Anything Cute Yoga

Adho mukha svanasana

It’s the GAZE
It’s the YAWN!
Then comes the UP to DOWN DOG:) The Real Down Dog demo

It’s Persian!

Topping to saffron infused heaps of golden rice should be … bursts of pomegranate … but no fresh pomegranate is available this season. Undeterred topped with cubed red peppers (unfortunately not the same but …) and of course the key ingredient not to be forgotten is … TA Taa ~~~

Molasses made from pomegranate ❤️ is divine when treated right:)

Beautiful People Beautiful Places Beautiful Rituals

3 years ago …Mt Shasta

I worry about the quality of air and life there so impacted by the wild fires. Praying 🙏 for safely and wellness of all. It was beautiful there with this awe inspiring artist all the way from Japan. So honored to hear her story and… her music. Lovely vibe. Delicious refreshing air back then …


Delicious pure water.

What can we do to change or halt the course of global warming to preserve gifts of nature here in the Golden State ?