Keep Calm

in midst of the confusions – try to hear truth not fake news, rumors and fear mongers. That doesn’t mean one should not prepare or plan well or live in a bubble, escape to the wilderness … because no matter how strong the protective gear, if you are run down on the inside with fear, anger and fatigue, no amount of face masks and gloves and distance are going to protect you & especially … Reminded

Fear is the cheapest room in the house.

I would like to see you living in better conditions. – Hafez

And realizing why Yoga is powerful in this current situation. If you are experiencing colds/flu symptoms then, this is the time to really listen to your body and stay home and allow yourselves to strengthen in the comforts of your home. Hot Tea; Ginger & Lemons; Honey … Juice juice juice soup soup soup. Perhaps support local yoga teachers who are creative, resourceful and passionate who offers their energy via Zoom, good old fashion phone, socially distanced private sessions (outdoors or in well ventilated open window rooms with ample personal space). Personally, I don’t offer the above options, but to local friends, I am able to deliver a roll of toilet paper and a box of tissues AND power boost foods and green smoothies.

We are reverting back down to … chakra 1 … and it’s instinctive. No judgement as it’s perfectly natural – we are human. Let’s just try our very best to commit to Self-Care at home or in a safe place that’s like “home” to you; so if need be, we may better take care of those more vulnerable. If you are a caretaker of others, you probably cannot live your life dangerously because more depend on you and need additional considerations about your role, perhaps stay home if you are in the least bit not feeling yourself in the interest of safety for Self and Everybody else you put at risk. Exercise social distance (min. 3.5 ft or 1 meters or more) when placed in a group situations. No handshakes; no hugs and kisses unless you are 100% sure – like your homeschool-ed child or your family members you know where they’ve been. Check the WHO and CDC guideline often (as the matter is fluid and changing day to day) and act accordingly.

Even if you feel GREAT, there are others who are not so much – it’s no time to ignore your natural instincts and intuitions. Thank you for looking out for the community as a whole.

BTW, no worries, I feel GREAT but I do need to attend to those who don’t. Thank you for your understanding, your empathy, your love.