Yoga Meditation Year-round last year; this year? The RBG workout !

Yoga and meditation is at the core of daily practice- to work inward- the work-in ! It’s all from inside out – for that gradual transformation. From inward to outward, we work-out to calibrate the balance for rekindling our fire – to regenerate our sapped energy . We need both the yin and the yang … to overcome that stuck, stagnant feeling of sheer fatigue in living this restricted fear-ridden life.

Need to muster up the strength to make this year a much better year than last year? Reboot! Summoning all our courage so we can beat this scourge.

We will channel the inspirations and energy of this humble warrior by remembering her and those we love who left this earth this past year.

Many were distraught thinking had she lived only 2 months longer – the balance at the Supreme would not have tipped so much … yet she tried to live so so close at age 87 to make it … yet even with her iron will, she was called back. It’s fate.


Putting on a Mask is like putting on a pair of socks – only much easier

What is the big deal ? If such a super simple little act helps your neighbors and friends and the vulnerables – what’s the second thought? Rarely in our lifetime do we have a chance to be so helpful by doing something so small – and we possess big hearts, don’t we? And this is no ordinary garden variety flu, it’s after all a once in a century Pandemic… a plague!? Gulp …let’s sit with that for a moment managing our anxiety attacks – no joke. I am scared but not scared to admit it.

So I don’t understand. What’s there to fuss over ? Really, what is the big deal? Why be so put off? 100 days of mask-wearing? Simple as ABC, 123, Do-Re-Mi unless of course you’d rather tally numbers way beyond 400,000 … 500,000? because you like big numbers, not simple 123.

Because you feel it’s your right and personal freedom- well, there are times we can’t just do whatever we feel like if that act harms others. Like many many exponential others. It’s not normal times and if you want to get us back to the new normal times wouldn’t it be nice if we all did our part to lessen the pain lessen the prolonged suffering.

It seems we our own worst enemy sometimes.

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ABC it’s easy as DO-RE-MI, 123

Karaoke anyone? How about some dance steps to go along?

“A B C, It’s easy as
1 2 3, as simple as
Do re mi, A B C, 1 2 3″

Jackson 5 – of course ! jingle keeps going in my head !!

“Baby You & Me !”

“Let me tell you what it’s all about
Reading, writing, arithmatic
Are the branches of the learning tree
But without the roots of love everyday girl
Your education ain’t complete” – ABC by Jackson 5

Seriously – “without the roots of love” in learning, nothing is complete for sure …

Often a reference is made as to the “ABC” of Yoga Therapy … in other words, the foundation of yoga therapeutics. I’m happy to go over them in very very cursory manner as take each of them, we can spend a lifetime on mastering:

A for Asana or Action/Movement

B for Breath


C for … what ?

What do you think? Any guesses?

Will go over them should there be any interest…