Inspirations from Japan

Here I am in Karuizawa, Japan.  Found this store full of natural stones and all things I love to make something with or simply surround myself with.  Natural stones have POWER if you find the special one that’s calling out to you – it’s an amulet once you find that ONE.  I remember growing up visiting my grandparents home where there would be an alter at the corner of the room to honor the ancestors. It’s very grounding to have “an alter” so to speak in your home to honor your family or your ancestors, and therefore, your very own existence.  There’s a reason why you are placed on this Earth; in this Universe.  Why on earth why?  Have you ever wondered?

Abundance …

Power stones and various beads …

Crystal Quartz – Rose Quartz – Amethyst – Onyx – Lapis lazuli

Amazonite – Nephrite – Aventurine Queen Conch Shell Lemon Chrysoprase ..

Tigers Eye Red Tigers Eye

My mother’s birthstone – Amethyst

I have one I use often 🙂 

White Sage and Sweet Cedar grass for smudging, clearing the negative vibes in purification of space around us – so wonderful that there are like minded here in Karuizawa, Japan.

Like an amulet, especially the rose quarts and amethyst are precious – Did you know that rose quarts for example has a power of “universal HUG”!!!!????? yes, oxoxoxox !

Let’s make one to manifest your intention … I am so inspired to create beautiful hand made things with all these gifts from all parts of the world.

生きているということ                To be alive
いま生きているということ         To be alive now, to live this very moment means
それはミニスカート                    It’s the miniskirt
それはプラネタリウム                It’s the planetarium
それはヨハン・シュトラウス     It’s Johann Strauss
それはピカソ                              It’s Picasso
それはアルプス                          It’s the Alps mountain range
すべての美しいものに出会うということ   It’s about experiencing all things of beauty
そして                                                          Then
かくされた悪を注意深くこばむこと   with deep care, reject the hidden, the darkness
(詩「生きる」谷川俊太郎)         (Poem “To Live” by Shuntaro Tanikawa)


***                         ***                                ***


君も僕も美しい                                     You and I are … beautiful
君も美しい、僕も美しい                       You are beautiful, as I am beautiful
僕も美しい、君も美しい                       I am beautiful, as you are beautiful
美しいものだらけの世界                       The world is filled with beauty
山と山が讃嘆しあうように            Like mountains and mountains admire and celebrate                                                          each other
星と星が讃嘆しあうように            Like stars and stars admire and celebrate each other
人間と人間が讃嘆しあいたいものだ  if only us humans could admire and celebrate                                                                    each other more as we are all … beautiful

武者小路実篤                                       (Poem “Untitled” by Saneatsu Mushanokoji)


Because it’s ALL LEVELS class, you have to manage various … expectations and desires.

So I decided on this approach … well aware that I cannot please everyone all the time and … I have to retain my integrity to not just give in. I am sorry. Sometimes what you want, may not be good for you actually.  Seen plenty of such examples.


Me “Anyone relatively new to this class or yoga, can you come see me before class?”

Then an athletic looking trim student comes up to see me as I set up …

Student “I was at your last class so actually not new –  I am back for my second time”

Me “Okay, welcome – any questions or concerns?”

Student “No, not really.”

Me “If you ever do, don’t hesitate to ask, okay? And how did you feel with your last class; how do you feel?”

Student “Well, I am back, aren’t I?”

We both laughed.  It’s a good start. It’s enough.

I will flip on the tree trunk for that:) My heart is more open – in gratitude.

*Contra-Indications for a bow pose would be (1) back injury; (2)Carpel tunnel syndrome; (3) blood pressure issues – high or low; (4) headaches – so

Modify Upward Bow aka Urdhva Dhanurasana with bolsters OR modify to Bridge pose.

Personally I love bridge pose as it serves as a “bridge” to connect and uplift the heart towards the sky while sacroiliac joint is stabilized with the well grounded feet and stimulation of the thyroid gland taking place.



Busy? A Remedy for the Busy Mind easily Overwhelmed

Taught a vinyasa flow class during lunch and a yin yoga class tonight.  Finally feeling like myself where I no longer had the dizzy spells and vertigo.  I am clearly over my jet lag which apparently had affected my ears in such a way to cause that sense of imbalance – no fun feeling like you can pass out anytime.  One of the ways I recovered was through yoga – Raja or Kriya Yoga came to help me recover.  So great to feel like my normal self again ..

***                                   ***                                     **

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.

– Old Zen saying …


But also attributed to Mahatma Ghandhi who is said to have said to his staff something like:

Today is especially a demanding day with very little time to spare so … I will meditate for two hours rather than my usual one hour.


So today is late Mahatma Ghandhi’s birthday.  A great hero who taught us about political action through non-violence.  I always think of MC Yogi’s song when I think of MG.  MC Yogi – thank you for this: