Yes, Rainbow Grocery store is THE BEST.  I am so relieved it’s still here as so many old establishments are torn down and replaced with franchises and national brands these days.  This place reminds me of Berkeley days coop stores (recall, Cheese Board) and in fact, I lived in a Co-op housing (south-side of campus) as a kitchen manager (job description?  Cooking for the residents and/or getting the cooks for all shifts and sourcing the ingredients from Central Kitchen (northside of campus) or elsewhere – recall walking across campus with a huge commercial size block of cheddar cheese as it missed the delivery target) during Cal days so … my love for coop operation (worker owned cooperative) is still alive. Not very often I make it here but I was in heaven in these isles, marveling at the choices.  Call me a hippie, I LOVE this place.  It’s a magical place …for me.

Came to purchase some Amaranth but walked away with a bit more than I came here for … Inspired by my yogini friend, I will use Amaranth for … ? what? Came upon some recipes?  After testing, will share:)