I love this … it’s beautiful

This POST of mine from way back … because I love this practice. I’ve been in love with this yogi forever. We can flow through fluidly with no words. Just chants. Love everything about this … the sounds … the vibe … the image … the chants … its meaning … the resonance that plucks the chords of our soul. So Centering to not be self-centered … lifts our spirits at troubled times. Let the feminine goddess/mom/sister energy give us the boost we need, saluting that light within.

Chandra Namaskāra Mantras

1. ॐ कामेश्वर्यै नमः om kāmeśvaryai namaḥ

Salutations to the Goddess who fulfills desires.

2. ॐ भगमालिन्यै नमः om bhagamālinyai namaḥ

Salutations to the one who bestows well-being and protects from evil.

3. ॐ नित्यक्लिन्नायै नमः om nityaklinnāyai namaḥ

Salutations to the gentle one who bestows eternal grace.

4. ॐ भेरुण्डायै नमः om bheruṇḍāyai namaḥ

Salutations to the ferocious one that destroys evil.

5. ॐ वह्निवासिन्यै नमः om vahnivāsinyai namaḥ

Salutations to the one who resides in us and connects with the divine world

6. ॐ वज्रेश्वर्यै नमः om vajreśvaryai namaḥ

Salutations to Vajreshvari, the Goddess of the weapon that destroys evil, who bestows great Force.

7. ॐ दूत्यै नमः om dūtyai namaḥ

Salutations to the herald of the divine message and the messenger of God

8. ॐ त्वरितायै नमः om tvaritāyai namaḥ

Salutations to the one who reveals herself swiftly and bestows grace.

9. ॐ कुलसुन्दर्यै नमः om kulasundaryai namaḥ

Salutations to the most charming one of the whole divine Family.

10. ॐ नित्यायै नमः om nityāyai namaḥ

Salutations to the eternal one.

11. ॐ नीलपताकिन्यै नमः om nīlapatākinyai namaḥ

Salutations to the one who has been known in the depth of eternity.

12. ॐ विजयायै नमः om vijayāyai namaḥ

Salutations to the victorious one.

13. ॐ सर्वमङ्गलायै नमः om sarvamaṅgalāyai namaḥ

Salutations to the auspicious one who bestows prosperity, wealth, fertility and joy.

14. ॐ ज्वलमालिन्यै नमः om jvalamālinyai namaḥ

Salutations to the one who is garlanded with ames and annihilates anger and rage.

15. ॐ चित्रायै नमः om citrāyai namaḥ

Salutations to the one who sparkles with the clarity of Consciousness.

16. ॐ त्रिपुरसुन्दर्यै नमः om tripurasundaryai namaḥ

Salutations to most beautiful in the three worlds.

Full Moon Week

Delivered Bento – happy to see it eaten with so much appreciation ! Had tiramisu and latte too !!Going 10-20 miles per hour on this long stretch is … mind numbing so practicing pranayama and some chants for centering amidst the annoyance.