair

Power yoga is not quite that above intention for most, but sometimes people need that ultra strong practice – maybe to get things off their chest; blow off steam; compensate for something that’s amiss, before being able to relax so … it’s about knowing yourself better. Why is there that need? What’s your intention?

I’ve evolved over the years from a more agitated achievement-oriented ego to … one who follows her heart to find another path. That path has brought about immense joy to me:

Referring to the Goldilocks principle .. “neither too hard nor too soft: that middle way with an ability to sustain stillness. The optimum for health is neither too much nor too little. The quality of yang might be defined as fierce, faster, flowing; in contrast the quality of yin could be softer, slower, stilling .. In coming to practice Yin, we could let these five qualities guide us: softening, patience, kindness, effort, dedication .. these four points could ground us: pause and soften, connect, allow, listen.. Sometimes I call this practice ‘the middle way’, between comfort and challenge.” Bernie Clark

Brightening Our Inner Skies
a beautiful and inspiring book on Yin and yoga by Norman Blair

How do we define “optimal health”? For each his/her own but for me?

Daily strengthening the immune system by practicing peaceful Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation (If in South Bay or Mid-Peninsula,try Brad’s class in San Carlos:) or BK Bose and Rosalind with Niroga if in in East Bay.) Managing stress; Getting enough quality rest and nourishing the body & mind with wholesome unprocessed foods.

Get good supplies of Vitamin C found in citrus fruits, strawberries, bell peppers, green veggies);

Vitamin B6 in green veggies, beans, salmon, tuna …

Vitamin E found in nuts, seeds, green veggies …

Get fresh clean refreshing air … clear stale air; open windows in the evenings (unless of course you suffer from … allergies. ) Be with GOD – the Great Out-Doors !

Human connections are still vital – the hugs & the togetherness -the VIBE- BUT – just rub auras not shoulders – with those you know and if not in control of that gathering, keeping one meter (3.5 feet ish) social distance. Wash hands before and after being with others.

So what do you do to strengthen yourself ?

I am a bit worried about aspects of mental health during this troubled times. It’s one thing to be well prepared but another to go over-board and be constantly vigilant and nervous. Keep up doing what gives you joy but just take a little more precautions by knowing your level of immunity based on your health history, age, current condition …and what your role may be vis-a-vis your family members and people you come in contact with at large. If you are a health worker or caring for children and/or the elderly, use common sense practices that’s more important than ever.