Exhibit at Asian Art Museum

Worth a look.  Really wanted to see the India and Persia (yes Persia is Asia) floor but this time third floor is closed off due to expansion construction – a dramatic transformation in the works, generously funded by Jerry Yang and his wife, Akiko Yamazaki:)  The place is going to have outdoor terrace with sculptures and possibly nibbles according to our excited docent.  (Thank you Joy for a thoughtful gift. )

We had a docent led tour of China, Korea and Japan sections of second floor.  While it was a very very super abbreviated overview, it struck a chord with me when the docent said the following:

“Japanese finds beauty in imperfections”

referring to the Wabi-Sabi aesthetics.

That relates to the idea of striking a balance that’s not necessarily perfect or symmetrical  – while there’s striving and pursuit of perfections and precision(YANG), there’s greater appreciation for the fleeting nature of our conditions (YIN) in Japanese aesthetics, especially in the Tea Ceremony/Ritual teachings (which actually is a meditation practice or pre-meditation practice … yes, Match has caffeine content).

When it comes to technology, there’s obsession over precision and accuracy but as with Fuzzy Logic & Technology, there’s so much clarity when we come out of the fuzziness.  The exhibit fueled my sense of creativity of all the kimono that lays dormant, wrapped in moth balls … maybe there needs for renewal emptying out the clutter and taking – a fresh look at things that’s old and forgotten.

And bringing them to LIFE … Both active and especially a more quiet practice of yoga is like that … we are cleansed, purified and renewed:)  What’s old is new again; once we empty out the clutter and keep only the most precious, we see the value of things.

All Gratitude …

I love this escalator because it reminds me of subways in Tokyo:)