Thanks to Jason’s Yoga Wall teacher training (Jason Cull, C-IAYT)

I had fun subbing for a very well respected senior Iyengar yoga teacher – using the ultimate prop – the yoga wall!  This version of yoga wall was a bit more complicated than the standard yoga ropes used at most Iyengar studios so I felt a little anxious to sub-teach the class.  What’s different?  Jason’s wall has all the bells and whistles, with safety buckles, balls and sockets, additional props – the belt, handles, bars – so I might say that there are yoga walls and there are GREAT YOGA WALLS.

Hearing that Iyengar certified instructors are only permitted to teach in that style, while I highly respect the Iyengar teaching, liking sounds and flow more, I had never pursued their brand of teacher training. Rather I pursued the Yoga Therapist training at 800 hrs. after the 200 hrs. and 500 hrs. with Yoga Alliance.  Still, Iyengar school , I so respect as there are so many fundamentals and superb take aways from Iyengar teachings.

Treating the class as more of Iyengar Inspired Yoga Therapeutics with Yoga Wall, I am happy to report the 75 minute class progressed smoothly, a student walked out saying “it was awesome! ” even, much to my delight – all thanks to Jason Cull’s Yoga Wall training level 1&2. Yes, happy to report that my fears of someone falling off and getting injured, thank goodness, did not happen. Rather this super enthusiastic guy I was worried may fall out of the strap, didn’t and walked out with that awesome comment.

Thank you Jason – I’m glad your training prepared me well to face room full of students with diverse body types and needs. Now if I could only get this wall home – especially after a 10 hours flight back from Asia, use of yoga wall felt soooo good as I got to lengthen strengthen the compression I felt along the lower back – and ah what elation – to go up side down without worrying about my cervical spine ( I had a whiplash many years ago when a drunk driver rear ended me on HW 880 between Berkeley and Silicon Valley – the nightmare commute).

Yoga wall is so therapeutic- I was one happy yoga therapist last night.

Yoga Health Center is the only place with this Great Wall here in the Bay Area.

Feels sooo good – just hanging out -Blissed our:). Thank you also to Maria and Regina for entrusting me to lead the class.  I usually rise to the occasion and that’s one of the many benefits of yogic lifestyle – to say YES ! whereas before yoga, I might have snubbed it – too busy, too tired, too sudden, too unprepared, too unsure, too imperfect, too hard, too risky … etc etc.  Today, I just say YES:)  Yes,  Saying YES to sharing the teachings of yoga brings Joy:)  Yoga is not about pretzel poses and stern serious faces – it’s about connecting to our higher Self … that inner Joy that is everyone’s birthright.

Hanging out … floating weightless to me is …about inviting this natural rush … you are flooded with this sense of …