Summer Season fashion piece … lace and prints

Love Governor Koike’s masks – so cute ! See a sample here:)

Then I found this video on Utube – so relaxing … so kind, so lovely. I actually practically meditate watching this – with deep yogic breath. Shift the mindset about face masks – it’s a complement to your summer fashion and sends out your message for care and love of others – no it need not be N95s which are in short supplies for the front-line health workers, but honestly – are we in contact with such severe, clear and menacing danger when we go out to just shop or talk to friends? No – right – so just find something that works. Masks enhances our breath capacity and trains us to breath better. Wearing this in this time of pandemic symbolizes … yoga in action.

DIY Yuzu Tonic & Marmalade

Need to boost our immune system as we wilt in this record Memorial Day heatwave. No we don’t have to wilt – no we don’t have to succumb to “this” – no we will not succumb to anything – we can beat any threat when we take better care of ourselves by eating right in the right mindset – we are what we eat – so eating foods sparkling with energy, brimming with energy packed nutrients – why not eat vitamin rich foods and engage in self and others care more effectively. Ideas of self-care brings me to again reiterate wearing a face mask is not scary – it’s not bad – it’s good as it’s a sign – it’s a sign that a stranger cares about you and your family.

In case you did not know, Yusu is a lemon like circus fruit originally from Japan, known for its enticing fresh aroma. High in Vitamin C and lovely lubricant for that sore dry throat irritations – from allergies- but all of us will wonder – what if it’s that virus ? Right?

So wearing a mask prevents us from that sense of dis-ease; that anxieties over the unknowns AND also prevents dust and pollens from messing up our sinuses. Mine is sooooo cute and also works to improve my lung capacity. Kind of a muscle trainer for my diaphragm- that breathing muscle – when you work it and train it you can better manage your moods – yes – and an underlying principle of yoga is the breath work – pranayama.

Btw -Check out Tokyo mayor Ms Koike’s face masks – they are so pretty- ❣️what’s all the fuss here?

Lastly but not in the least, Thank you C-san for sharing these nice big Yuzu fruits!

“Tat Tvam Asi”

Practicing Yoga During this time of Anxieties and Uncertainties – what does that look like?

There are many ZOOM & Live-stream and other options now as some yoga and fitness professionals pivoted quickly to remote offerings. Kudos to them, yeay ! and I am happy for those jumping into the new Covid-19 realities to produce and teach in this new paradigm where in-person lessons are replaced.

If you have not found a class that resonates with you just yet, I certainly have recommendations so just ask and I will provide a run down on the offerings that’s out there, and fitting your needs “today” so you don’t waste your precious time. Usually the question is – can you stick with it? I used to take online classes via Yoga Anytime and then, what was difficult was the distractions. You really have to set aside the time and space with a strong commitment to stick with it which zoom appears to be a better platform for.

I’ve been on the sidelines and really miss the community and the vibe BUT I am not ashamed to say that I had to prioritize during a survival mode – and so I may serve with a clear intention – we all need that “purpose”. I am still taking care of “business” maybe not the monetary or career yoga business aspects of business but people-care-business still. I am wrapped up thinking how to best serve family members, the young or at risk due for a surgery or the home-bound vulnerable folks … While I cannot physically run over right at this moment to lend a hand in some of these cases, I will have to keep my worries at bay. Our mind may go places that contemplates all the bad outcomes that may happen when taking a risk such as undergo a surgery at this sensitive time… but it’s our job to rein in those worries from getting out of hand and practice to bring about perspectives in a realistic scope. For that, tools and techniques of yoga, which encompasses beyond the “poses” and the “sequence” is – so very helpful. Then, I am no longer minimizing the seriousness or taking the possibilities of worst case scenarios out of proportions, losing sleep.

Sleep problems? Look into Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga … delicious.

While I am not being as participatory as I’d ideally want to put out the energy, this is not a mere epidemic, flu or a passing phase – it’s a pandemic and we all have to take care of some business. Worldwide pandemic – let’s not go into denial but full acceptance. While I feel that I am not as nimble in pivoting and shifting the medium we use to transmit teachings, I can say that I am so super proud of some of these incredibly committed yoga professionals I had the honor to associate with. They are about service – helping those in need with stress management, health maintenance, connections and spiritual growth.

I am keeping up my practice and feel that this experience has given me the opportunity to really grow as a human being as I serve the immediate needs all around me. Sometimes we have to stay on the sidelines not in the main throes of swirls of goings-on; not on the radar to be spotted and stand out but rather, some opt to stay under the radar as we do our work; to be focused; not distracted. Not always escaping to “help” others, going “outside” – Rather for some, this is the time to stay home, work the inside, clean it out, and manage our energies while doing so – this is when what you really need to do is help yourself SO THAT you can really help others more effectively when such times come. And as taught by a famous yogi …

Do No Harm.

For me, it’s that Yoga Therapeutics I practice each and everyday.

Please support your local businesses & YES, YOUR LOCAL YOGA STUDIO! Those are dedicated yoga teachers out there who are on an existential fight to keep the business going during this unprecedented public health crisis. Please support them and the studio which is a sanctuary. Those local small businesses keep our community vibrant and alive ! Support them – they are us; we are them.

Tat Tvam Asi