You are in my Heart !

If I may be of any assistance, please feel free to get in touch with me via

Happy to draw/write out or demo therapeutic yoga sequence protocol to support your immune system or strengthen your core (which one?) or whatever your challenges may be. I can respond.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have to quell any concerns ! Stay connected virtually or for real in person – they are all good. Any way, any path, any means – it’s all good at times like this. We can still be connected over time, space and distance. Remote or in your face, lol, I have so many ideas! There’s so much to hope for. Anything is possible if there’s a will.

“May we live like the lotus, at home in muddy waters.”


Practicing in a group is so meaningful … feeling so wistful … miss it!

Let’s support our local small businesses and gig workers, let’s all support and celebrate them while minimizing and negating any risks. We are asked to do our part in flattening the “curve” to fight this faceless enemy to our existential existence and life as we know it we took so for granted. Small businesses in our neighborhood, put in their heart and soul into their work, with their passion and hard work, they made our community a better place – more vibrant, more personable, more … friendly. Let’s try to support them and each other, in our own way as much as possible. From the bottom of my heart, I pray for peace and return to normalcy. This is when we realize the everyday ordinary stuff we thought as a given, a god-given human right, was actually a gift and a blessing… a miracle or sorts. We still have them – I believe we still have many blessings in disguise. In the spirit of Ahimsa, Namaste.