Why pollute our body temple – our own micro ecosystem

From a yogi perspective, why would you want to pollute yours truly, one and only – sacred temple with man made smoke full of soot and harmful chemicals?

We want to detox and purify our body by tending to it and caring it, connecting our body to mind and spiritual awakening.  Why is spiritual awakening have anything to do with body and mind ?  Spiritual awakening allows us to live a more fulfilled – simply put “happy” – life because we then realize that we were put on this earth to share our essence and to serve a purpose, whatever that may be for each.  There’s a meaning to our existence beyond likes on Instagram, money in the bank, headcount to your presentation, etc. We are no longer measuring with worldly materials or ego, no longer measuring life as a performance, no longer ranking or attaching worth to the external numbers nor seeking validation from what’s external; Once we know our life’s purpose, our self-worth is derived from the inside, that inside, which in each of us, is a divine spark.

So back to “body” talk …

We had guest speakers from the country health department to educate us at a meeting I attended last night …

With usage on the rise in middle schools!!! and high schools, creating new generations of addiction ! Why? Our job is to protect our youngsters, our future.

Why do kids turn to these habits in the first place ? Because it’s a way of coping. But what if we gave them a toolbox for coping that enhances their health instead? Check out Niroga programs, headed by Executive Director, BK Bose, PhD and C-IAYT,  changing lives at many many under-served schools in America.


So proud that San Francisco Board of Supervisors are taking a stance in the right direction in-spite of the hysterical arguments that are so mean spirited. We have to protect those who don’t have a voice, the vote or resources to be well informed. San Francisco supervisors care.