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Aloha Dreams

Thank you for the treat ! Gifted these cute mochi sweets from the lucky ones returning from Hawaii.

Chichidango? Too cute:)

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Manners 101

Really does not matter if you have a PhD or MS or BA. Does not matter what your IQ may be. Does not matter how many followers you have on social media. Whatever the degree or wealth, it’s the upbringing… knowing the TPO being aware of your audience and above all … not acting out of ego, thereby hurting others.

Negative Vibes are put out by people who always point to the shortcomings and deficiencies of people, place and culture – a major TURNOFF…especially at this time when we are bombarded with hateful speech and negative news, if we let ourselves be totally open and unguarded.

More than any theories and pontithicating and critiquing – on what we all already know if you read enough news, what we want is someone with good manners – not in the old fashion way but having the social grace to utter the words filled with positive energy to make us feel a little better… Knowing to be mindful in the words we speak. What are you communicating? And why? To speak intentionally and with awareness.

NVC – it’s more than ever to speak with good intentions as everything you say … counts. Thank you for uttering those beautiful words that heal and rejuvinate and recoginize the good in people.

Top 10 toxic words that are not swear words and slangs:

  1. Words that undermine the good efforts of others to make a difference.
  2. Words that undermine the good efforts of others to bring about peace.
  3. Words that criticize and critique not for the intention to improve, but to negate the positive efforts – sheer complaining without taking any action to make the change.
  4. Words strung together in the overall, reflect a total lack of tact or diplomacy. Wars get started over misunderstandings … but being frank and direct is also important.
  5. Words that shame, belittle and punish.
  6. Words that are veiled, in that the facade, fake but hides a negative agenda borne out of bitterness, envy or self-hate.
  7. Words that suck up to the powerful and the rich; but disdains, ignores or discredits the less fortunate.
  8. Words of complicity …
  9. Words of entitlement …
  10. Words of discrimination and elitesm borne out of inferiority complex or some insecurites about one’s status.

Including myself, we can do better.

Healthy Food

Lemon Harvest Week

It’s been a long long time since I visited this place – it’s humble beginning was that it used to be just a little Japanese grocery store out of an emptied bowling alley started by a hard working Japanese farmer immigrant who literally had nothing other than the deligent work ethics and business acumen.

Now it’s expanded to two sites in Berkeley still a Bezerkeley full of problems and … dreams for a better tomorrow. People’s park is a urban tent camp of the homeless who needs a bit more than just shelter. They need rehabilitation from dependencies and trauma – even from decades ago, it’s always been an urban blight but sadly gotten worse. Turning away, we drove up to the Claremont area with million and up dollar homes to find that bakery with the scrumptous pastries – shaking our heads, it’s a shame it’s a shame then we go off to the pleasant parts of town. Feeling quite quilty and hypocritical but in self defense, we cannot get ourselves be overtaken by the darkness and malaise … making the shift to think more constructively so it’s not just a pity, fear and disdain party seeing the stark divide between the have-nots and the entitled – even here, the most progressive and liberal town in America. Still, I know that everyone who comes across the hungry and the homeless will carry that thought and in his/her own way, try to live with that awareness – an awareness that things have to improve. We can’t each change the the world overnight and solve the world’s problems but we can live each day in our own way to help by remaining fiercely aware … to be conscious and with a consience.