Beautiful People Beautiful Places

The Neighborhood sighting

There is no utopia on this earth and this neighborhood has its own share of issues. Yes as in the old western, there’s the good, the bad and the … ugly. While we want to turn our eyes away from the bad and the ugly, we also want to recognize, it is a place filled with good people with good intentions to shun hypocracy, armchair critics and naysayers … good people who value justice and democracy because they … care. It’s a community filled people who … care. And sometimes, that’s enough to allow for many of us

Feeling safe … which is huge this day and age. May we all feel that sense of security, at all times guided by Grace, feeling the Love in our hearts, the Divine in our souls.

Life is too short to waste on shame and hate. Life is too precious to short circuit with negativity and anxiety. Life is too beautiful to spend too sad angry or regretful.

For a start, have the courage to ask forgiveness for the transgressions and passive aggressive, well veiled but nevertheless, aggression you displayed to others. It’s a path toward your own freedom- To apologize and thank that true friend for the willingness to speak the truth. Yes, truth hurts but that brutal honesty will spur your growth and transformation to a lighter happier being who is sooooo lit. So …alive. With clear conscience and super charged awareness, we can live life full of unbridled joy and wonder.

I wish that for you ❤️Namaste 